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A Voyage of Absurdity




There is this idea(l) of the artist creating art for art’s sake, living la vie bohème, being envied for their freedom and creativity and having the liberty to express their individuality as they please. Is this actually the case though?

Being a practising artist does not necessarily mean one’s life is effortless and without any obstacles along the way. Taking the (often subconscious) decision to become an artist comes with costs. Living in a world where the humanities and, in particular, the arts, are not favoured by the wider socio-economic system as a fruitful financial ecosystem indicates that the majority of people working in the creative industries will have to find alternative means of supporting themselves financially, while, simultaneously developing and working on their creative practice. Countless external factors hinder many artists from reaching their full potential by limiting their existence. Thus, unavoidably, they are drawn to making a considerable number of sacrifices in many aspects of their lives.

In this exhibition, we invite artists who have experienced this type of dualities in their professional journey, having to juggle between different realities, and thus, separate lives, and who want to participate by exploring how the various stimuli from this contradiction have fed back into their work. We want this to be a multisensory event, calling to all people of all backgrounds to apply and look into how their work has been affected by the additional efforts that they have had to make in order to make ends meet, as well as how they imagine their futures will unfold. The purpose of this exhibition will be to reflect on the truths of the people in the creative industries and to pave the way for repurposing the art world with more care and collectivity.

International artists are encouraged to apply, but new guidelines (after Brexit) need to be taken into consideration.

Creatives of all mediums are asked to submit their work, showcasing the complex character of their realities through their art.  

Curatorial team: Vanessa Giorgo, Anna Kolosova, Melissa Vipritskaya Topal


Entry Fee:

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A £5 submission fee to cover for admin costs
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Art + Critique: Critical & Contextual Studies in Art Practice ONLINE




Combined critical studies and studio practice course that integrates practice and theory in a comprehensive programme of lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and off-site visits.

The course will help you develop your practice and research and provide you with a solid background in the histories and discourses of contemporary art. The lectures survey the histories and discourses of contemporary art, demystify the art world and provide multiple entry points into critical theory. The programme fosters collaborative study and provides practical tools in group feedback sessions and workshops on creative practice, research and writing.

By the end of the course participants will have a critical awareness of contemporary art practice, with a road map and toolbox of methodologies for their continuing practice and the confidence to pursue it independently. The course is open to everyone but it is particularly suited to those who have a background in art and wish to develop their practice and extend their knowledge of contemporary art practices and discourses.

For more information please visit the course page and for additional information, such as the schedule, lectures and reading please download the Course Outline.

Art + Critique: Critical and Contextual Studies in Art Practice
Thu, 15 Oct – Tue, 8 Dec 2020
Tuesdays + Thursdays 6:30pm-8:30pm
£250 / Concessions £200 (student, unwaged, disability, senior)

If the course fees are a barrier to your participation please visit the website to get in touch so that we can find a way to make it more accessible for you. The course will be delivered online, participants will receive a course pack with detailed information at least three days before the course begins. Please read the Learning Agreement before Registering for the course.

Contact & Links: 
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