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Call for artists to participatory or independent work






RaumArs A-i-R is one of the oldest artist residencies in Finland. The activities are based on extensive cooperation with art and cultural institutions, associations, artists and individuals. Artists from different fields carry out community and participatory art projects, workshops, events and performances with local communities, groups and individuals.

Besides community or independent work there is an interesting opportunity for collaborative work and study in the Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela. We offer the place mainly to an architect or researcher who specializes in the following topics: cultural environment, cultural heritage, world heritage, wood construction. Applications from artists from other disciplines are also welcomed, and we hope they relate to the world heritage.

All residency artists have good opportunities to obtain materials for crafts from our partners.

Prizes Details: 

Community artists get a room free of charge. Independently working artists pay a small fee 250€/mont. All artists pay a registration fee 100€.

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