Ukrainian Pavilion DSL VR Space | Call for Artists, Art Institutions, Music Bands and Theaters




Ukrainian Pavilion DSL VR Space is a project created by dslcollection in partnership with a platform for creative digital asset V-Art. The pavilion aims to showcase the best that the Ukrainian arts have to offer - from contemporary digital and digitalized art, to audio-visual performance recordings and other digitalized cultural content. The Ukrainian virtual pavilion launch will take place phygital during the Art Basel week in Paris.

The project will be presented in the metaverse space. This space will also be interconnected with the existing spaces opened by the Shenzhen Pingshan Art Museum and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

All Ukrainian creatives and cultural institutions are encouraged to apply:

- Artists

- Museums

- Galleries

- Music bands, orchestras

- Theaters

- Other cultural institutions and art groups.

What could be applied:

- Digital & digitalized art

- Audio-Visual Performances recordings

- Any other type of digital & digitalized cultural content.


- Based or born in Ukraine

- Submitting only digital content

- Maximum 10 artworks per applicant

- Absence of hate or other features to be recognised negative in applied artworks;

- Adulthood in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (full 18 years)

- Permission directly from the artists to display and publish their work

The responsibility lies with the participants of the project, directly to the work of which there are claims from third parties

Prize Summary: 
Participation in the exhibition

Entry Fee:

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"Art Hooter" - international charity online Art exhibition




Open call for "Art Hooter" - international charity online Art exhibition.

All participants of the international online exhibition receive an official electronic art diploma.

"Horizon of Hope" Charitable Foundation, artist Josephine Florens and "Medivo" medical company are pleased to announce open call for a charity international online Art exhibition.

All the proceeds directly from your kind talented hands will officially go to the "Horizon of Hope" charitable foundation and will be transferred to the needy hands of the fund's wards - sick children and adults.
Each participant receives an official electronic diploma of participation in the "Art Hooter" exhibition.

The age of the participants is not limited. 1 of your best artwork in 1 application is allowed to submit. You can submit multiple applications if you wish. We invite the creators of painting, illustrations, graphics, photographs, sculptures, digital art, handicrafts and other areas of art to participate.

The topic is "Kindness".

The deadline for submission of applications is December 1, 2021.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on the official website of the "Horizon of Hope" charitable foundation on December 5, 2021.

The charitable contribution that goes to the account for donations to the "Horizon of Hope" Charitable Foundation is $ 7. All the participants' money, without exception, will go to the treatment of the Foundation's wards.

Submission of applications: in order to submit your work for participation, please follow the link, pay the obligatory charitable contribution and enter your name, surname and the name of your artwork in the information field. Send to your artwork in good quality, full name, technique , dimensions (if applicable), a link to your website or social network (if any). All this information will be published on the website of the charitable foundation and on the social networks of all partners of the exhibition - 05.12.2021. Diplomas will be sent to you on the opening day of the exhibition. Thank you for your kindness and work!

We are waiting for your artworks! We look forward to discovering new talents!

Prizes Details: 

All participants of the international online exhibition receive an official electronic art diploma


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
7 $ (charitable fees )
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UA/UK Art Business School 2021

Artistic field:


Within the Art Business School, experts and practitioners will conduct a joint educational school, international panel discussions, create a Guide for the art industry and formulate proposals to improve the regulatory field and rules of the Ukrainian art market and publish a collection of analytical articles in Ukrainian and English. The project will provide art entrepreneurs, artists, cultural workers and cultural operators with up-to-date knowledge, practical cases from the British art market and advice from leading industry experts.

Art Business School will be divided into 5 panels on current issues in the art industry:
1) The state of the art market before and after the pandemic / Denis Belkevich (Ukraine), David Bellingham (UK);
2) East-West: the inclusion of Ukrainian art in the Western art market / Olena Grabb (Ukraine), James Butterwick (UK);
3) NFT, Blockchain and crypto projects / Anastasiia Gliebova (Ukraine), Fanny Lakubay (UK);
4) Digitization and online art market / Olga Simson (Ukraine), Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi (UK);
5) Sale of art abroad: tax and customs issues / Alina Plyushch (Ukraine), Henry Lidiate (UK).

During each panel, there will be two lectures and a professional discussion on the topic, as well as Q&A with Ukrainian and British experts, which can be joined by anyone. Art Business School will take place online from October 9 to November 6 every Saturday. Professionals from the art industry with previous experience in the field will be selected to participate directly in the school, and everyone will be able to join the viewing of broadcasts of Art Business School events. Participation in the school is free. Applications for participation in Art Business School are selected until October 1.

The project will be supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the British Council.


Entry Fee:

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Digital Art Observatory Open Call

Artistic field:



V-Art & Electric Artefacts present Digital Art Observatory, a residency exploring collaboration across borders


The Ukraine-based V-Art and UK-based Electric Artefacts platforms are pleased to announce their cooperation to launch the Digital Art Observatory, a first-of-its-kind residency aimed to provide an example and roadmap for cross-border partnerships amongst cultural institutions. With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the British Council as a part of the Culture For Change program, the residency will welcome twelve artists across Ukraine and Britain during September and October of 2021.


Digital Observatory aims to be a trigger of self-reflection regarding how we utilize technology across a digital cultural and creative exchange in a time of ever-increasing migration towards virtual worlds. Focusing on tomorrow, the residency will be selecting well-established and up-and-coming new media talents to facilitate dialogue and expand opportunities for everyone involved.


The artists, selected through an open call, will be paired to participate in a series of mentorship sessions to develop a final project together. Both Ukrainian and British professionals will be leading the sessions, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of collaborations. The residency will also present a program of public talks to widen the understanding of the legal, technological, and curatorial best practices within digital art and collaborative projects.


For the final projects, both V-Art and Electric Artefacts will provide virtual exhibition platforms using digital technologies including Web, 3D, and AR. Following the residency, creative industries will gain access to the whitepaper, which will document key findings of the residency and serve as a guide for future cross-cultural cooperation in the digital art field.


Deadline for application: 15 August 2021, Residency program: 1 September - 15 October 2021,

Final exhibition: 18 October - 30 December 2021


V-Art Platform 

V-Art is a platform to exhibit, sell & collect digital art. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling ecosystem for the global digital art market. We reconcile cultural & commercial values for the digital art world by creating an actively growing community united by a love for digital art and creativity. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling ecosystem for the global digital art market. 


Electric Artefacts

London-based Electric Artefacts studio was founded in early 2020 with a mission to popularize digital art and provide a platform for experimentation, education and new expressions. Electric Artefacts works with both leading and emerging artists and is among the pioneering studios to introduce the adoption of the proof of stake blockchain. Electric Artefacts-led projects have been featured in Forbes, The Art Newspaper, Ocula, Cointelegraph and Artnet News among others.


All the information about the initiative -

Media inquiries – WhatsApp +7 903 22 5 22 10


#VAxEA #DAObservatory #DigitalArtObservatory #ElectricArtefacts #vArt #vArtPlatform #vArtLab


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No registration fee.
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Odesa Photo Days 2020

Artistic field:




Odesa Photo Days International Festival 2020 will be held from April 23 to 26 in Odesa, Ukraine. The theme of the sixth festival is «Who Is Next To You». By March 1st, 2020, a series of works are accepted in the framework of an open call for participation in the main exhibition of the festival.


How often do we pay attention to the people around us? What do we know about our sexual partners, people living under the same roof with us, our children, our friends, or strangers that we run into in a supermarket or on a bus? Entertaining illusions that we know how people in the neighboring countries live, we only know, in fact, that what hits the news. What is more, sometimes we cannot name the bordering states, and different tastes and opinions still take us aback. Finally, finding ourselves near OTHERS who hold different opinions than we do, we feel discomfort and aggression rather than willingness to listen to them and to understand them.

The contemporary world is open thanks to the Internet—and closed because of our social interaction bubbles. The information flow is massive—and, at the same time, controlled and limited in every given country. Smartphone apps help us meet new people—but meeting them, we get embarrassed, having no idea how to spend more than half an hour in their company. We call on you to turn your attention to people around you, to try to understand the OTHER, to learn about people who are geographically distant but live in the same hemisphere as you do. We would like to see and show you stories about other, unfamiliar traditions, values, and passions. This will help us understand what unites all of us—so different from each other—and whether it unites us at all.

The visual design used the work by Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Starko.

The deadline for accepting applications is March 1, 2020.
The results will be announced in the end of March 2020.

Prizes Details: 

Participation in the main exhibition of Odesa Photo Days 2020


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he Open Call for Workshop projects proposal for SESAM 2020 Poliklinika is now open. 

The Event

The event will bring together student and graduate urbanists, architects, artists and creatives in a series of workshops investigating inspired by the urban condition of Slavutych in Ukraine.

The concept for SESAM 2020 POLIKLINIKA, is focusing on healthcare, and its relation to architecture at the physical, methodological, and metaphorical levels. The theme aims to question the methods used in architectural practice to diagnose and prognose a ‘problem’. We propose three anatomic planes through which healthcare -maintenance or improvement of health-, can be addressed during Poliklinika through workshops and other discursive exchanges: prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy.


Please find attached our Tutor Information Pack with more details about participation terms, conditions, locations and the local context. The file is publicly available for download here:


Anyone studying or working in the field of architecture, or any other area of expertise closely related to spatial practices, anywhere in the World, can apply


The event will take place in Slavutych (Ukraine), a city built in only 6 months to relocate population after the Chernobyl disaster. The workshops will take place in the central Polyclinic currently in disuse.


SESAM 2020 Poliklinika, which will take place between 28th May and 7th June 2020

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email ( should you require further information.

Best Regards,

Alexandra Polyakova

EASA Ukraine


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