Natalia Monakhova | Artist, Curator | Moscow | Art Jobs
Country: Russia
City: Moscow
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist, Curator

- About -

The International Bad Video Art Festival (BVAF) is an independent artist-run initiative. Video artists and bad movie fans Natalia Monakhova and Andrey Slaschilin have once decided to find out whether there is something like bad video art. It is well known that bad movies have long ago formed a special cultural field with it’s own heroes and fans. In other arts sectors the issue of the bad has not been problematized so actively. Natalia and Andrey founded the International Bad Video Art Festival which was first held in March 2017 in A3 Gallery (Moscow, Russia) thanks to the support of the then-Director of the gallery Andrey Volkov. Natalia and Andrey propose to study extreme forms of video art. According to the curators videos shown at the Festival are at the intersection of bad art, “bad” painting and bad cinema (B-movies, cult, camp, trash) but still have not been introduced as an independent category for profound studying.

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