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SoHo is a young independent association for Art, Design and Culture based in Sweden, started in the end of 2018, we organise national and international events and fairs. We have established a wide network of artists and art lovers in a national and international base with collaborations worldwide.

We recently opened Galleri SoHo in August 2020. Space = 135 square metres (photo attached) 

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of arts and design, building bridges, and creating new movements led by integration, by opening unique meeting points for cultural exchange for local and international artists and designers in different parts of Sweden, arranging traveling shows, international exhibitions and fairs.

If you want to rent the gallery for your art project you can contact our curator collaborator or the gallery owner for further Info.


FYI:  If you rent the space for your purpose We do not charge any commission on the sold works.  

The costs asked are just for the rent of the gallery, electricity and marketing and security staff during opening hours. 








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