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Joining together a varied pool of writers and artists from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, Tickled Inc. offers an inclusive space where the issues that affect us in the contemporary world can be discussed openly and without judgement.

Showcasing an eclectic spectrum of writing and creative work, including fiction, theatre, photography, poetry, and artwork, we aim to shed light on the unique experiences and challenges that make us who we are, and give a little glimpse into the extraordinary worlds that exist outside of our own.

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Exeter Phoenix Artists Moving Image Commission 2017



The 2017 Exeter Phoenix Artists Moving Image Commission aims to develop a new moving image based artwork for screen, installation or online display. We are looking for original and engaging ideas, whether more traditional or experimental; conceptual, narrative or abstract in form and structure. This could either be a development of an existing moving image practice or a new direction for a contemporary visual artist currently working in another discipline, and access to support, equipment and training is available if required. The work may originate in any format including video, digital media, animation or film, but we would normally expect the resulting work to be primarily accessible in a digital presentation format.

We will provide a single £1000 fee both as an artist’s fee and towards production costs for developing and realising the project.

We can also offer a set amount of ‘in-kind’ support in the form of free/reduced equipment hire, access to facilities such as edit suites and studios, access to training courses as well as technical and creative advice and mentoring.

The deadline for applications is Tue 28 Feb 2017.


Call for Entries for Middle Eastern Art Exhibition




P21 Gallery Entrance View

‘Thread of Light’ is a group art exhibition bringing together the work of contemporary artists living in the UK, at P21 Gallery London, for six weeks as of May 2017.

In response to the recent events of our time, an increasingly stereotypical imagery is being used to depict the peoples of the Middle East. Here, contemporary artists can comment and shed light on how they find strength, peace or play in these times of conflict in the Middle East. The intention is to provide an alternative image or work of art to challenge the oversimplified Middle Eastern identity.

The brief of the show can be interpreted by the literal or figurative meaning of the words that make up the title ‘Thread of Light’. Artists can submit work with a reference to ‘light’, whether in the literal sense as a direct source of illumination, less directly through photography and moving image or metaphorically in any medium.  Transparency, layering, shadows and volume all speak of light. An alternative but equally relevant approach to the brief is to explore the second half of its title, the ‘thread’. There is again flexibility in its definition, from being a long thin line or strand to being a single flow of control within a group of separate items.

3- Location & Timing 


P21 Gallery

21-27 Chalton St. London NW1 1JD 

tube: Euston

When: Spring 2017 (likely to be 4th may 2017)

4- How to Apply: Call for Entries to Exhibit Information

Please email with the following format:

Email subject: “application to Thread of Light by …….(your name)”

Email body:

  1. title of work (s)
  2. artist name and website

                     3-  size or duration for moving image

                     4-  medium

                     5-  price

Each artist can submit up to 4 works, each work may have up to 4 jpeg images that best describe it with a file size of 5 megabyts max. Film and performance duration can be up to 20 minutes and submittals can be links to You Tube, Vimeo or Dropbox. Please include your final price within the application, keeping in mind that the artist gets 50% of the sale price.


Time limit: 15 Jan. 2017 though best to submit early

Fee Detail: 


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