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McCord Gallery invites artists to apply for the upcoming exhibition "That Face! Portraits Both Human & Animal". Our theme is open to all artists, age 18 or older, who have captured the face of a person or animal in traditional or non-traditional styles. The artistic intention is to capture the subject's unique personality, giving the viewer insight into their character, be it neutral, satirical, celebratory, cultural, aggressive, docile, quirky or humorous.

December PleinAir Salon $33,000 Online Art Competition

The PleinAir Salon $33,000 Art Competition is a monthly online competition consisting of 19 categories. We award over $33,000 each year for this competition. The Annual Grand Prize winner receives a check for $15,000 and is featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine. We award an additional $6,500 to the annual winners and award $1,100 monthly to the top three winners of each competition as well as a People’s Choice Award. Each of the 23 monthly winners will be automatically entered into the Annual Competition. The annual awards are presented live at the Plein Air Convention & Expo each spring.

SUBMISSIONS CALL - Impostor: A Poetry Journal for Issue 2.3 - Ekphrastic poetry

This issue will exclusively feature ekphrastic poetry. We're seeking submissions based on works of art—this includes any discipline and any form of media (examples include but are not limited to: visual art, dance, music, video games, etc.). 

Metamorphosis: From Marginal to Magnificent

Metamorphosis: From Marginalized to Magnificent

August 16, 2022 through October 7, 2022

Call to Artist Deadline: August 1, 2022

Arabi Visual Arts - New Orleans, USA


Metamorphosis: From Marginal to Magnificent is a full-spectrum art exhibition including photography, traditional art, 3-D works, spoken word, performance art, and film.  Arabi Visual Arts is partnering with our neighbor Zeitgeist Theatre to produce this exhibition along with films and performances inspired by and/or created by all types of marginalized people. 

O-Jak Bridge Festival Poster Competition

Compete to have your design be the official poster of O-Jak Bridge Festival and Over $350 in Total Awards!

Poster Competition Application Details :

The MiYoung Margolis Dance Collective (MMDC) is launching the Poster Competition associated with the upcoming O-Jak Bridge Festival, a multicultural art and dance event presented in early November of 2022 at the Broadway Performance Hall.

Empirical Abstraction - Paintings / Drawings. Call for Entry

Paintings / Drawings

Please submit artworks executed in Suprematism, Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism, Bauhaus, Minimalism, Geometric Abstraction....

Abstract Art has firmly established itself in our lives as an expression of freedom from the concrete representation of objects. Artists use many ways to express their emotions, experiences, and ideas through lines, colors, geometrical forms, and textures. Relying on observations and sensations, they convey their thoughts and vision of the world around them.


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