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Carrying Across - Crossing Disciplines as a Form of "Translation"




For Interim's July issue, we are seeking work that crosses disciplines in the form of "translation." The origin of the word translate means "to carry across." While translation usually occurs across languages, we are looking specifically for work that is carried across one art form to the other, or work that seeks to create new forms altogether. Perhaps you've created dance informed by the structure of a particular sonnet, or you've taken a famous dance or performance art piece you found inspiring and translated its rhythm, structure, and images into a poem. We are looking for this kind of challenging work. 

We are open to work produced in English as well as work produced in other languages that has been translated to English. If the poetry is written in another language and translated into English and then turned into a performance (or performance into poetry), we are happy to consider it. As with any translations, the original and the translated work should be submitted together (for both discipline translation and language translation). Collaborations and experimental work are very welcome here as we believe the truth is always experimental. Please make certain all collaborators are informed of the submission and general guidelines in terms of rights and rights reversion. 

We are looking for poetry in performative forms, performance in poetic forms, and anything that exists interstitially between poetry and performance. We are open to artwork, new media, and hybrid works of poetry. For reference, we define performance as any form of theater, dance, dance theater, movement theater, videos of dance and movement, and anything that falls under the umbrella of performance art. Artwork (paintings, drawings, sculpture) related to this theme will also be considered.

Please familiarize yourself with our previous performance + poetry issue: Vol. 35, Issue 2

Poems and Translations of Written Poetic Work: Submit three to six poems in a single document. 

Hybrid, Video, and All Multimedia Work: Please include all work in a single file whenever possible. 

Artwork: Please upload up to six (6) high-res files containing your work, preferably in PNG or JPG format, 800-1500 pixels wide. 

For All Submissions: If any of the work included in your submission is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw the submission containing that file using Submittable. There is no need to notify us of withdrawals outside our Submittable account.

Copyright and Permissions: If you are using music or translating another wriiter's work across languages or disciplines, please make certain to gain permission to use this prior to submitting it to us. We take copyright seriously. 

Deadline: April 15, 2019

We look forward to spending time with your work! 

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A View with a Room



A View with a Room is a new, soon to be launched art & decor blog. We are looking for artists and makers to feature. In each blog post, art is surrounded by carefully curated furniture and home decor, to make it easier for viewers to envision art in their living spaces. 

All mediums and nationalities are welcome to submit their art. 

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