Brune Charvin | Cinematographer | Lyon | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Lyon
Industry: Film & Video
Professional Title: Cinematographer
Specialties: Dance film Making

- About -

French, I lived 10 years outside of my homeland: India, England, Senegal, Indonesia and Germany were my successive hosts countries. Graduating from a BA [Hons] First Class from the World Performance course at East15 Acting School in England, I became a filmmaker through the teaching of my own experiences. From short, awarded documentaries shot in Senegal, to being selected for the International Summer Program at the Watermill Center in New York under the direction of Robert Wilson, I was also selected by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take part in their IACS program [Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship] in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Back in Europe three years later, I followed the Hutto Project, an educational initiative that provided opportunities for music education and performance to children of displaced populations living in an emergency refugee camp in West Berlin. This later inspired many social-based projects with fragile communities in France: adults with psychiatric disabilities, children with traumatic backgrounds. I’ve always chosen to face the absence of a similar culture, religion, verbal or physical language. I experienced the profound meaning of the term ‘difference’. What is it then to be a human? What do I have in common with all these people? Can we transcend national, educational and linguistic boundaries? My life work is a constant search on how to use the camera as a liberating tool – creating a moment and a space where people can express what is difficult to express otherwise, in a language that anyone, anywhere, can understand; and by doing so, actually discovering some pillars of our human condition.