Arte Laguna Prize 19

Arte Laguna Prize 19 is a Contemporary Art contest based in Venice, Italy. It is open to artists and designers from all around the world, with no restrictions of age, gender, nationality and artistic background, and the theme is free. The techniques admitted are: painting, sculpture and installation, photographic art, video art and short films, performances and acting (both on stage and video), digital art, digital graphics and cartoons, environmental and land art, urban art and street art, art design.

EXERCISING MODERNITY ACADEMY 2024 - Geographies of modernity – communities, discourses and ruptures

The Exercising Modernity Academy is an interdisciplinary program of artistic and intellectual exchange that aims to take a new look at Poland’s contribution to the legacy of modernity, including in an international context. The project aims to draw attention to the broader significance of the concept of modernity by tracing modernization practices in Europe and beyond, and by looking at the process of the emergence of modern European societies and states, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. It pays special attention to culture, specifically architecture, where different perspectives, ambitions, fears and hopes relevant to the formation of the 20th century world overlap.

Stay Curious

 Open Call Announcement: Stay Curious | Virtual London Exhibition 

We’re excited to announce our upcoming virtual exhibition, “Stay Curious”! We’re inviting artists from all over the world to submit their work that sparks curiosity and reflects on the surrounding world. 

 All visual art media are welcome!

 Submission Deadline: 5th of July, 2024

 Exhibition Dates: July 30, 2024 - August 30, 2024

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your art in a global virtual exhibition based in London. Submit your work now!

CALL FOR ARTISTS | Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine Issue16

NEW DEADLINE - JUNE 30th, 2024

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an internationally established publication that showcases experimental contemporary art through a diversity of mediums in Digital Arts, photography, painting, architecture, sculpture & installations, Film & Video Art, fashion design, interior design, and performance.

Mysterium: Queer/Trans Magic Magazine Issue 3

Queer/Trans Magic Magazine is an international, biannual anthology celebrating LGBTQ+ creativity and liberation. Mysterium invites you to revel in the mysteries, mythologies, and traditions that shape our queer and trans experiences.

Whether through short stories, personal essays, scholarly work, poetry, photography, visual art or even spellwork, we welcome it all!

This issue asks contributors:

  • How do we pass down knowledge across generations and communities?
  • How can silence, secrecy, illusion, and ambiguity protect us?
  • How do we nourish the sacred, the unseen, and the unsaid?

Submissions are open until August 31st, 2024.
It is FREE to submit.
Previously published work is welcome.

OPEN CALL - CO.Crea // LINK - Urban Art Festival 2024

An Open Call for the realization of a mural work and an intervention of re-functionalization of the common areas, which includes the involvement of the residents of the intervention area.

Through “Co-Create Creative Courtyards” it is intended to implement a participatory design process, with which to activate and involve the residents of the four public housing complexes in Via Morosini located in the Primo Maggio neighborhood in Brescia (Italy).
The medium used is the co-design and co-creation of artistic works and cultural initiatives with the residents, to be placed in the common spaces of the residential complex, in order to return them to the use of the residents, thanks to works capable of encouraging social aggregation.


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