Joshua Lance | Artist/teacher | Newtown | Art Jobs

- About -

I enjoy the art of storytelling through my real life experiences. I use a limited palette of primary colors. I enjoy its simplicity. It helps keep me focused and the painting harmonious. Colors are the musical notes I help compose a painting with. Colors and brush strokes reflect my emotional state at that point and I’ve learned to trust it. And learned to honor it. It’s taken many years to trust the process. And I’m proud to be a hard-working student and teacher. There’s always so much to learn, and painting is learning about yourself and life within you and around you. I also think it’s important to pass your knowledge on to others, and I have such joy passing what I have learned to other painters and enthusiasts. I draw and paint what gives my life meaning. Period. Born in Hempstead, NY and raised in New Jersey. I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006 to pursue my art career. I have been blessed to work and live in New Mexico for many years and it’s had a profound effect on my life and work to this day. In 2012, I moved to Korea, then Taiwan where I continue painting the zen of life, as well as teaching art and English. In 2016, I visited China to help students paint a mural at their school and teach art where there were little resources. Before I returned to the US in Feb. 2017, I taught art in Vietnam. It was an incredible experience and would like to do more work in the future and teach art globally. After a short stint back in the USA, I relocated to Portugal in August 2017 where I’ll be continuing my artistic journey and trying to make the world a better place with some good art.