Aster Reem David | Photographic Artist | Redhill | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Redhill
Industry: Photography
Professional Title: Photographic Artist

- About -

Aster is a UK-based artist using photography and writing to draw poetic reflections on her identity and mental health informed by personal memory and life experiences. Her work draws on the fragile and often scarred aesthetics of nature that she claims relate an uncanny significance to the mental and physical scars of her own from the traumatic memories of her past. She employs a diaristic and poetic approach to her subjects and celebrates the ambiguity, imperfections, and accidents caused by the environment to her film, reflected in her images. Aster’s practice seeks to translate the mysteries and the sublime within the landscapes into an accessible visual language. As a result of these explorations, both photography and nature continue to lend their healing elements for a personal and emotional journey to recovery and a chance to reinvent herself.