Blurred Visions


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. March 2024


Lines, shapes and figures that are undefined and out of focus: these are the aesthetic traits that will unite the works selected for the exhibition entitled "Blurred Visions".

The call is open to works created using any technique, style and photographic genre.

Images that refer to the collective imagery and imagination, that recall personal experiences through memory and even works of conceptual value.

Lab Art Prize ROME’23 edition

Malamegi Lab Art Prize, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. Works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks in Rome in October 2023 , and much more.

PRIZES: 5000,00€

- artwork acquisition award

- cash prize

- monographic book prize

The following types of works are admitted: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net art, other (all visual works that can be reproduced through a picture are allowed).



Passepartout Photo Prize aims to support the development of talented photographers from all over the world by awarding 1,000 euros in monetary prizes every year, organizing exhibition
in a fine art gallery in the heart of Rome, publication in our partners’ magazines, and providing other opportunities for international exposure. 


What makes our contest unique is that we collaborate with various professionals in the contemporary art and photography industries. Our jury is a diverse blend of photographers, editors, gallerists, curators and educators that bring kaleidoscopic perspectives into our selection process. 


Into the Night


Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. February 2024


The collection of photographs displayed will exhibit ambiences and experiences lived during nighttime. We are immersed into the night where the deepest self manifests itself in a relationship with darkness and silence. Empty contexts where time leaves space for contemplation of places where the diurnal rhythm is marked by the productive and consumerist frenzy of human beings. The night is also told by those who offer evidence of social contexts - places, people and events - linked to nightlife and the fascination it evokes.


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Plastic Futures

O-MEE is proud to present an open call for artists to have the chance to exhibit their work in a 5-day exhibition at Mecenate Fine Art Gallery in Rome (9th-13th of May 2023).  

The exhibition will feature the works of a selection of the most distinguished Italian digital artists:  Giovanni Motta, Giusy Amoroso, Dangiuz, Exit Simulation, Federico Clapis, and Annibale Siconolfi. The show will also have a virtual gallery component, accessible online and via VR sets on-site. 

This opportunity offers selected winners a place in the exhibition alongside the most prominent names in the industry.





Free entry│Call for Exhibition

Photographers are invited to submit 1 up to 3 photos addressing the theme.

Group Exhibition in Rome. January 2024


Nostalgia is a feeling that mixes up pleasure and sadness in a perfect balance. Sometimes we feel nostalgic when we experience or see something vaguely familiar, some others when we re-live a collection of memories coming from the past. Studies say that we can become nostalgic even for places we have never visited before. This call wants to collect photographic works revolving around the concept of nostalgia. Close your eyes and think about… what makes you feel nostalgic?


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Deadline October, 20th 2023


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