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Open Call for Films and Music videos: Vinilonga Short Film Festival




Vinilonga is a film festival run by filmmakers for filmmakers! A new cinematic endeavour based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Vinilonga Film Festival offers emerging and established talent alike a dynamic space in which to showcase their own unique projects. With events taking place both online and in cultural hotspots across South America, the festival also affords audiences the opportunity to experience a wealth and diversity on storytelling beyond the remits of mainstream cinema.

We like to imagine ourselves as a conceptual costume party, in which a different theme or topic serves as a sort-of cinematic dress-code for each of our editions. With a new instalment of the festival held every three months, each programme contains fifteen short films carefully selected from a rolling pool of submissions in order to fit the brief for that particular season.

So whether your interests lie in fiction, documentary, video-dance, video-poetry, experimental film, animation, or a combination of these elements, we encourage both domestic and international participants to utilise whatever means or methods they see fit when submitting their short film or video-clip for our consideration.

With our curatorial criteria based around finding unique perspectives on contemporary issues, including stories and styles and values we don’t typically observe in the mass-media, our aim at Vinilonga is to integrate a plethora of creative voices from across space and culture into a unique cinematic ensemble. In presenting the best-possible stories told over a mere matter of minutes, we hope not only to illuminate what separates us as artists but what unites us as human-beings

Prizes Details: 

Audience award

- Will receive a digital poster of the film made by our graphic designers' team

All submitted films will be considered for future editions of our festival AND partner festivals


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
from 4 USD
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Open Call for Disabled / Chronically ill artists!






DANCE and Disability

POC - Chronically ill / Disabled-Bodied Performers


Casting chronically ill/ disabled-bodied movers of Latino, Asian or African origin/nationality/migration for a new choreographic work.


Please contact for further details.

Videos, CV and any personal information you’d like to share is very welcome!


Project Rehearsal Dates: July -September 2021 in Berlin

Application Deadline: June 19th 2021

in collaboration with Making a Difference/ Berlin,Gefördert durch die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Programm NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm DIS-TANZEN des Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.


Entry Fee:

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Coney Island Art Dance





Coney Island Art Dance is calling for artists now! 

Coney Island Art Dance - CIAD is a site-specific event of Global Water Dance, engaging local artists in Brooklyn, New York to raise people’s awareness about Coney Island’s pollution from the individuals, infrastructure and natural storms.
We are calling for 20 Artists living in Brooklyn and NY City, with diverse cultural backgrounds and working media, joining us through the process of sharing, dancing, and creating.
May 13th - May 28nd: Open Call
June 12th: CIAD Event Day! (ON SITE)


Prize summary: 
Documentary and Online Pop-Up Exhibition
Prizes Details: 

Several photographers would document the event on-site. We will release a short documentary film on the pop-up gallery on CIAD website and the Global Water Dance official channel.


Entry Fee:

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Call for entries - DANCE AND MEDIA JAPAN International Dance Film Festival 2021






International Dance Film Festival 2021

The festival would accept entries for films featuring dance.

Entry starting: 1st March 2021.
Deadline: 30th June 2021.
Online Screening: Planned in October 2021.
Screening Event
ONLINE screening in October 2021.
OFFLINE screening in theaters is under consideration depending on the situation of COVID-19 in Japan.
Entry to the festival is open for all, regardless of profession, nationality, or age.
Entry Regulations
・Films must be uploaded on VIMEO or YOUTUBE to enter.
・There is NO ENTRY-FEE required.
・There are NO PAYMENT OF ROYALTY for the screening.
・We only accept dance films or dance videos. We DO NOT accept video documentation of stage performances or promotion materials.
・All rights in the film including the visual images, music, cast and other elements must be cleared for the screening.
・International dance film Festival is not a competition.
・An individual may enter multiple dance films.
・Films selected as the "International Dance Film Festival 2021 Selection" are planned to be screened in several online and offline events in Japan throughout 2021-2022.

About Selection
・Only selected works will be screened at the festival.
・The films will be judged and selected by Naoto Iina, director and producer of Dance and Media Japan.
・Films judged and selected as part of the "International Dance Film Festival 2021 Selection" are to be screened around Japan.

About Judge
Naoto IINA
Iina is the producer and director of "International Dance Film Festival". He has founded Dance and Media Japan to create a fusion between performing arts and digital media. Iina is also the Editor-in-chief of the online Butoh program "Re-Butoooh" (published by NPO Dance Archive Network). He currently teaches at Tokyo Zokei University as Associate Professor and is also a Lecturer at Za Koenji Theatre Creation Academy.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Heaven on Earth




the set nyc presents:   Heaven on Earth.  an exhibition which portrays the good in life.  Located in New York City and Virtual.  Display work, connect with new people, receive an art video.   Connect with galleries, customers, buyers, making new connections.  Helping create a better world.  The mission is to help end child trafficking.  Empowering families and children.  Helping the kids, showing work, innovation , and making new connections.  New York City and online.  Have your work seen my major oulets like Christies and Sothebys.   helping the kids and families, helping the community. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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project ██████████




Open call

Project name: ██████████████  

Application parameters: all Applicants within all fields of contemporary dance may apply. See addendum-1 with instructions.

Time frame:

Start of application period: 01-05-2021

End of application period: 30-06-2021


████████████, ████-holland, The Netherlands

Exclusions and restrictions:

- Applicants in the field off Counter-technique are excluded
- Artists placed on the foundations blacklist are excluded
- Only 100 artists may apply for the positions
- Applications lacking proper format are inadmissible
- Showreels are inadmissible

Context: For the past year, ████████████ has been able to almost operate unhindered. It is believed that its presence is responsible for worsened conditions for the human dance culture, Given the independent nature of our cultural sector, Existing Special Procedures have limited our behavior, and thus this contingency has been prepared. Given that the Foundation is responsible for the creation of a healthy the independent cultural sector, this project has been authorized by itself.

Methodology: A new team of 20 independent contemporary dance artists are to be attracted, selected, and are to culminate the activity. These can be professional, internships or associates. Also 2 special roles will be created within the project. The script reader and the scapegoat.

The script reader is to follow the script to the letter for the duration of precisely 12 minutes and 03 seconds after which he or she ████████████ ██ █████ █████ ██████ ██████ and remains part of the construct. Within the same period a small group of the most skilled artist are to create a diamond type construct on stage to serve as a buffer for the script reader. A second and third group will slip through in diagonal and line patterns, ██ members are to maintain the moving constructs on stage. 5 remaining members will jump in and out in soloistic, duo, or trio form some of which have to be maintained for longer periods of time. Thereafter, the remaining 5 associate members are to deliberately initiate a Runaround-Loop ██████████, using the diamond construct as the anchor. Once the Runaround-Loop ██████████ is established, the diagonal and line-type constructs are to be piggybacked onto the loop, Once the entire system is assembled and self-sustaining, The whole performance is to be maintained for exactly 67 minutes and 47 seconds. At this point, 20 members of the team are to relinquish control of the construct to the scapegoat, who is to maintain the assemblage of constructs alone. Each of these 20 members is to immediately administer a single bow towards the audience and disappear from stage. The window within is set at 4 seconds, whereafter the scapegoat is to maintain the structure alone for a duration of at least 2 minutes and up to 10 minutes without prompting the audience to applaud.

Nature of production: the whole process of the production will be highly bureaucratic as a critical reflection of the professional world we reside in and will be maintained through the whole project.

Consequences of success: Audience members is unable to react for longer periods of time. unable to process what they just witnessed and needing more time to react. Project is deemed culturally relevant with standing ovations at the 77 minute and 47 second mark, the continuation of the project is guaranteed.

Consequences of failure: Audience members maintain a firm grip on reality, applaud during the scapegoat transfer sequence and the performance is cut short. The performance is unable to convey its message and has to be reworked before continuation is possible. Resources for rework will be unavailable and the project collapses in on itself.

Associated Risks: In order to generate sufficient magnitude, and sufficient number of members, the deliberate use of a Runaround-Loop ██████████is required. if the operation is not completed in a suitably short period of time, the strain on resources might become too heavy. As such, the dancer and associate position’s are strictly voluntary.


Addendum-1: Each applicant is allowed to file a single application following the provided format:

Send your email towards:
use the subject: Application project ████████████ + (name)

Add a PDF CV not larger than a single A4 paper with the following details:
- general info(name, address, date of birth)
- artistic edudation
- add up to 3 listings of last projects with timeframe
- a resent headshot and a dance picture
- a brief motivation
- a youtube or vimeo link with minimal 1min of resent dancing

*showreels and cut together materials are not admissible

Format PDF: font: courier new, 11

Date of birth:…

(dance photo)
projects: (your 3 latest projects)

… (project name, company, time working, link, reference)

Motivation: (3 sentences)

Video links: (minimal 1 min, no show reels)



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 


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