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Call for Artists: 2020 GAMMA Young Artist Competition




1. Host

Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations

2. Partners

Korean Scholars of Marketing Science

University of Vienna

Fashion Art Research Center of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Sungshin Women’s University, Campus Town Team

3. Sponsor

Korea Economy and Management Development Institute

LOD: Life on DNA

4. Theme

Bridging Art & Lifestyle

5. Competition Schedule

Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2020

Announcement of the 1st Screening: October 10th, 2020

Announcement of the Final Screening: October 20th, 2020

6. Areas

Painting & Sculpture

Contemporary Media Art

Fashion & Design

7. Steering Committee

Committee Chair: Jooeun Sung, Associate Professor, Yonsei University

Art Director: Juhyun Kim, Sungshin Women’s University


8. Committee Members

Florence Leclerc-Dickler, Parsons Paris School, France
Benjamin Voyer, ESCP Europe, UK 
Raffaele Donvito, University of Florence, Italy

Maria Kniazeva, University of San Diego, USA
Eun Joo Kim, Terra Design Studio, USA
Aluna-Yue Lyu, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China
Jaehee Chung, Hongik University, Republic of Korea
Sang-Hoon Kim, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Dokshin Lim, Hongik University, Republic of Korea
Chikyu Kwon, Sungshin Women's University, Republic of Korea
Nungsaeng Park, Changwon National University, Republic of Korea

9. Award Benefits

1) The 1st screening (25 runners)

_ Included in the Exhibition Book by ACCESS which is an official magazine of ‘Global Alliance of Marketing & Management’(

_ Included in the online group exhibition “Invited International Exhibition”

_ Award certificate

2) The Final Screening (Final 5 runners)

_ Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )

_ Award plaque

10. Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2020

1)    You can submit up to 3 works.

2)    Original size of the work: The original size of the submitted works should be bigger than 300mm by 300mm.

3)    Please download and complete '2020 GAMMA Young Artist Competition Application Form' from 'How to Apply' in the 2020 GYAC homepage. (Under construction)

4)    Images of Works

-At maximum, 5 digital images per work should be included in your application form.

- Each image should not exceed more than 3MB,

5)    Labeling your application

-Please include your name, country and area which you wish to apply in the name of your application file.

6)    Working language: English, Korean, Chinese

Submitted items should not have been submitted to other art competitions.

Prize summary: 
Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )
Prizes Details: 

1) The 1st screening (25 runners)

_ Included in the Exhibition Book by ACCESS which is an official magazine of ‘Global Alliance of Marketing & Management’(

_ Included in the online group exhibition “Invited International Exhibition”

_ Award certificate

2) The Final Screening (Final 5 runners)

_ Grants ($1,250 / 1st, $830 / 2nd, $410 / 3rd )

_ Award plaque


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

The 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists







If you are a visual artist and want to explore AI art, please check this out! You can show off your talent in Asia (South Korea)

AI Art Gallery 'AIA' is holing 'the 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists' to discover new and talented artists. 
AI is a thing these days and we questioned ourselves if AI art can enhance the human creativity. Based on this idea, we decided to open this call.
You don't need to be a professional artist or experienced AI artist. If you love art and you'd like to AI tools to create your own art, then you can apply for this competition. 

1. How to apply?

You submit your cover letter and portfolio of your existing artworks. -> 

(please find the application format on our website. Scroll all the way down!)

2. Is there an entry fee?

Yes, it's 50 USD but, you can get paid back your entry fee if you apply early! Don't miss the early-submission (by June 07)

3. When is the deadline for the submission?

Sep. 30th! * Eary-submission by June 07 (Sun)     Regular-submission by Sep.30 (Wed) 24:00 (KST)

4. What's the next step after the submission?

AIA team will get in touch with you after carefully revising all applications. Then, you will get informed of the theme of the competition and you will have time till the end of September to create and submit your artwork with AI tools. * The earlier you apply for it, the more time you will have to work on your artwork with the theme of the competition.

5. I don't know anything about AI tools! Do you provide any AI tools?

We encourage artists to use the AI open source tools such as :


-Google's Deep Dream Generator

-RunwayML -Ostagram




-Deep Angel



-AI Painter

-Quick, Draw!


-RNN Demos

- Cartoonify etc.

If you have your own AI tools, you can use them also! Some of them are free and some require a monthly subscription. You can explore them and find the right one for your artworks! We're planning of posting tutorials of some of them on our slack community.

Feel free to join our  

6. What if I have more questions? 

We have an open group chat where you can freely ask questions in real-time. (Slack) (Telegram)

7. I'd like to get to know about the prize and perks for the winners! You can check our website where you can find more details!

(AIA's website)

#visualarts #finearts #international #competition #artificialintelligence

Prize summary: 
Win up to 1000,000 KRW
Prizes Details: 

- Award for Excellence: 5 people, total 5,000,000 KRW worth of compensation

  (The 1st place 1000,000 *KRW*, 2nd place 600,000, 3rd place 400,000, 4th place 300,000, 5th place 200,000)

- Support for exhibition spaces (Group or individual exhibitions / AIA Gallery designated spaces provided)

- Opening Ceremony/ catering service at the opening

- Financial support for the production of leaflets and promotional materials

- Support for the production of merchandise related to their artworks for best-selected artists


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
50 USD
Contact & Links: 

DongGang International Photo Festival _ International OpenCall 2019





We invite you to submit your work to the 18th DongGang International Photo Festival, to be held this year from 5th July to 29th September, 2019 in DongGang, Yeongwol, Korea.


People with dreams and ideals innovate themselves and, eventually, manage to change the world. That is presumably because one cannot fulfill a dream alone: one needs to communicate to the world. By presenting the artworks that showcase a wide array of individual dreams, it is our wish to create an opportunity where we can all remind ourselves the meaning of the dream in the age that is often criticized for the absence of true dreams and dreamers.​

Individuals and collectives are welcome to apply; individuals should select and enter between 8-10 photographs from a particular series or body of work.

Artist of the year (individual artist or 1 team of winner) and between 10 and 20 photographers / artists will bene t from:

- Solo exhibition - 'the artist of year', the winner(individual artist or 1 team) will be eligible for travel and accommodation - production (printing, framing or related presentation material)- exhibition exposure at the Festival's main exhibition space/outdoor- inclusion in art magazine and any related press - long term festival representation and promotion on offcial website- publications/ catalog- being seen by a substantial number of visual arts professionals and the media - having their work viewed by an international panel of infuential experts in the eld of photography



DongGang International Photo Festival aims to feature a quality selection of photography projects from around the world. Festival’s open call is devoted to offering a platform and supporting photography, showcasing photography and related media from emerging and established artists.

The selected projects will be presented to DongGang International Photo Festival in DongGang in main exhibition space, screening or outdoor space.

The Main Program of 18th DongGang International Photo Festival 2019 will be held from July 5th, 2019 to June 30th, 2020

Submission to DongGang International Photo Festival 2019 is open to artists, collectives, galleries and organizations from around the world.

Entry Deadline
Submissions must be made before 5th May, 2019, 00.00 hrs. There is no entry fee for submissions.


Submissions must Include below

Photography works : 8 – 12 images, 4000 pixel (on the longside), jpeg file or tiff file
Name (full name)
Mobile/Phone Number
Email Address
Postal Address
*A concise one-page CV or a short biography (PDF)

*A short write-up about the body of work.


Receipt Confirmation
Upon receipt, an email confirmation will be sent to the email specified in the application form.




All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by the curatorial team of DongGang International Photo Festival.

Status Notification
All selected artists will be notified by email of their submission status by 12th, May 2019 at the latest.



DongGang International Photo Festival will collect the digital files from selected artists and all production will be provided for the exhibitions.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

2019 Seoul Dance Center Residency Open Call







Contact & Links: 

55 Years of Huh Hwe-Tae Art Life - Flowers of Life



55 Years of Huh Hwe-Tae Art Life – Flowers of Life

Emographic Artist Huh Hwe-Tae is well known in Sweden, America, Germany, and England by displaying his art objects as a unique contemporary artist in art critique world and mass media.  He is having a special solo exhibition celebrating his 55 years of art life at Insa Art Center in Seoul, Korea during April 26-May 2, 2017.

He is well known as the creator of Emography and has been working hard with artistic spirit and passion for last 55 years and the pioneer of unique painting based on calligraphy principles.

His ‘Great Birth” series art objects are followed by ‘Flowers of Life’ series in this exhibition.  By expressing the greatness of new living objects, he tried to represent maximized mysteriousness.

To flourish the flowers of life, he is enchanting the symbolism of life which is trying to grow in holiness by love.  To bloom a new human life with hope, he tried to express his new ideas by flourishing flowers. 

Emography is based on human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, and joyfulness and he interpreted them again creatively to express his own ‘emotional world’ on a white paper with his power and chi through very quick brushstrokes to create dynamic and symbolic images.  He is trying to visualize “the Great Birth” in his mind by populating a canvas with numerous wrapped paper pieces to flourish the new “Flowers of Life” in representing beautiful lives of human beings.  

To approach the audiences more actively, he converted this innovative art genre from a two-dimensional plane paper to new trial of three-dimensional concept of the 'Emosculpture' (Emosculpture = Emography + Sculpture).

Different from existing current art objects, he created his own unique painting method as a modern artist with artistic character and emotions.  

To communicate with the audiences with his philosophic world approaching toward an origin of life, he is assigning new profound meanings to his art objects. 

As all the objects are working together to make the universe, he is trying to show continuity of life, energy in the infinite space, and primitive phenomena of life through his art objects.  

To attract the spirit and soul of audiences, he introduced his own new form order and contemporary art to be aligned with the current age. 

The essence of art is creation of beauty and striving and challenge to new beauty.  His canvas is a garden filled with Flowers of Life reciting the life in our live residing nests.  

The artist wanted to express the beautiful world of harmonious ‘Flowers of Life’ by working on his ‘Emosculpture’ art objects to advance toward the world of resonating live wavelengths inch by inch.                      

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