The Egg Art Studio.

1. Amrita, you Co-Founded the Egg Art Studio. Tell us a little about the gallery and it’s ethos.

The vision for this space is well beyond a gallery and it is an amalgamation of Tavleen's and my dream to grow art of a global standard and nourish the true emerging artists in India. I use my experience and exposure in various facets of this industry including advising, curating and evaluation to build artists; a system where art with potential and realistic evaluation as an investment is built and curated in a way where one enjoys and meditates with the various unique experiences Indian and global art can bring to the viewer. The works are also targeted at being at a fair price so we build a whole new enthusiastic collectorship which includes the young generation to give voice to this vision by buying and enjoying works they enjoy.

2. What are some of the key things you look for when inviting an emerging artist to join the space ?

It's a detailed process where sometimes I follow the emerging artist’s work and progression for years, mapping his trajectory and patterns aesthetically and in commercial evaluation from his early art work starting from childhood. This is a lot of research.

" Because good art comes from the spirit, one also tests the artists mind, aptitude and attitudes for resilience and commitment. I go into studios, look at art everywhere possible and I am usually connected with the emotional and mental aspects of the artists drive to the art and basically make it my business to know everything about his or her work and life. "

To me the core is the art itself and its quality and the people are mediums. They have to be clear mediums for the best art to come from them. When I am able to see the spirit, drive and proof of my aesthetic and commercial evaluation, it is then that I look at working with the artist. The journey begins from there together and it's a constant process of mentoring and evaluating.

3. Are there any particular young artists that are currently being nurtured at Egg Art Studio that you would like to talk about? What makes their vision and creative output so extraordinary ?  

Yes, I believe in all of my artists and each one has a unique character to their work, which surpasses their peers and has relevance to the world we live in. Each artist has a potential I hone with them so you see works which are a pleasure aesthetically, commercially and may go to museums someday in their lifetimes if they continue working with my professional guidance.


4. What are your views on the current art scene in Delhi? What makes it unique ? 

"The current art scene in Delhi may be fragmented and reeling from the previous teething period but that talks of immense potential. "

The rise of a new generation of serious artists and more interesting art systems that allow diversity is imperative.

5. What advise would you give to a collector, looking to invest in Indian Art ? 

Simple: Look at art for art's sake! Explore and improve your own eye by exposing yourself to more art in the styles and genres you like. Connect with the art you want to buy. You may not understand it sometimes but if it grows you, pleasures you or makes you think or feel and inspires you, it's a safe bet.  The fact is that an art work or artist becomes important because a larger mass of people who buy his and her work have invested in him AND the works have an evaluated potential of going into art institutions. Here the space or individual you pick your art from must have people with professional art experience because that comes in handy as off-the-road, hobby artists are not picked up as art to dwindle into a void and the work is valued for as much it's investment value as it's aesthetic relevance.

6. Comment on the future of the Indian Art market.

"I see a new day in the coming generations of Indian art where the works will have a global standard yet possess the unique flavor of the lands, regions, people and experiences of the places they come from. "

There will be honesty in the works. The collectorship will be a new mass of youth and thinking, ticking individuals who believe in being a part of the building up of contemporary Indian art. The greats have their place and their works will stay. This will be complemented by the serious emerging artists who were on the brink yet not allowed an ‘in’ road into the Indian art system. Indian art will become global in its visual and conceptual sense with a flavor of the land and experiences which go into making it.


7. You have certainly had an impressive career as a curator. What have been some of the highlights you experienced and what were some of the challenges ?

I've a simple tenet I follow. Do what you are convinced internally with and enjoy doing it. Curating came from an intense need to see art placed, enjoyed and experienced in an environment which enhanced and respected it. I look at challenges as an adventure and haven't taken no for an answer. It's a beautiful journey!

8. What advice would you give to an individual looking to develop a career as an internationally recognized curator ? 

You must have a passion for looking, knowing and being with art and exposing yourself to life constantly. Read, have exposure to different people, ideologies, and cultures and learn and grow from it. Question yourself. Question the system. Be ready to step out of what is considered the proper way after testing its validity. This will make you grow in your work and will align you to your best potential at curation.


9. Are there any exhibitions you are involved in this year or next that you are particularly excited about ?

Every project I work on I am excited immensely with. I have four shows at the Egg Art Studio which I am curating this year and will change the way you know Indian art and will hopefully tickle your senses to get you totally immersed in it even if you are a layman. The Wildlife Show I am working on this October and an international art solo series at the end of the year I am rearing to share with you all.


Wish you great luck with your studio - great concept. Just finished dinner with Tashi Norbu. He will be in Delhi soon.