NEW DEADLINE Arte Laguna Prize 17





New Deadline for Arte Laguna Prize 17! 

Good news for all the artists! You still have time to apply to the 17th Arte Laguna Prize! The deadline has been POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 22th, 2022 for all the ten categories. 

Choose your best works and apply now, you could be among the next 120 artists who will exhibit at the Arsenale of Venice in March 2023 for five weeks and win the cash prize of € 10.000. 

Admitted categories: painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video art and short films, performance, digital art, cartoon and graphics, environmental art and land art, urban and street art, art design.

The international jury will evaluate the works and choose the 120 finalists that will exhibit in the iconic spaces of the Arsenale Nord.

The jury changes at each edition and is composed of: Mohamed Benhadj, curator for the territories of North Africa and Spain and founder of AlTiba9; Raphael Chikukwa, director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe; Giulia Colletti, digital curator for the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Torino; Paul di Felice, curator, critic and art historian based in Luxembourg;  Chloé Hodge project manager at Tate Britain in London, curator and producer; Dick Spierenburg, creative director of IMM – Cologne International Furniture Fair; Xiaoyu Weng, curator based in New York and Toronto, responsible for Modern and Contemporary Art at AGO, the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Each year Arte Laguna Prize collaborates with high-level international partners to offer the artists collaborations around the world, each partner selects their winner .

Arte Laguna Prize means infinite opportunities!
With only one application the artists can be selected for:

  • Exhibition at the Venice Arsenal  

  • Participation in festivals, individual and collective exhibitions 

  • Accroître votre visibilité

  • 5000 € for an installation in Siena, Italy 

  • 3000 € for a work that uses steel 

  • 3000 € for the best work that enhances Sustainability 

  • 2000 € for a work with the theme of water 

  • 3000 € for a project that enhances the use of digital art - nft

  • 1000 € each for 3 artists Under 35 

  • 36 days of exhibition at the Venice Arsenal for 240 artists 

  • Circuit of exhibitions in Veneto and Italy in 2023 

  • 1 exhibition in Beijing for video art finalists 

  • 1 exhibition at the Cris Contini Gallery in London for 1 artist 

  • 30 days of exhibition at the Biennale del Mediterraneo for 1 artist 

  • 6 months residency in Treviso, Italy 

  • 6 weeks residency in Barcelona, Spain 

  • 4 weeks residency in Bilpin, Australia 

  • 10 days residency in Favara, Italy 

  • 15 days residency in Lucca, Italy


Applying is easy and quick > register on Arte Laguna World and create your account

Check the Terms and Conditions > 

Applications have no restrictions; they are open to all artists. 

The deadline is November 22, 2022.

For more information:

+39 0415937242

Prize Summary: 
1 cash prize of 10.000 €
Prizes Details: 
  • 10.000 € first prize Overall Winner
  • 5000 € for an installation in Siena, Italy
  • 3000 € for a work that uses steel
  • 3000 € for the best work that enhances Sustainability
  • 2000 € for a water-themed work
  • 1000 € each for 3 Under 35 artists
  • 4000 € for the creative proposal that enhances the combination of heaven and earth
  • 3000 € for a digital transformation themed work
  • 36 days of exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice for 240 artists
  • E-commerce on
  • Exhibitions in Veneto and Italy in 2023
  • 1 exhibition in Beijing for the video art section’s finalists
  • 1 exhibition at Cris Contini Gallery in London for 1 artist
  • 30 days of exhibition at the Mediterranean Biennale for 1 artist
  • 6 months of residency in Treviso, Italy
  • 4 weeks of residency in Barcelona, Spain
  • 4 weeks of residency in Bilpin, Australia
  • 10 days of residency in Favara, Italy
  • 15 days of residency in Lucca, Italy
Arsenale Nord, Venice

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
New Deadline for Arte Laguna Prize 17! Good news for all the artists! You still have time to apply to the 17th Arte Laguna Prize! The deadline has been POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 22th, 2022 for all the ten categories. Choose your best works and apply now,
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Everything you need to know about curating and organizing an exhibition or a pavilion at the (Venice) Biennale.

What is necessary to know about permissions, promotion, funding and make a successful event.

11.10 – 04.11.2022

Deadline: 29 September 2022

The Venice Biennale is a large-scale international contemporary art exhibition. In early May, thousands of art-world denizens descend in the city for the opening of a new edition of the Biennale, the closely watched pageant of contemporary art that has been running—with a few interruptions—since 1895. The Biennale is arguably the most prestigious exhibition in the world, filled with history and also cloaked in myth.

The preview days brings 25,000 artists, collectors, curators, museum directors and journalists into the city, followed by 600,000 visitors in the six months after. For this reason it is extremely important to know how everything works.

Session 1. 11.10.22

What is the Venice Biennale and why everybody wants to be present. Identification of the keys points that all participants need to know before facing such import event.

Session 2. 14.10.2022

First step the location. How to find the ideal location. Even though the city is small, for the Venice Biennale you need to be in a good quarter. How to find the right location. Prices. The place makes the difference.

Session 3. 18.10.2022

Step 2. What do you need to know about your location. The exhibition space is in the Arsenale? Inside of the Biennale? Then is very important to know which are the rules to respect, the permissions you need and the best suppliers you can get.

Session 4. 21.10.2022

Organizing your event in a place located in the city: the things changes and there are other permissions you need to provide, rules to respect, and of course the suppliers.

T: +39 041 277 0466

School for Curatorial Studies Venice

E: W:

Session 5. 25.10.2022

How to promote an event during the Biennale: this is the most intensive period and a part for the main exhibition organized by the Biennale, you have at least 300 more competitors. In the city during the Venice Biennale there almost 500 of shows, events and projects.

Timing and strategies is a key point in order to have a successful event. Session 6.

Collateral events can be a good strategy to keep and attract the attention on your initiative. When is a collateral program useful for the promotion of your show and how should it work: dinners, parties, conference, workshop and presentation.

Session 7. - 01.11.2022

Venice is a tough city! No cars, therefore transports are only on boats. All about logistic: transports and suppliers. Taxi and restaurants. Hotels and flats. When you should start booking and arranging all these fundamental matters.

Session 8. - 04.11.2022

What you should not do at the Venice Biennale. Some key scenarios which should absolutely avoided.

The fee is 590 euro.

Our Online Delivery Method Online Study Lectures effectively run over the week – Tuesday and Friday from 6pm to 8pm CET – maintaining our usual tours’ focused, intensive and immersive experience.

Live Seminars - Each lecture is two hours long at the end of each lecture we will have a half an hour for questions and discussions. Your tutor will hold live seminars with you and discussions are accessed via a web-link which we will email to you. These sessions enable you to ‘meet’ your tutor and fellow students. To participate you will only need an internet enabled device; you do not need a account. If you have questions that you were not able to raise in the discussions, you will also be able to communicate with your tutor by email.

School for Curatorial Studies Venice San Marco 3073 Venezia 30124

+39 0412770466

T: +39 041 277 0466

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We invite you to form part of our 2nd exhibition in Venice during the Biennale di Venezia. (selection) This time in a charming groundfloor gallery in the heart of the Biennale area which assures us a large number of visitors. Exhibition dates: 4 - 9 June  2022

This exhibition with the title "Nel Mezzo" will be open for participation with small works and all media will be considered. The show will be present as well virtually by means of an interactive virtual exhibition and also a catalogue will form part. 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


Artistic field:




The word paradise contains so many longings and desires, stoked for centuries. Many visions were written down, entire image compositions were created. Paradise is a special place from which we have been expelled and where want to return to. 

Really? Could it be that we overlook our quest - entry after death into this particular place, called paradise, as an elected individual?

Could it be that the decisions we make, whether for ourselves or as a community, shape this paradise? ...

  • Each submitted artwork is shown digitally on an HD screen in the Spazio SV - Centro Esposivo San Vidal, Scoletta di San Zaccaria, Venezia, Italy
  • from all submitted artworks, 20 artworks will be selected for the presentation of original artworks in the Spazio SV - Centro Esposivo San Vidal, Scoletta di San Zaccaria, Venezia, Italy

Participation fee includes:

  • publication on the Biennale Austria website
  • Digital presentation on an HD screen in the Spazio SV, Venezia, Italy
  • possibility of being selected by the Jury for presentation of a original art work
  • exhibition invitation
  • international press work
  • publication in the digital exhibition catalogue
  • certificate of participation
  • organisational costs



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Euro 45 per artwork
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Artistic field:






3rd June – 1st September 2020

The School for Curatorial Studies is an ambitious and challenging project promoted since 2004 and conceived as a school committed to experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking. The main goals are to spread the knowledge in the field of visual arts and to introduce the students to the professions related to the art world, focusing on contemporary curatorial theory and practice and contemporary museology. The School’s activities are meant for all those interested and passionate in art, graduated students or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills. The School’s teaching staff is formed by Italian and international professionals, scholars, historians and art critics of recognized experience. Among them: Matt Williams (curator), Filippo Lotti (Sotheby’s), Chiara Barbieri (Peggy Guggenheim Collection), Francesca Colasante (Pinault Collection), Andrea Goffo (Found. Prada), Nicola Lees (Serpentine London).

The program:

The Summer School in Curatorial Practice will take place during the International Biennale Venice. With an interdisciplinary approach, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings. Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics. The course is designed to increase students understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of the curator figure. English-taught lectures cover both theoretical and practical topics that go from the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making, to Exhibition Management. The students will participate in weekly activities, such as artist studio visits, tours of exhibition spaces, networking events and workshops. The program culminates with the set up of the exhibition.

The Summer School includes visits of specific art venues all over the city of Venice during the  International Venice Biennale. A series of selected case studies will offer the students an opportunity to observe the development of contemporary art. The School’s goal is to align these specific theoretical lectures with a practical approach. Besides the theoretical lectures, a series of laboratories and workshops aims to introduce the students to the work of critical text writing, press releases and to structure all the different aspects of publishing. The students will be offered the possibility of a gallery training and of setting up together - with one of our tutors, their exhibition in Venice, as a final project of the course.

The first module:

June 3rd  – August 5th, 2020

The first module involves 350 contact hours:

1. History of Curatorial Practices
2. Exhibition Design
3. Aesthetics and Cultural Theory
4. Contemporary Art History
5. Cultural Events Management and Organization
6. Curating Exhibitions
7. Fine Arts Management.
8. Fundraising and Marketing / Workshop
9. Communication Strategies and Artistic Events Promotion / Workshop
10. Workshop on Critical Writing
11. Artist Studio Visits and Visits of the International Biennale

Optional: Trip to a European Art center.

Meeting artists, curators, institution directors, art collectors.

August 7th –12th, 2020

We warmly recommend to take part.

The program is very intensive: Bruxelles is an art city and is offering many opportunities: private galleries, collections. We will visit artist studios and public galleries and Museums of contemporary art.

The second module:

August 17th – 21th, 2020

The second module is dedicated to individual researching and finalizing the exhibition project. During this period of time the students will have to face practical duties, such as coordinating the artists, managing transportation and insurance policies, promoting and curating the promotional material.

The third module:
August 24th - September 1st, 2020

The last part of the course lies in the production of the event. During this period of time all the work concerning the final event will take place. The students will coordinate the arrival and the display of the works of art and supervise all the different aspects related to the event, such as promotion, organization, last details about the publication, opening. After the presentation to the public, the student will be given the tools to professionally document the event.

Duration and structure

The course has a duration of 450 hours. The participants will develop themes as well as concepts, organization, acquisition, communication and the concrete implementation of their skills together with the course director and international guests (artists, curators, architects, critics, fine arts scientists and publishers of art journals).

Application deadline: March,1st 2020.

The application form must be sent by e-mail before the deadline (March 1st 2020) of the Curatorial Program to:

Xac – School for Curatorial Studies
San Marco, 3073, 30124 Venice
Tel: +39 0412770466

The application form can be downloaded at, where you can find more information about our curatorial program and your stay in Venice.

The Summer school has a limited number of places available.


An intensive program on the history of contemporary visual arts and practices of exhibition-making, taking place during the Venice Biennale. Through interdisciplinary lectures, the course provides practical training and experience within museums and exhibition settings. Its international faculty includes curators and museum professionals, artists and critics.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

T.I.N.A. Art Prize: 10 Opportunities in Chicago + Roma + Mexico City



T.I.N.A. is an international platform that allows artists to get in touch with a network of galleries and curators interested in evaluating new projects. Our call is open to all artists, regardless of age and nationality.

Artists working with all mediums are encouraged to apply creating an online profile where to upload a mini-portfolio. At the end of the call, each gallery in the jury will select one artist to organize a solo exhibition/event and start a true collaboration. Furthermore, your work will be seen and voted by our international curatorial board.

There are currently three T.I.N.A. editions:

  • 4 Galleries in Rome
  • 3 Galleries in Chicago
  • 3 Galleries in Mexico City

Are you interested in working internationally starting from now? Join our international network! The registration lasts 12 months and every new season you will find here new calls in new cities.

For complete details and to Apply Online, visit the T.I.N.A. website.

Any request for help or assistance can be sent to our email address at

Associazione culturale Radar via Bortolazzi, 57 – 30027 S. Donà di P. – VENEZIA – c.f. 93038830274

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