Country: United States
City: Jersey City
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Digital Artist
Specialties: graphic design, Event Organization, Arts Admin and Curating

- About -

A day dreamer of tiny monsters, tall tales & (almost) impossible things From design to animation to sewing, I’m an artist with all the bells and whistles. I am originally from the town where the infamous witch trials happened in America; not Salem, but Danvers, Massachusetts. I was raised on costume design, 80's new wave, and of course, witch stories. Much of my work brings the weird into the wonderful. I have brought to life vengeful dust bunnies, shy sheet ghosts and a little green critter named Zig. Regardless if it’s yarn creatures or a web layout, everything is better by design. I have created cohesive brand designs for Seidenberg School of Computer Science as well as my own pop-up gallery Blue Tape Society. In both art and design, I work to create a unique world.