Ava | Painter, Printmaker | Brooklyn NY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn NY
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Painter, Printmaker
Specialties: Painting, drawing

- About -

Ava Tomlinson –Bio I am a painter, printmaker, designer and creator of knitwear, photographer. Also, I am a teaching artist working for Not for Profits among them Studio in a School, Brooklyn Arts Council, and MoCADA. I am American born, Brooklyn based, of Jamaican parents with a foot in two distinctly different worlds. One of the First world, technology and rapid change in every way. The other, of a Third world country, cutting its teeth politically and socially, searching for its place in the world with the understanding that all are equal. As a child, my mother introduced me to art and knitting. My grandmother and my great Aunt were avid crotchet makers. Of course this was before television, where one kept busy by using one’s time to tatt, knit, crotchet, embroider and any other craftwork around. Drawing and painting are always a part of my life. I remember being caught by the teacher making paper dolls as a child in class. Neither my father nor the teacher were very forgiving, even though I got excellent grades. I work in several mediums –in painting watercolors, inks, gouache, tempera, oils, and acrylic. My work is mostly figurative, and greatly influenced by my grandparent’s home and lifestyle in Jamaica. While going to Pratt, I took photography classes, picking up a camera, stepping into my father’s footsteps. I found a way to catch what I saw, that which I could not draw fast enough. Color, light and form dominate in my pieces whether of complex urban cityscapes, people or green rolling hills of the Caribbean. My subject matter is as varied as my mediums. My pieces have been shown in the North of England, in Barbados, in the Black Fine Arts show at the Puck Building, the Biennale in Miami, Skylight Gallery in Restoration, the Pan American University of Texas, Tikhonova & Wintner Gallery, SONYA Open Studio Art tour, Harlem Open Studio tours, and St. Joseph College. A mural that I created for the Cancer Care Treatment Center is at Woodhull Hospital. I feel that my work always evolves, the dominant element being vibrant color. I work from my studio in Brooklyn. My work can be seen at www. AvaTomlinson.com