1. Tell us a few words about your production company?

ARTtouchesART is an award-winning film and video production company based in London. 
We take pride in producing unique films, music videos and commercials.

2. What is it that makes your production company and its services unique?

Our work is always based on original ideas. We exist to transform a vision into a cinematic experience. 
Our films and videos have been screened and awarded at international film festivals worldwide.

3. What has been your favourite and most interesting project? why? 

The short film ‘Sense’. Even though we produced this short film a few years back, we still enjoy its 
content and style. According to reviews and festivals the film is still very unique.


4. Would you pick fancy film equipment over the latest editing programmes? 

If we’re just talking about editing without the use of visual effects, you can cut a film or video with a software that was on the market 10 years ago. So we would definitely go
for the latest film equipment.

5. What impact is video currently having on the Fashion Industry?

These days fashion designers want both photographers and filmmakers for their fashion shows. On social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube you can not present only photos of your work anymore.
Fashion content is king with photos and online videos.

7. Out of the different categories of videos you produce, which one is proving to be the most popular? 

Promotional videos

8. In one sentence, how would you describe the Art & Creative scene in London?

Fresh and inspiring.