Improper Walls calls for applications on the topic IN*AUDIBLE & NON*VISUAL, which will be examined in an exhibition, performances and workshops. All mediums and formats, scales and visions are welcome, especially AV installations and performances. The exhibition will take place at Improper Walls’ exhibition space, as well as in partner locations and public spaces. 


Queer Body Horror

Deriving from the idea of Judith Butler's unfulfilled promise of writing about “the place of sharp machines” and “the technology of the knife in debates about intersexuality and transsexuality alike,” the publication "Queer Body Horror" aims to "force an encounter with the real of the biological body and the difference it introduces into the world, the real of the sexed body, that exceeds the being of the phenomenological lived body and the discursive body, while somehow still being intertwined with these other two bodies...".

Open Call for Poster Design

For this year's festival edition, we are looking for a poster that creatively approaches the diverse topics related to human rights.

The design should work both as a poster and in an adapted form as a sticker and folding flyer.

It is important to us that the poster design does not fall back on the clichéd or stereotyped images and representations which are often reproduced in the human rights context. It should not be an explicit treatise or representation of human rights, in which prejudices, dualisms or power differences are being reproduced, but rather a sensitive approach to this complex topic.

REAKTOR International Film Festival

With its third edition REAKTOR will be presenting films from all over the world. Four days of screenings will display hidden jewels, rebels without a cause, monstrous abysses, heartbreaking beauty. International film makers will share their contemporary favourites complementing the jury’s selection from the submissions.

REAKTOR Potenziale

The REAKTOR’s cross-disciplinary programme features works that are imbued with the spirit of the times. Indeed, what is still considered experimental today may well one day be perceived as timelessly permanent. That is particularly true of contemporary art. The REAKTOR’s call for concepts is designed to seek out that very potential in the visual arts, hence the title Potenziale. Particular emphasis is to be placed on space-defining art for the REAKTOR’s architectural core, i.e. its main hall.

Selection criteria:


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