Art Ventures Gallery | Gallery | Menlo Park | Art Jobs
Views: 3074
Sector: Fine Art Gallery
Country: United States
US State: California
City: Menlo Park
Industry: Gallery
Size: 2 - 10 employees
Address: 888 santa cruz ave
Phone: 6504005325

- About -

At the crucible of tech, finance, and invention, a gallery dedicated to emerging artists from Europe opens in the very center of Silicon Valley. ART VENTURES stokes the fires of creativity, providing visiting international artists with a residency in a Napa Valley studio and a exhibition gallery space in Menlo Park. For 80 days ArtVentures provides a studio in Half Moon Bay where working artists from Europe can share space with adventurous Californian artists. There they create, invent, share ideas, and make art. At the end of their residency we offer the rare opportunity for them to curate their own show at Art Ventures’ gallery in Menlo Park.

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