Wassaic Project 2023 Haunted Hamlet Open Call




Saturday, October 28, 2023


Slideroom application opens: February 21, 2023



Slideroom application closes: Monday, May 1st, midnight EST


Applications are run through our Slideroom portal. 


Wassaic Project 2023-24 Winter Residency Program

Wassaic Project 2023-24 Winter Residency Program




Application Opens: 2/1/23

Deadline: 4/3/23

Application Fee (USD): $25.00 


About Us:

Wassaic Project 2020 Summer Residency FAMILY Open Call

Application opens: October 21, 2019

Deadline: December 4, 2019, midnight

Residencies are 1–8 weeks in length and applicants accepted through this program are considered full participants of the Wassaic Project Artist Residency Program.   

Residents are selected by a review committee composed of the Wassaic Project Co-Directors, the Residency Director and professionals in the field. Successful residents will be selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and their ability to contribute to the community at large.

Wassaic Project 2020 Summer Residency OPEN CALL

The Wassaic Project accepts 1 – 6 month proposals for our Summer Residency program and Family Residency program (May through October). The Wassaic Residency Program cultivates and supports community for emerging and professional contemporary artists, writers and other creatives. Housed in historic, landmark buildings, the residency program offers nine artists each month the opportunity to live and work in the heart of a rural community. The Wassaic Residency seeks artists working in a diverse range of media who want to produce, explore, challenge, and expand on their current art making practices, while participating in a grass-roots, community-based arts organization.

Wassaic Project 2019 Haunted Mill

Wassaic Project 2019 Haunted Mill - OPEN CALL FOR APPLICATIONS



The Wassaic Project is accepting proposals for our 2019 HAUNTED MILL at Maxon Mills!


Deadline: June 14, midnight



Please head here for more information about the event.

What we’re looking for:

-  Artists are invited to take over a floor or a single room in Maxon Mills for the ADULT HAUNTED MILL and will have complete creative control with their installation (artists need to keep their work PG-13)

-  We want artists who are excited to participate and get weird!

Wassaic Project Family Residency

Family Winter Residency - 2019/20

Deadline: June 25, 2019, midnight


We recognize that artists who have families often opt-out of peer community building for practical reasons: residencies don't often take children, events happen late at night, childcare is expensive.  Bowie, Jeff and Eve (Wassaic co-founders) have kids; they're all artists. They have families that they want to be with and not away from. And they ALSO want to connect with other artist peer groups and build community.  While we can't solve all these problems at once (yet!), we have solved the first one: we now offer Family Residencies from November - March from 1 to 8 weeks in length.



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