SWAF Swindon Arts Fringe 2024 - Secret Postcard Exhibition

Secret submissions is a call out for artists to submit a postcard or two for an exhibition as part of the first SWAF Swindon Arts Fringe 2024 that takes place in Swindon from 17th June 2024 to 30th June 2024.  The exhibition will be both physical and all pieces exhibited will be displayed in an online exhibition, together with contributing artists names.

The theme is 'Identity: Reclaim and Rediscover'.  Open to interpretation, this exhibit asks artists to think about what needs to be reclaimed or rediscovered by themselves or the community.  

At the end of the exhibition postcards will be sold and money raised will go to Swindon Artsite and Ipsum Swindon, two charities that heavily support and help grow of art in Swindon.


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