Nominations for the Most Powerful People in the Art Industry - Open Call

Do you know someone who shapes the landscape of the art world?

We are compiling a comprehensive online list of the most powerful individuals in the art industry, encompassing those who wield influence beyond the traditional boundaries of "fine art." This is not just about artists, but about individuals across various sectors who hold the power to:

  • Shape artistic discourse
  • Drive business within the art world
  • Effect change through social engagement
  • Revolutionize the art industry with technology

We are seeking nominations for individuals who hold power in:

Open Call | Real Time Lab with João Fiadeiro

Real Time Composition intensive program, with João Fiadeiro
From 30 September to 20 December 2024

A course organised as part of the TECER project, an initiative by João Fiadeiro as Forum Dança’s Resident Artist-Researcher.


“Perhaps present time and past time
Are both present in future time
And future time contained in past time.
If all time is eternally present
All time is irredeemable.”
| T. S. Eliot, in Four Quartets

“Real Time Composition is a tool that puts into practice a radical decentring to approach what goes beyond human experience.” | Emma Bigé, philosopher, dancer, curator

EXERCISING MODERNITY ACADEMY 2024 - Geographies of modernity – communities, discourses and ruptures

The Exercising Modernity Academy is an interdisciplinary program of artistic and intellectual exchange that aims to take a new look at Poland’s contribution to the legacy of modernity, including in an international context. The project aims to draw attention to the broader significance of the concept of modernity by tracing modernization practices in Europe and beyond, and by looking at the process of the emergence of modern European societies and states, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. It pays special attention to culture, specifically architecture, where different perspectives, ambitions, fears and hopes relevant to the formation of the 20th century world overlap.

Mysterium: Queer/Trans Magic Magazine Issue 3

Queer/Trans Magic Magazine is an international, biannual anthology celebrating LGBTQ+ creativity and liberation. Mysterium invites you to revel in the mysteries, mythologies, and traditions that shape our queer and trans experiences.

Whether through short stories, personal essays, scholarly work, poetry, photography, visual art or even spellwork, we welcome it all!

This issue asks contributors:

  • How do we pass down knowledge across generations and communities?
  • How can silence, secrecy, illusion, and ambiguity protect us?
  • How do we nourish the sacred, the unseen, and the unsaid?

Submissions are open until August 31st, 2024.
It is FREE to submit.
Previously published work is welcome.

“Art on Climate” International Illustration Competition

Organised by Fingertips Company Limited and sponsored by Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), “Art on Climate” is a worldwide illustration competition designed to bring greater awareness of effective approaches for combating climate change.

Open Call | PACAP 8 - Performing Arts Advanced Programme, with Meg Stuart

PACAP 8 | Meg Stuart
Mystery School of Choreography
From 10th of February to 26th of July 2025


Applications open: Until the 31st of May 2024

Applications for the next edition of PACAP – Performing Arts Advanced Programme are open.

PACAP 8 / Mystery School of Choreography
Concept and Artistic Direction: Meg Stuart
Artistic Collaboration: Ana Rocha


“Every new beginning
leads you to a mystery.
Every beginning carries
that potential of the unknown.


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