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Intensive 4-day virtual residency + workshop + public presentation for visual, multimedia and interdisciplinary artists, jewellery and fashion designers who work - or want to work - with textile art, story telling, mythology, performance


Helen, the mythical queen of Sparta, causes a merciless war after she falls in love with the enemy.

The "Helen of Sparta" eResidency aims at inspiring eight artists/writers/performers to develop their own updated version of the ancient Greek myth. The intensive four-day program addresses issues, such as misogyny, abuse, manipulation, fake news, armed conflict. The eResidents' work will be presented live online, in a video and an e-publication.


The eResidency program "Helen of Sparta" ambitions to introduce artists into the tradition of Greek art and culture, with a strong focus on narrative, Greek mythology, textile art, dress culture, women's history, performance and design.


The idea of the eResidency program reflects the tradition of 18th and 19th century travelers in Greece whose impressions greatly influenced artists and intellectuals in their own countries. Johann Joachim Winckelmann, archaeologist and founder of the Art History discipline, for example, never visited Greece, but developed his approach based on what he had read or heard from travelers. German poets Goethe and Hölderlin found inspiration in Greek antiquity without ever having visited the country. The rediscovery of "Greek aesthetics" in art, architecture and fashion, and the revival of  democracy in the age of enlightenment was more a product of imagination than of physical presence.


Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the intensive workshop takes place exclusively online, including tele conference, live streaming, customized exercises and individual advice. The tightly scheduled monitoring and coaching program consists of lectures, slideshows and videos, visual notes, group meetings and personal chat.


Participants of the "Helen of Sparta" eResidency have the option to visit Greece (Athens or Arcadia/Peloponnes) in Summer/Fall 2021.




Developing a narrative and a story board, a performance concept and a choreography or an action script for an easy-to-do-it-yourself video is the feasible outcome of the workshop.  

Participants develop the concept, write the script, shoot and cut their video, even without prior knowledge or experience.

Participants’ videos will be published online and shared via the social media.

Text and photographic material will be published in SMCK Magazine ( A live streaming presentation of participants' work will also be scheduled instead of the usual (physical) exhibition opening.


Total of hours (Workshops/coaching):


• Workshop (21 hours)

• Performance:  8 hours

• From Greek mythology to narrative: 4 hours

• Video scenario: 3 hours

• Easy video techniques: 2 hours

• From Greek crafts (textile, jewellery, ceramics) to contemporary design: 2 hours

• Objects as performance inspiration: 1 hour

• Individual coaching: 2 x 30 minutes/artist.

• Homework required: 3 hours/day


Each session is one hour maximum with intermissions in between.


Reference: A similar eResidency - Helen's Dress - exclusively designed for and funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation, was realized by FaveLAB's Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards in June 2020.


For project documentation, please see:

Helen's Dress filpbook

Article on Klimt02

Vamvakou Revival Homepage



Duration of residency:   Four days.  The eResidency starts on Thursday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon. The eResidency dates are:  


Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 October 2020    OR   Thursday 22 - Sunday 25 October 2020


Disciplines, work equipment and assistance:  Visual artists, textile artists, jewellery artists and designers, fashion designers, writers, performers, dancers, choreographers. Daily workshops on mythology, history of culture, performance, Greek crafts, Greek traditional dress, narrative and performance guide artists to prepare their own story, performance and objects.


Accommodation / studio / workspace:   The eResidency participants stay & work in their own place. A good internet connection (tele conference, live streaming) is necessary.


Support:  We give letters of support to selected artists who wish to apply for funding. We do not provide funding.


Expectations towards the artist: Participants are asked to deliver a performance video and photo material of their work plus a short text profile (150 words). Text and pictures will be published in SM*CK Magazine.


Number of participants/eResidents:  minimum four - maximum eight artists.

Prize summary: 
320,00 € paid by each partipant.
Prizes Details: 

The price covers the program mentioned above.

Contact & Links: 

ING Discerning Eye 2020



The ING Discerning Eye 2020 is now calling for entries from UK artists!

The exhibition’s new format gives artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a virtual gallery and win a range of prizes - including the ING Purchase Prize worth £5,000 - as well as specific medium and regional awards.

For the first time in its history, this year’s edition of the ING Discerning Eye will be held 100% virtually, helping artists display their work online!

A new online submission process will run until 1 October 2020, making it even easier for artists from across the UK to submit their work and take part.

A virtual gallery will open from 18 November until 31 December 2020 showcasing the artists’ shortlisted works with commentary and introductions by the selectors and a new platform for viewers to buy the artwork directly.

➡️ Discover the exhibition's new format and enter online here: ⬅️

Prize summary: 
Show and sell your work online, plus win up to £5,000 cash prizes.
Prizes Details: 

ING Purchase Prize – £5000

The Discerning Eye Founder’s Purchase Prize –  In honour of Michael Reynold’s £2500

The Discerning Eye Chairman’s Purchase Prize – £1000

Meynell Fenton Prize – £1000

Humphreys Purchase Prize – £750

Discerning Eye Sculpture and 3D Work Prize – £250

Discerning Eye Original Print Prize – £250

Regional Prizes – There will be up to 8 prizes of £250 each awarded to an outstanding entry from the national regions

Parker Harris Mentoring Prize – Parker Harris will give a one-to-one mentoring session covering all aspects of professional development to a selected artist.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
£10 per artwork
Contact & Links: 

An Outsider Art Show





The Outsider Collective will be hosting an Outsider Art Show for Artists of All Abilities on September 12th. We are looking for submissions of any subject matter of Outsider Art, Folk Art, Art Brut, Abstract Art, and art made from artists living with differing abillities.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Submit to Have Your Art on the Streets of Brooklyn




Papergirl-Brooklyn (PGBK) is an art project with an emphasis on social, sustainable, and cultural engagement that takes place in public spaces around Brooklyn. 
Artwork submissions must be rollable, high-quality, and non-commercial. 
Submissions are documented and shared on our website and social media. 
Copies of the artwork are printed onto large banners and are wheat-pasted in ten Brooklyn neighborhoods in an exhibition with an audio program component. 
The original artwork is rolled up and delivered in the style of newspaper delivery “paperboys” on bicycles at random and for free to people on the street. This action connects communities, decommodifies art spaces, and includes the public in a joyful action of giving. 

For a more detailed explanation of this project or to see other versions of this project, please visit our website 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

BIG INK visits Riverviews Artspace





BIG INK is hosting a weekend of monumental woodblock printing at Riverviews Artspace in Lynchburg, VA. We invite artists interested in carving a woodblock of at least 24 by 36 inches to print with us!

First, artists must submit a design for consideration by August 3rd. Those selected will have two months to carve a woodblock based on their submission. We then meet at Riverviews and help each other print on BIG INK’s giant mobile printing press, The Big Tuna.

It’s free to submit; accepted applicants pay $300. Participation includes the following benefits:

✔️ Access to our online woodblock carving master class
✔️ Hands-on instruction during the event
✔️ High-resolution scan of the finished work
✔️ Ink and paper samples from Speedball Art Products
✔️ Potential inclusion in themed exhibitions
✔️ Feature in our online shop

We print three impressions from each participant’s woodblock. Two remain property of the artist, and the third goes in BIG INK’s collection. Over 300 large-scale woodblock prints, created by past participants, are available for purchase in our online shop. Sale proceeds are split equally between BIG INK and the participant. We also utilize the collection for exhibitions, artist talks, and college presentations.

No prior carving experience is necessary, and artists of all skill levels are encouraged to apply. Bring your next big idea to life and participate in our one-of-a-kind printmaking bonanza!

Deadline: August 3rd

Event Dates: October 10th & 11th (one day attendance required)

Max Woodblock Size: 40 by 96 inches


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Free to apply; $300 if accepted
Contact & Links: 







The Curators presents The Mask Project
A curated Mask competition


Deadline: July 20, 2020
$ 3000 cash prizes
Professional exposure
20 works exhibited
Finalists selected by Public Vote
6 winners

Create a handcrafted mask OR use our mask template to drag and drop your artwork. It’s as simple as that.
We all have to live behind it... Let's make it art !

Members of the Jury : •
@sickymag •

# #mask, call for art

Prize summary: 
Win up to $3000 cash prizes.
Prizes Details: 


2 Categories :

Original & Limited Edition


    1st Prize $1000

 2nd Prize $300

  3rd Prize $200

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 


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