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Arts in Rome Prize 2020






1000 EURO CASH PRIZE - Third Edition!




Free theme

The first 10 selected works will participate in the exhibition which will take place as a Final Event in Rome by 2020 and which will serve for the evaluation by the Curatorial Committee for the assignment of the Final Prize for each section:

I. Figurative painting
II. Abstract painting

This Art Exhibition will bring many experts and professionals to the city, presenting an opportunity for visibility by influential personalities in the sector. Gallery owners, art consultants and art lovers will be invited. An inauguration reception will be held for the artists on display for an evening dedicated to the recognition of art and social contacts.

The Arts in Rome Cultural Association announces the third edition of the contemporary figurative and abstract pictorial art competition with the aim of promoting and enhancing art and giving artists of all ages the opportunity, as long as they are of age, genre and origin, to emerge.

Fundamental selection criteria will be the quality, originality and contemporaneity of the work. By originality we also mean the use of own and original references such as photos, images, etc … Any support can be used for the realization of the works (paper, cardboard, various metals, aluminum, copper, iron, wood, etc. .. provided they do not exceed 3 kg in weight). All painting techniques are admitted in general both for abstract and figurative except sculpture or photography.

The works admitted to the final phase must be accompanied by a frame, with hangers already attached, which do not exceed 10 cm in width with respect to the work itself; the works must be identified on the back with: title of the work, name and surname of the author, description of the technique, title and year of execution of the work;

The works must have net dimensions not exceeding 100 cm in width and 100 cm in height.

Prizes Details: 

30 Euro - 1 Artwork
45 Euro - 2 Artwork
60 Euro - 3 Artwork

.Participate in winning the prize with the nominated artwork
.Exhibition in Rome in 2020
.Published catalog


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
30 Euro
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Il Varco srls creates and organizes the first edition of the Passepartout Photography Prize, a six-monthly online photography prize with cash prize, which will end with an annual exhibition of some of the finalists artists chosen by the art director. The date of the exhibition at 28 Piazza di Pietra gallery in Piazza di Pietra, Rome, in 2021 will be communicated later on the website and by updating the present call. Photographic works of all sizes are admitted. The competition is open to artists without limitation of age or place of origin.

Submission for the prize has a variable cost and is articulated in the following way: the basic submission fee is 15 euros and allows the registration of 3 photographs. It is possible to register additional photos up to a maximum of seven in total by paying an additional price of 2 euros for each extra photography. If the payment of the registration fee has been made correctly, within 72 hours the works sent via the form on the website will be judged by the jurors, who will communicate to the artist the eventual passage to the final of one or more works entered.

You can submit single, separated shots or more shots belonging to a single project. In that case please put in the description the description of the project itself.

The finalists will be inserted in the on-line gallery on the website indefinitely and will be able to compete for the winning of a six-monthly prize of € 500 that will always be awarded to a single picture. All the finalists will remain among the selectable artists for the annual exhibition in Rome.
# photography exhibition

Prizes Details: 

Cash prize, exhibition in a gallery in the Rome's city center.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Call for Artists // Opening 2019





WeTilt is an online art collective platform based in Rome looking for artists to

exhibit and sell their artwork on our website that will be launched in

August 2019.


This website has been created to promote museum quality

prints from independent artists encouraging their artistic value

while engaging the public to explore and collect artworks.


We are looking for amateur and professional independent

artists and photographers working all over the world to join

our collective.


There is not a specific theme for this call and all artworks will

be taken into consideration by WeTilt. 

Participating in 

Please consider that all

artworks need to be fit for print.


Entry Fee:

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Intensive Drawing Course in Rome (Italy)





Intensive Academic Design Course

The course of drawing proposes to make known to the participant the main bases of the academic drawing starting from the design of a simple object up to the complex design of the human figure. The final aim will be to acquire the main methods of the academic design and to realize a final drawing of a female portrait.

1 Knowledge of the materials for the design
Form construction techniques (measurement of proportions, invisible construction lines, graphic techniques of form reproduction, etc.).
Drawing of a sphere
Copy of an ancient drawing (optional)
2 Plastic anatomy of the human body (drawings of the human skull)
3-4 Drawing of a sculpture (head)
5 Sketches of human figure from life (every Friday)
First intermediate exam

1-4 Drawing of a sculpture (head)
5 Human figure sketches (every Friday)
Second intermediate exam


1 Plastic anatomy of the human body (drawings of the human skull with the clavicles)
2-4 Portrait of a female head with shoulders
5 Human figure sketches (every Friday)
Third intermediate exam

1-5 Portrait of a female head with shoulders
Final exam ⇒ Diploma


To access the course it is not necessary any specific qualification but an orientation interview with vision of the drawings by the school organizers. It is recommended to be at least 17 years old (prior to interview with parents).


At the moment of registration to the Cultural Association a confirmation e-mail will be sent, which will allow you to take advantage of discounts at the Fine Arts Shops in Roma.

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Call for Artists – Artrooms Fair ROMA 2019





Call for Artists – Artrooms Fair ROMA 2019


Artrooms Fair Roma has announced the dates of its  2nd Edition!

The Fair will run from the 22nd to the 24th March  2019 at The Church Palace Hotel (Via Aurelia, 481, 00165 Roma RM, Italy).  Artrooms Fair is the first international contemporary art fair offering free exhibition spaces to independent artists, innovating the way artists and buyers meet.


We are now calling for independent artists from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and media.


Room Art Application: Artists will exhibit in hotel rooms to be transformed in their own creative and intimate studios. It is a great opportunity to share your vision, meet collectors, curators, and to be scouted by galleries.


Video Art Application

The Video Art section will take place at the Auditorium Cinema Bachelet. Covering an area of 400sqm, the auditorium can seat 550 guests and is equipped with sophisticated audio and visual multimedia services, dedicated wireless internet connections and a Dolby surround system 7.1.


Sculpture Park Application: The Sculpture Park will be a wide outdoors area within the premises of The Church Palace Hotel.

The Single Work Application: Artists submit 1 application for only 1 work and, if selected, artists will not be required to attend the fair. It is a great opportunity for all artists who express their interest in Artrooms Fair but experience difficulties in covering transport and accommodation expenses on top of the shipment and/or getting a travel VISA, and considering also the emerging artists who haven’t got a wide portfolio to show to the public yet.



What you need to know:

Deadline is 21st December 2018 at 5:00 pm UK time.

Public Votes will be taken into account until January 2019.

Selected artists will be announced on the 1st of February 2019.


Find how to Apply:


Deadline 21st December 2018


Rooms, Video Art Application 

Application fee €25


Single Work & Sculpture Park Application

Application Fee €50


Fee Detail: 
25 Euro
Contact & Links: 
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