Jabare Ousley | Fine Artist, Illustrator | Plano | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Plano
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Artist, Illustrator
Specialties: Concept Development; Event Organiser; Creative Direction

- About -

JaBare "BARE" Ousley Visual Creative Born 1990 at the beginning of the Creative Era, it was obvious that Jabare Ousley would become an artist. His first interest in art came from the comic section of the Sunday paper. So it’s safe to say that before Jabare could read or properly write, he visualized the beauty in art. At age six he began studying at art workshops at the Mississippi Museum of Art. With his mother being a traveling nurse he was able to further expand his artistic passion at multiple different institutions such as: Art Institute of Atlanta, Millsaps College, Tougaloo College, and Memphis College of Art. Jabare Ousley’s early artistic influences derived from the 90’s culture of comics/cartoons, music, movies, graffiti, and diverse fashion. His art vividly illustrates and reflects his affinities and interests. His work expresses a cocktail of originality, versatility, individualism, and garnished with expressionism. He possesses a multitude of artistic skills ranging from oil pastels, color pencil, watercolor, pencil/graphite, and acrylics. However, Jabare’s primary choices are traditional art such as drawing and painting. In high school Jabare entered the regional Scholastic Art & Writing contest his junior year and actually won the Silver Key Award for an oil pastel work titled "Just Me". His piece was later displayed at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS, where he spent many of his younger days. The following senior year, he received an art scholarship to attend Memphis College of Art to study Graphic Design and Illustration. However, during this transition JaBare was diagnosed with Schizophrenia which led to an abrupt postponing of his studies. This life altering diagnosis, sparked a new outlook in art for him. When asked Jabare explains that art became his inspiration rather than just a study. Moving forward a few years later to 2016, JaBare resides in Dallas, Texas, JaBare artistically known as Aviated Visuals resides in Dallas, Texas. Jabare has been an art vendor in multiple events ranging from Desoto County to Denison, Texas. He also, has had previous work displayed at Collin County Community College student gallery, as well as Ten20 (a gallery in the art district of Downtown Plano.) While Jabare’s art is still influenced by the culture of the 90’s it also infused with current world events, the anatomy & aesthetic of women, aviation, as well as the simplicity of viibrancy.