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The Color of Nature Small Works Exhibit






The Color of Nature hosted by Inside Small Exhibits

THEME: Artwork inspired by each artist's unique interpretation of color in nature.

The Color of Nature Art Exhibit will be in-person and online from October 1 - October 31, 2022 at the Stable Gallery in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

SMALL WORK SUBMISSION: Artists may submit a maximum of one (1) entry for consideration.

SIZE REQUIREMENT: ALL ARTWORK MUST be 10” inches or smaller in any direction (not including frame, mat, etc.). 2D WORKS ONLY. Space is limited.

1. The gallery and virtual exhibits are open to artists in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
2. The virtual gallery only is open to all USA artists.

Prizes Details: 

AWARDS: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Honorable Mention, Curator's Choice, People's Choice.
All award winners will have a featured solo video on the Inside Small social media platforms.
Awards Juror, Debbie Silberberg, Multi-Media Artist.


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"2020, International Women Artists and Writers Create Anthology"




"2020, International Women Artists and Writers Create Anthology"

This post is a call to Women Artists/Writers World Wide;

Artists, Drawers, Mixed Media Creators, Painters, Photographers, Poets, Sculptors, Welders, Writers, etc.

As you know, 2020 is a thought-provoking time for all humanity. Thus, I will be working with fellow artists/writers from many parts of the world to create the second women's anthology book.

The "2020, International Women Artists' and Writers Create Anthology" book shall convey humanity's strength through art images/writing. It will also mark the time in history when women world-wide came together to express their feelings/opinions in the year 2020.

The upcoming book is an opportunity for women artists to submit their work to express themselves through their art/writing, focusing on the 2020 year, a most unusual year for humanity.

Another purpose of this work is to allow women, artists/writers to have the opportunity to be published without being charged money to do so.

Your submitted work(s) will communicate the strength of humanity during this time. It could be about you or someone your know who works/worked in technology, science, the medical profession, education, teacher, housewife, food services, beautician, etc., during 2020.

Please note; I do not need original artworks/writings.

You may submit as many images/writings as you would like.

If selected to be in the book, I will need a signed statement to print your submitted image/writing.

If I receive many submissions, I will have fellow women artists/writers select the final works.

If sending images, please send high resolutions, at least 600 dpi image(s) to pdrapala@juno.com.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book after the book is published, you may do so at a wholesale price. In other words, you would pay the same amount for the book as I will be paying. Your postage costs may vary, especially if you live in another country.

"2020, International Women Artists' Create!"; art/writing submissions end January 31, 2021. Send submissions to my email, pdrapala@juno.com.

Please note, all images are requested to be in high resolution so that the Anthology book has crisp and clear images.

If you have questions, please contact me at pdrapala@juno.com. You may also message me on Facebook.

Good luck to all, and stay healthy, Ladies!


Pamela Carvajal Drapala


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What I Make of My Space



Share a space that you have been spending more time in during physical distancing, or an area that you simply love to inhabit. Rather than a simple room view, how can you capture the essence of your confinement, or – conversely – your enjoyment of the space? You may include a description, poem or written piece that you feel better describes your image. All mediums are welcome, including video. This exhibition will be curated, exhibited online and shared publicly through social media. If you're an artist, awesome, you know the drill. If not, then break out your smartphone and get creative. Make art, then let’s share it together!



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Peter & Julie Cummings Library Outdoor Space




PROJECT NAME: Peter & Julie Cummings Library Outdoor Space
LOCATION: 2551 SW Matheson Ave., Palm City, FL 34990
Physical Address: Same as above
TOTAL BUDGET: $30,000.00
ONE SENTENCE DESCRIPTION: The Martin County Public Art Advisory Committee is
seeking to purchase or commission a public artwork for the Peter & Julie Cummings
Library Outdoor Space located in Palm City.

Located on Florida's Treasure Coast, Martin County has an abundance of natural beauty,
beginning at its coastline where one may witness a giant sea turtle lumbering ashore to lay its
eggs in the sand. The rivers are wild and scenic, filled with a vast array of tropical flora and
fauna. Preservation and appreciation of the untouched splendor is of utmost importance to the
people who live, work and vacation in the area. The county seat is Stuart. The population is
approximately 155,000.

Artwork Description
An outdoor pavilion has recently been constructed near the northern perimeter of the library
parking lot, approachable by a 6-foot-wide sidewalk from the front entrance. This informal,
outdoor, covered space is used as an extension of the library for a variety of library programs
and is available to the public for other leisure activities.
The primary location for a public art installation is a 63’ x 8’ grassy area between a row of live
oaks bordering the parking pavement and the 6’ wide concrete sidewalk and its 1.5’ wide
grass border. Please see the attached location map and pictures. This walkway can be
enhanced but must remain ADA compliant as the pathway to the 30’ square, open, wood
pavilion with metal roof. Possible design elements could feature sensory or interactive
components, which could include low maintenance landscaping elements, along the walkway
that complement the adjacent nature preserve leading to the pavilion. This aesthetic
enhancement may have a literary theme or relate to libraries/books, may be colorful or
whimsical and should appeal to residents of all ages. Sensory or interactive components
could have a musical/auditory aspect initiated by the viewer, a visual component experience
or a combined sensory experience.
The secondary location is an open, grassy area to the west of the pavilion, separated from the
parking pavement by a row of cypress trees. This area is appropriate for a kinetic or stationary
work that is not interactive but can be passively and easily viewed and enjoyed from the
pavilion or the parking area. The space measures 24’ x 60’ and overlooks the water detention area. Kinetic components could be incorporated in either area.
Artist Services
Theme and Design
Proposal that includes all elements of the design
Coordination with the Public Art Advisory Committee and Subcommittee
Fabrication and/or purchase and installation
Photographic documentation
Maintenance plan
Anticipated Art Project Schedule
Call to Artists: September 24, 2019 – November 5, 2019
Artist/Project Selection: November 2019
Installation: To begin in January 2020

Art Project Budget
The total budget established for the project is $ 30,000.00.
The budget includes all costs to the artist: i.e., Artist Fee, Proposal, Design, Artwork Itself,
Materials, Installation, Shipping, Insurance, Travel and Sales tax.
Founded in 1957, the Martin County Library System consists of six library locations, our online
library, and strategic outreach services to childcare centers and other local organizations. The
Library connects with our residents in-person, online, over the phone, and through social
networking tools such as Facebook and Instagram. As of 2019, the Library operates with a
budget of approximately $3.8 million and 49 full time equivalent staff. Over 62% of our
residents have Library cards and approximately 19,000 people visit our six locations each
week. The Library Foundation and our Friends members support the Library through their
voices, their time, and their generous financial support. Our volunteers donate over 22,000
hours to our libraries each year, shelving books, running our bookstores, and performing
other important activities. The Library continually seeks partnership opportunities with people
and organizations throughout Martin County. Partners include the Early Learning Coalition,
the United Way, the Martin County School District, colleges and museums. Many of our
partners provide experts who share their knowledge and skills with our residents through
Library classes and workshops.
Building (or Site) Description: (General description of the building site)
The Peter & Julie Cummings Library is located in Palm City, FL and bounded by a 4 acre
upland pine and wetland preserve. This is in a residential area with 3 elementary schools, one
middle school and several golf communities serving families and retirees with some seasonal
residents. In 2009, the library was expanded to 20,000 square feet, adding a second story of
contemporary architecture to the Florida vernacular design of the original 1994 building. To
the east and north of the parking area, where this project is situated, is a large open water
detention basin. 

Building Project Schedule
Schematic design phase will be complete: TBD
Project is expected to be bid: TBD (if necessary)
Building will be open: TBD
Architects: (if applicable)
The project is open to all professional artists as defined in the Art in Public Places Ordinance
No. 1103, Chapter 13, General Ordinances, Martin County Code. Experience implementing
their ideas and work in the public realm and with public agencies is a plus. The Martin County
Art in Public Places program encourages artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences to
The application process is managed by the Martin County Office of Community
Development along with the Martin County Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC). Project
selection happens through these entities along with representatives from the community
and the County. The Martin County Board of County Commissioners approves the final
Selection Criteria
The Public Art Advisory Committee shall consider the following criteria:
1. Public art shall be in areas where residents and visitors live, work or
congregate and shall be highly visible and accessible.
2. The appropriateness of the work to the site, permanence of the work relative
to environmental conditions, maintenance requirements and costs, and the
enduring nature of the artistic statement.
3. The sensitivity of the work to the aesthetic and cultural traditions and the
history of Martin County, Florida and to the surrounding neighborhood's
4. The artist's biography and resume, examples of existing works, technical
competency, similarity to existing works of art and the following basics: form,
texture, color, clarity, line and medium.
Application Requirements
The information and documentation below must be postmarked or arrive via email at the
Martin County Office of Community Development before TIME on the stated deadline.
1. Statement. One paragraph maximum which illustrates the relationship
between the work submitted and the specific project. Be sure to indicate if a
specific work is for sale.
2. Resume. A current and professional resume, emphasizing public art
experience and public commissions (if any).
3. Renderings of the proposed design and completed artworks and/or project. If
already created, the works must have been completed during the last five
years. All must be labeled with artist's name and title of work.
4. Any structures proposed must be designed, built and installed in accordance
with all applicable codes, including permitting, to the standards in the most
recent edition of the local building code.
5. Proposals shall be submitted as follows: one (1) original, six (6) copies and
one (1) electronic copy (on flash drive, in MS Word or searchable PDF or
send to ftp://ftp.martin.fl.us/pub/incoming/AIPP (for Windows Explorer
go to FILE and click ‘Login As’, login: ftp public & password: @Martin!) in a
clear and concise format, on 8 ½" x 11" papers, in English.
Deadline: Postmarked, emailed or delivered by Friday, November 8, 2019, 5:00 pm.
Send or Deliver to:
Public Art Advisory Committee
c/o Martin County Office of Community
2401 SE Monterey Road
Stuart, FL 34996


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Into The Art Exhibition




Into the Art is a exhibition dedicated to creating cohesive environments for all forms of art that people can fully immersive themselves into in all aspects, from sound, sight, smell, and emotionally. We welcome artist of all disciplines to apart of this grand exhibition held at The Greenpoint Gallery, 390 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY from November 15 -22, 2019 with a opening and closing reception. We are looking for artist in the following categories whose work fits within the themed rooms shown in the application. It is open to artist 18 years or older in the US. Please find the category you would like to submit your work to and read the details. 

2D Art:
We are looking for 50 or more 2D artist for the full length of the exhibition. All artwork must be age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. We do not take a commission of the artist artwork. If someone is interested in you work we will provide them with your contact information for them to reach you directly. 2D art fee is $15 per piece submitted. All artwork must be no larger than 36x36. Maximum of 5 submission for review and a maximum of (3) will be selected for the exhibition. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment and the chosen pieces for the exhibition. In the comments section of the application please state the number of pieces you want in the show.

3D Art:
We are looking for 8 or more 3D artist for the full length of the exhibition. All artwork must be age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. We do not take a commission of the artist artwork. If someone is interested in you work we will provide them with your contact information them to reach you directly. 3D art fee is $20 for (1) submission per artist. Maximum size of artwork to fit on a podium must be equal to or less than 20" in width and 36" high. You can submit up to (5) pieces for review. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment and the chosen piece for the exhibition.

Musicians/Performers/ Poets:
We have (20) spots available for musicians, performers, and poets for 30 minute slots. The first (8) to apply will either have a time reserved for opening or closing night. All others will have a designated day to perform throughout the span of the exhibition. All that we ask from performers is for you to sell two tickets to the exhibition to assist with rental of the space and equipment. Ticket sales can be made before or the day of your performance. All performers will have an opportunity to collect donation from the audience during and after their performance. Submission requires a sample video that best describe your performances and a image for the exhibition website. Maximum number of (5) members per group. If your performance is less than 30 minutes or more that 30 minutes please note it in the comments section along with any equipment required for your performance. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with the available days and times.

Art Vendors:
We are looking for 34 vendors for the exhibition. The first (4) to apply have the option of displaying on opening or closing night. Following that all other vendors will have a designated date during the duration of the exhibition to showcase their items. Your selected day will be based on that day's collection of items being displayed. All items on display must be no taller than 24" high from the the table and age appropriate since all days excluding opening and closing reception will have people 17 & under attending. A flat fee of $45 is required once approved. Please provide 2 to 5 images that best represents your merchandise. After reviewing your submission we will send a confirmation email with your chosen method of payment. Once payment is received your spot will be held and you will receive a notification for the day and location of your table 2 weeks prior to opening night.

* All 2D and 3D artist coming out of town are not required to attend opening or closing night. However, they must provide proper packaging for their artwork and a return label if they are unable to pick up their work after the show. Any artwork shipped to us will be handled with the utmost care once in our possession but we still recommend you get insurance on your packages.

Online submission deadline: Sunday October 27th
Artt drop-off Day: Thursday November 14th 10am to noon & 6pm to 8pm
Opening Reception: Friday November 15th 6pm to 10pm
Closing Reception: Friday, November 22nd 6pm to 10pm
Art pick-up: Friday November 22nd 10:30 pm or Saturday November 23rd 11am to 6pm

*Please do not contact The Greenpoint Gallery. We are renting the space for the duration of the exhibition and are not affiliated.


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