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Open call for the 12. Arte Laguna Prize




Open call for artists: 12th Arte Laguna Prize is now open for entries

The 12. edition of the Arte Laguna Prize is open for entries, to showcase and promote your creative talent!

9 Contest categories: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short films, performance, virtual art, digital graphics, land art and this year's new entry, urban art.
The theme is free and there are no age or nationality restrictions.

The international jury will select 115 artists for:
- the final exhibition in Venice in March 2018
- 5 cash prizes of € 7,000 each
- 3 personal exhibitions in international Art Galleries
- 3 collaborations with companies and art management platforms
- 11 Art Residencies
- 3 International Festivals
- 1 Sustainability and Art Prize
- publication in the official catalogue




Prize money
€ 7.000,00 Painting
€ 7.000,00 Sculpture and Installation | Virtual Art
€ 7.000,00 Photographic Art | Digital Graphics
€ 7.000,00 Video Art and Short Films | Performance
€ 7.000,00 Land Art | Urban Art

3 Artist in Gallery Prizes
Realization of 3 personal exhibitions in international Art Galleries including: set-up, grant of € 500 and a dedicated digital catalogue.

-Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister, Regensburg Germany
-Galeria Fernando Santos, Porto Portugal
-Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel

ARS (Art Reuse Sustainability) of glass
Prize of 3,000 Euro for the winning project that enhances glass as part of the RRR strategies (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce).

11 Artist in Residence Prizes
Art Residency programs in Italy and abroad in order to provide a space and time to experience a new culture, create new works and participate in new activities in a multicultural environment.

-San Francisco Art Residency, San Francisco USA
-The Art Department - Casa dell’Arte International Artists' Residency, Bodrum Turkey
-GLO'ART, Lanaken Belgium
-Espronceda, Barcelona Spain
-Basu Foundation for the Arts, Kolkata India
-Artistic Serigraphy Fallani, Venice Italy
-Farm Cultural Park, Favara Italy
-Arte Sella, Trentino Italy
-The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai China
-Maradiva Cultural Residency, Flic-en-Flac Mauritius
-Murano Glass Art Residency, Murano Venice, Italy

3 Business for Art Prizes
Collaborations with companies and art management platforms, meant to connect creativity with the business world.

-Zanetto Craftsmanship, Padua Italy: Prize of 2,000 Euro for the winning product design for a vase which will contain at least one noble metal sheet, and realization of the project.
-Biafarin, Canada: 12 Gold Membership Packages for 12 artists, 12 Biafarin Blue Membership Packages. Prize of US$ 4,000 to 4 selected artists (Each US$ 1,000)
-Artmajeur, France: Promotion of 1 artist through the platform and the services of the portal For the finalist artists: a free Platinum account, for 1 year

3 Festivals & Exhibitions
International collaborations with Festivals and Organizations to create a network where artists, visibility, and new projects meet.

-Art Stays, Ptuj Slovenia: participation in the Festival and 7-day stay
-Art Nova 100, Beijing China: exhibition of the 10 finalist videos in Summer 2018
-Open International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice Italy: participation in the exhibition for 1 month


The major collective exhibition will take place in the historical location of the Arsenale in Venice in March 2018: 30 works of painting, 25 sculptures and installations, 25 works of photographic art, 10 videos, 5 land art works, 5 works of urban art, 5 works of virtual art, 5 works of digital graphics, 5 performances.which will be performed live during the exhibition’s opening ceremony.



The selection of the submitted artworks will be made by an international jury composed of 11 members subdivided into the contest categories.

Igor Zanti
(Italy, Curator and Art Critic)

Domenico De Chirico
(Italy, Independent Curator)
Caroline Corbetta (Italy, Independent Curator)
Denis Curti (Italy, Artistic Director of Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice)
Nicolangelo Gelormini (Italy, Film Director)
Emanuele Montibeller (Italy, Artistic Director of Arte Sella in Trentino)
Simone Pallotta (Italy, Curator of public and urban art)
Nadim Samman (Great Britain, Curator and Art Historian)
Manuel Segade (Spain, Director of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid)
Ekaterina Shcherbakova (Russia, Independent Curator and Art Critic)
Eva Wittocx (Belgium, Senior Curator at M-Museum in Lovanio)



Fee Detail: 
55 euros





Starting with October 2017 a new space dedicated to contemporary Art and Culture will be born in Venice.

An open space, 130 MQ large, which is already part of the Venice Biennale circuit and known as Spazio Kanz.

It will be made available to curators, intellectuals that wish to  promote their work in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

An ideal location in which to organize exhibitions both personal and collective, workshops and conferences, in which to lend books and launch round table discussions: a concrete cultural propeller and cultural gathering focus.

In view of the artistic ferment that the 57nth Biennale d’arte “Viva Arte Viva” has brought to Venice and taking advantage of opening of the space, LOFT 1592, in collaboration with “Vernice Contemporanea Art Management”, intends to organize and promote during the month of October, in conjunction with the most important artistic event ever, a collective exhibition with FREE SUBJECT,  FREE THEME CHOICE where well known and young artists will be able to take part to shows and to exhibit their work.



FIND ME is going to be the title of the next show. A free expression and research will be the opportunity to make the public, the artists and organization staff meeting through Art and dialogue: an exclusive map will be printed for the occasion.

The exhibition project  will consist in a single installation composed of all the selected works. They will be placed on the most inspiring wall of the gallery (a 9 mt long and 4,50mt high full bricks faced wall): neither the artists’ name, neither the title of their works or their explanation will be announced or available. It will be part of the visitors’ exclusive  choice and interaction the activation of the knowing process.

The visitor will initially choice a work from the composition and will be in relation with all the texts related to the projects (they won’t be linked to authors’ names) that will be published on the map and select the right one.

Only after he will know the name of the author thanks to the details on the map. Visitors will be also allowed to leave their own written opinion and thought or a simple comment on the selected work so that a spontaneous intellectual and scientific contribution could be created and it will compose one more unreleased map that will be presented at the end of the show.

“For a unconventional Art, as a different choice, as an answer to the current system, as an expressive but also existential effort. For the Art that  renounces the spotlights, looking for the separation that belongs to the monk or to the rebel. For an Art against anyway.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    Prof. Gian Ruggero Manzoni

FIND ME, a free expression and research between visitors, artworks, intellectual projects and authors. 


Lab.7 art contest




The Malamegi company is raffling the creation of a new collection of works by the selection of one artist among the 12 finalists of the contest.

The contest is aimed at promoting the artists participating in it, giving them the opportunity to become involved effectively in the market of art and decoration.



- final exhibition in Venice

- collaboration award for a new Malamegi collection

- cash prize of 1,000 Euros

- monographic book


The following types of works are admitted: Painting, Photography, Mixed media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net art, other (all visual works that can be reproduced through a picture are allowed)

The contest is addressed to professional and amateur artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, etc. from all over the world.

Deadline : January 25, 2017

You can find all the information about the contest on the official website:

Fee Detail: 

PREMIO OPEN 15a edizione Premio Speciale Collaterale alla 72. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica.





15a edizione

Premio Speciale Collaterale alla  72. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica

Vince il Premio OPEN

Carlotta Cerquetti con Harry’s Bar


Venerdì 11 settembre 2015 alle ore 18.30 presso Hilton Molino Stucky

Consegna il Premio il Prof. Achille Bonito Oliva


PDG Arte Communications istituisce la quindicesima edizione del Premio OPEN, in occasione di OPEN 18. Esposizione Internazionale di Sculture ed Installazioni. L’istituzione di questo riconoscimento, ideato nel 2000 da Paolo De Grandis e Pierre Restany, nasce parallelamente ad OPEN, Esposizione Internazionale di Sculture ed Installazioni che il 3 settembre ha inaugurato la sua diciottesima edizione. L'evento prevede la premiazione di un regista presente alla Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia che con la sua opera riveli, in maniera inedita, un fertile interesse verso la seducente tematica della mutua interazione tra arte e cinema, due forme artistiche che vivono d’immagine e si nutrono del desiderio di tradurre emozioni.

La giuria, presieduta da Paolo De Grandis, ha così motivato la scelta: “Se i luoghi sono ispirazione e le atmosfere nutrimento per la creatività; e se i luoghi poi diventano scrigni di memorie, casseforti di storie, custodi di respiri e le atmosfere avvolgono come vapore i volti e le mani, l’arte infine restituisce passaggi di tempo e di uomini. E tra le pagine, gli scatti e le pennellate di opere che viaggiano per il mondo, tra le mani e negli occhi della gente, vive l’Harry’s Bar. Il premio OPEN 2015 va alla pellicola di Carlotta Cerquetti e al suo eccezionale lavoro sulla memoria. Tra interviste di oggi e materiale d’archivio lo spettatore legge ottant’anni di storia da un’ottica particolare: Venezia con la sua Mostra del Cinema e la Biennale D’Arte, la guerra e la Liberazione, gli anni del Jet Set e gli anni Sessanta, con le sue leggende, storie di famiglia e ritratti di geni. Da Ernest Hemingway a Truman Capote, da Peggy Guggenheim a Montale l’Harry’s Bar ha conosciuto talenti straordinari. Molte pagine sono state scritte sui suoi tavoli ed ora finalmente una pagina cinematografica ci racconta la sua storia.”    


Il Premio OPEN 2015 è un'opera ideata e realizzata dall’artista Agustí Roqué che espone ad OPEN 18 e al Padiglione Andorra alla Biennale Arte 2015. Nel corso delle passate edizioni il Premio è stato conferito ai registi Joao Botelho con il film Quem es tu?, Julie Taymor con Frida, Takeshi Kitano con Zatoichi, Marziyeh Meshkini con Sag - haye velgard, Stanley Kwan con Changhen ge (Everlasting Regret), Jia Zhangke con Dong, Peter Greenaway con Nightwatching, Philip Haas con The Butcher’s Shop, Michael Moore con Capitalism: A Love Story, John Woo, il Direttore Marco Müller, Robert Redford, a Serena Nono e nell’ultima edizione a Rä Di Martino.La mostra OPEN è realizzata da diciotto anni in concomitanza con la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, a conferma del preciso intento di rafforzare il legame esistente tra arte e cinema, e l’istituzione del Premio OPEN testimonia questo fecondo e stretto rapporto. 


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