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Klockestrand Skolhus invites you to an Open Call for professional artists.
Summer Salon Klockestrand Skolhus June 3 – August 19, 2023.

Last application: April 3
Answers are given at the end of April.
Submission of works, May 1-21
You can apply with a maximum of 5 contributions.
All works must be for sale.
At admission, we choose how many of the works we show.
The works may not be more than three years old.
The application can be made with painting, graphics, photography, sculpture.
Information about the price and quantity that is for sale (if the work is sold in an edition) is binding and cannot be changed afterwards.
The price must include everything that the buyer sees.
The images must be collected in a PDF (max. 5Mb) with descriptive text about title, size, technique, price, year, (edition of work in print and photo)

Klockestrand Skolhus Sweden

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Registration fee
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Mail Art





“Self Portrait”


MAIL ART 2022 


 Maximum size 20cmx20cm (No 3D objects will be displayed) , maximum thickness about 1 centimeter.

All mail should arrive at latest the 1st of August 2022 

The exhibition will be 6-7 of August  2022 at Uppsala Artist Club House. 

We do not pay any lacking postal or customs fees 

Mail art is given freely, without the expectation of something in return.

No judgements are made 

All genders and ages of artists welcome

Thank you, Carita


 Send your Mail Art to: 

att Carita Sirén Mail Art 

Uppsala Konstnärsklubb

Sysslomansgatan 1

SE- 753 10 Uppsala

Sverige /Sweden


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non commercial
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Dans i Blekinge are happy to announce that the applications for this year's residency are now open!




Date of Residence: August 3 - 23, 2020.

We offer two artist’s residence during a period of three weeks. Each residence refers to 1-4 people.  

Location: Ronneby municipality, in eastern Blekinge.

The application is open to all professional dance and performing artists. We welcome new graduates as well as experienced artists, national and international. Those with connection to Blekinge are prioritized. In the selection process, greater emphasis is placed on the artistic idea and method, rather than experience.


Blekinge Dance Residence 2020

This year's theme is Human / Nature. Throughout the residence, Dance in Blekinge wants artists to make space to ask questions and create dialogue between place and people. The theme is a starting point, we are interested in your concepts and ideas. The participating artists are encouraged to work freely within the themes. We encourage you who are applying to base your application on the theme of the residence, but if you already have an idea of ​​what you want to work on, we would love to hear it and process your application with or without connecting it to the theme.

Dance in Blekinge likes to see that the artists are interested in experimental approaches, interdisciplinary work and social practice, with dance as the central point of view. This year, we also plan to partner with Land404, an artist residence that runs parallel, which can open up interesting opportunities and collaborations.


Included in the residence

- Free access to studio space throughout the residence period.

- Travel compensation with up to SEK 5,000 / residence artist / group. (Only covers transportation by train, bus or ferry)

- Accommodation.

- Remuneration / a grant of SEK 20,000 / participating artist / group for the entire residence period.

- Daily training.

- Feedback sessions with a knowledgeable person.

- Sharing sessions on 1-2 occasions.

- Documentation of the work in the form of film and photo.

- Two performances in addition to the sharing sessions: One in Karlskrona Municipality at Dans i Blekinge's "Dansdag", and one at Massmanska Kvarnen in Ronneby.


Not included in the residence

- Food costs.

- Insurance.

- Travel exceeding the aforementioned amount.


Expectations on the artists

- To conduct daily training during the residency period.

- To hold some open rehearsals/sharing sessions for the public.

- Participation in the residency showings/  performances.

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Open Call: Blekinge Dance Residency





We are happy to announce that the application for this year's residency is open!​

Apply before: the 10th of March 2019. (The decision will be announced by the 31st of March.)
Residency period: 5th of August - 31st of August 2019. 
We offer three residencies: one for four weeks and two for two weeks each.
Location: Ronneby kommun, in eastern Blekinge.

We are reserving one of the spots for artists who are still in, or whom has recently graduated from their education. 

Thematically we are interested in Human/Nature. Dans i Blekinge want artists, through the residency, to ask questions and create dialogue between the place and people. The theme of the residency is a starting point, we are interested in your concepts and ideas. The participating artists are invited to work freely with the theme. Dans i Blekinge would like to see the artists interested in experimental approaches, interdisciplinary work and social practice with the dance as a central starting point. This year we collaborate with Land404, an artist's residency that runs parallel, which opens up for interesting opportunities and cooperation. Please visit their website for more information on them and the Land404-residency.

Included in the residency

  • Free studio time throughout the residency period.
  • Travel compensation of up to 5000 SEK / artist or group.
  • Accommodation.
  • Compensation with max 5000 SEK / participating artist or group and week.
  • Daily dance training.
  • Feedback sessions with one in the field of knowledgeable person.
  • Process showing on two occasions.
  • Documentation of the work in the form of film and photo.
  • Three showings (varies depending on the period for which you apply): A process showing at Dans i Blekinges "Dance Day", showing at Massmanska kvarnen in Ronneby and Outdoor Exhibition at Land404.

Not included

  • Costs for food
  • Insurance
  • Travel costs exceeding the above mentioned amount.

Expectations of the artists

  • To attend daily training for dancers during the residency period
  • To hold one or more open repetitions to the public
  • Participation in the residency showings
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