Claudia Fuchs | Creative Director, Artist | stuttgart | Art Jobs

- About -

I bring along experiences from over 12 award-winning advertising and design agencies. I'm burning for beautiful design, clever conception and very high visual aesthetics. Campaigns for lifestyle and living spaces. Medium-sized companies and groups from the fields of architecture, design, office and living. Artistic approach: My passion is to draw attention to world events. I like to select "unpleasant" topics and research and design a composition / story. Themes about which one does not like to speak. Origin, Discrimination, Suppression etc. The challenge is to address these issues and decoratively implement them with a certain ease. So that the real message is recognized only at second glance. For me, contemporary events are very close to my heart and I want to exclaim: "EYES UP!". Human rights, the current pollution, unhealthy Food, discrimination / prejudice and others appeal. My highest claim of my work is respect, respect, piety and aesthetics. They are very graphic, sometimes graphic and often ironic, but there is always a message behind it.