8th nodoCCS Video Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES

Open Call 2022
8th Festival video nodoCCS
Abre 22 Septiembre 2022
Cierra 22 Octubre 2022

Video as art opens portals to other realities and to the experiences of others.

The 8th nodoCCS Video Festival returns to its on-site proposal in the city of Caracas, reaffirming its intention to "sustain and inhabit spaces" to generate encounters in a fragmented world.

The experience of the past years inspired us to go beyond the exhibition space and expand the physical locations of our projections, to generate global dynamics, new ways of collaborating and above all to articulate our work to this new reality.

Open Call VII Festival Video nodoCCS

The word node can refer to different concepts depending on the field in which we move. Since we started being nodoCCS, our realities have transformed at an exponential rate, changing our way of being, thinking and interacting and modifying our expectations about our role and about the world around us.

nodoCCS presents itself as an open, artist-run platform that seeks to "create and maintain spaces" in which diverse groups and communities feel welcome to become more than the sum of their parts, and to shape porous spaces that explore the worlds of our existence, from different perspectives. 

Open Call VI Festival Video nodoCCS 2020

In the words of writer Arundhati Roy, pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine a new world. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next. In these uncertain times, we all have a cultural, artistic and social function in our world, the best we can do for art and society is to put ourselves at its service and not use it to to our own benefit but, through poetic and political imagination, find answers and generate other relationship systems that are part of the solution and not the problem.


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