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Noizemaschin!! London #10





Noizemaschin!! London #10


See out the year with a Quality Street-style selection of our finest noise-makers from all across the land!



Monday 9th December

Amersham Arms

New Cross


Facebook event:

Twitter: @Noizemaschin


Francesca Ter-Berg - Experimental cello meets folk improvisation

Portia Winters - Performs material from her new project 'Starflesh', gathering songs and improvisations with blurred edges

James Malone & Joe Wright - Free improvisation for guitar and saxophones

IlSantoBevitore - Hypnotic texture of low bass frequencies, harsh and bright distortions, supported by layers of acoustic percussions and minimal technoide-beat

Thomas Stone - Performs a new contrabasson and electronics work, fusing dark ambient soundscapes with contemporary new music, drone, noise and minimal tech

Stephen James - Busted up guitar noise and found percussion

Yoni Silver - Spectrally manipulated, amplified bass clarinet improvisation

Dee Byrne - Freewheeling jazz-fused experimentation!

Also, check out the Noizemaschin!! website: for more information on our international network of experimental music making!

Artist Talk: Eva Rothschild




Winner of the 2016 West Dean College Tapestry Commission Open Call, Eva Rothschild is one of the leading sculptors of her generation. Her practice is informed by an ongoing interest in visual perception and the nature of materiality, demonstrating a longstanding engagement with the woven surface. For this talk Eva will discuss her wider practice as well as her ambitions for the commission, which sees her collaborating with the Master Weavers at West Dean Tapestry Studio to produce a unique hand-woven tapestry, due to be completed next year.

Image: Eva Rothschild, All I Want 


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