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This Show is Curated by a Machine



The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) 

Announces the Debut of an AI Experiment in Art Curation: 

"This Show is Curated by a Machine"

 The free call for international submissions is now open for all to take part in an experiment that defines how we move forward with AI curation in an ethical way

The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art (mowna) is currently designing an artificial intelligence curator for their final show of the year "This Show is Curated by a Machine" which directly answers the Whitney Museum of American Art's curatorial question, "The Next Biennial Should Be Curated by a Machine."

The curator, an AI bot machine, will learn to curate by looking at the data set from the 2021 mowna Biennial, an exhibit of an international pool of artists selected from 44 countries gathered through a free call for submissions process that ran from January through March of 2021. The Biennial includes all forms of art made from 2019 to 2021. The machine will also learn from other data sets of recently made art.

The AI machine will curate the show by looking at the text data of the submissions as well as the artwork files. There will also be human curators, so that a comparison can be made.

The show will be viewable at mowna.org, and a detailed writeup of the process, results, and thoughts about the future of artificial intelligence related to art curation will be made available. Early questions are available here in the mowna blog: https://www.mowna.org/blog/070121-this-show-is-curated-by-a-machine

"We are interested in creating a machine that can curate in a diverse and ethical way, that is not founded in white supremacy or structures of inherent racism. Much of the art world is affected and effected by both of these issues. So mowna asks, is it possible to create an AI that looks at the art and curates with diversity, equity and inclusion? It is important to build this machine now, before other big tech companies design algorithms that erase the artist and define AI curation." ~cari ann shim sham*, Co-founder and Curator of mowna.

"This Show is Curated by a Machine" marks the third online art experience by mowna, the first being its Opening Show now available to members in the mowna collection, and the second being the current exhibit, the 2021 mowna Biennial. The Biennial is mowna’s direct response to the gap in the art world seen after the coronavirus pandemic, and showcased art of all mediums that otherwise would’ve gone unseen. Tickets to the Biennial will be available until the show closes on September 22nd, and are sliding scale pay what you wish, after which "This Show is Curated by a Machine" will be installed and available for online viewing.

Artists may submit up to 10 works of art per submission and artists will be paid 70% of ticket and membership sales from the show, with the other 30% paying for the creation of the platform. There is no submission fee to apply, and all mediums of art are welcome by all people from all countries. The works must have been completed after January 1, 2020. The deadline for submissions is August 20, 2021 at 12 PM ET.

As the global community continually moves further into a multi-faceted technological way of life, the way art, across all mediums, is consumed, has been changing in ways to make art more accessible while remaining true to the integrity of all genres. mowna recognized this growing, transformational need pre-pandemic which catalyzed the formation and birth of the Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art  to meet the ever-growing needs of an ever-changing art world.

mowna is at the center of the exponentially changing art world and makes it their priority to showcase art from all walks of life. With a mix of what is familiar and unfamiliar, patrons will see artists who've been curated by the Whitney or the MoMA along with artists available only on mowna.

"This Show is Curated by a Machine" will run from September 23, 2021 through January 31, 2022 at mowna.org.

mowna exists to provide an international online platform for the most timely, diverse, and preeminent artists. 

Please visit mowna on Instagram @mownamuseum, Facebook The Museum of Wild and Newfangled Art and Twitter @mownamuseum as well as the museum’s official website https://www.mowna.org/



Prize summary: 
Selected artists will be paid 70% of ticket and membership sales from the show
Prizes Details: 

artists will be paid 70% of ticket and membership sales from the show, with the other 30% paying for the creation of the platform


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Have you ever wondered if your art is good enough? 

There is no secret that most of the artists have this inner dialogue where they ask questions and compare their work with those of their idols and this brings a lot of confusion and anxiety- “Is My Work Good Enough, Is It Contemporary”?

Well- any work of art in any style has the potential to become great even a simple line on a piece of paper and even the great artists that are now Legends had the same questions during their life. 

The purpose of this exhibition is to create a dialogue between artists, artworks and the audience and to demonstrate that any form of art in any style can be successful. 


A Big Surprise! 

We are really pleased to let you know that in collaboration with @constantin.lll we have opened our second gallery space.   

The new space is located in Tower bridge, one of most iconic places in the world and the most visited place in the whole UK. 

The new space is nestled between modern and classic London icons: The Shard 4 minutes away, Tower Bridge 1 minute away, London Bridge 2 minutes away. 

With a blend of traditional Victorian brick walls and a central private bar just for our audience, the space is unique in the whole city of London. 

There are no subject restrictions just a couple of guidelines. 

Submission Guidelines- Please read carefully.

To apply for “Contemporary” simply email us 3 images of your work (3 different works) Title_ Size_ Medium_ Price and a short bio, no more than 150 words at boomergallery@gmail.com. 

Eligible media but not limited: 

painting | sculpture | photography | digital art | Installation | video | prints | textile | illustrations | etc

To make a submission is absolutely free but we do charge a £165 fee for each  participating artist as we only charge 15% sales commission and that includes: 

printed catalogs | admin | graphic designer | champagne | caviar | professional photographer | hostess | security 

Important dates: 

- the open call will run until July 31. 

- artworks delivery date is 05 August. 

- the exhibition will run from 06 August until 14 August with a private view on 06 August- 6:00 to 9:00 pm at our gallery space in Central London. 


We had a lot of enquires from foreign artists to exhibit with us but sometimes shipping the work to London in time might be a bit difficult in this challenging period, that’s why we’ve come up with an alternative! If you are one of the accepted artist and you find it hard to ship your work to us, you can send us photos of your work and we can print and frame it for you at no additional cost. 

We have 3 available sizes for the frame: 

32/32 cm

30/40 cm 

40/50 cm 


This will be a physical event and it will take place in our new gallery space in Tower Bridge- London. 


Champagne & Beluga caviar. 


As we run multiple open calls, please make sure you include in the email line the open call you apply for. 

Good luck to you all!


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Open Call: Group Exhibition in London




This open call invites artists of all disciplines to join a group exhibition that will take place at Craft Central London in September 2021. Curated by Seray Ozdemir and organized by Anna Kolosova and Melissa Vipritskaya Topal, the exhibition will explore the theme of boredom. 

Working to optimize for and invest in the future has become our mode of being, yet the constant precarity and insecurity we are being subjected to by market forces mean that we can’t even begin to see what’s two steps ahead of us. The digital devices of diversion ensure that we are never present in the present either. We are so used to being simultaneously stimulated by various types of media to the point where not multitasking feels unnatural. To most, the idea of actually doing nothing sounds foreign if not completely implausible or even anxiety-inducing, as maybe we started finding comfort in exhausting our receptors too much to leave space for self-reflection.

Audre Lorde teaches us that if the revelation and distillation of experience and feelings have become a luxury, then we have given up our power and we have given up the future of our worlds. If today, our perpetual state of severe ennui and mental fatigue makes achieving self-awareness a luxury; then we propose embracing boredom as a resistance technique. Inviting boredom into our lives collectively would mean rejecting the neoliberal achievement-obsessed mentality and disengaging ourselves from the ethos of never-ending productivity. Borrowing from Lorde, we acknowledge boredom as a tool for tangible action and change; therefore, a route to freedom.


Let us affirm together: Boredom is not a luxury.



Submission Deadline: 22nd August 2021

Installation Day: 30th August 2021

Exhibition: 31st August 2021 - 4th September 2021

Private View: 3rd September 2021

Deinstallation Day: 5th September 2021


All mediums are accepted.

Artists of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

Applicants should submit no more than 4 images of their artwork.

There is a one-off entry fee of £10 payable to cover exhibition costs.

International artists are encouraged to apply, however, they are responsible for all postage and customs fees relating to their work.

The cost of delivering the artworks to the exhibition space and back is the responsibility of the artist, along with any insurance.

The sales of artworks will be at the artist’s discretion.

We will not be imposing the restriction of sharing a commission with us, however, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Prize summary: 
Exhibition opportunity in London

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Ein Festival von und für Künstler*innen aus NRW.

Smash the Ist-Zustand! Um gemeinsam die Strukturen der Kunst- und Kulturszene aufzubrechen, laden wir FINTA* ein, unsere Bühnen und Orte in und um Düsseldorf zu bespielen. Ein Wochenende, um Kunst zu machen, Kunst zu schauen und zu netzwerken: Get ready to show off!

We are looking for

Theater & Literatur, Performance & Videokunst, Deejay- Sets & Workshops, Installation & Film, Bildende Kunst & Musik, Fotografie & Skulptur, Pop & Diskurs. Ob als Einzelkünstler*in oder im Kollektiv, mit Bühnenerfahrung oder als Newcomer*in: Wir wollen euch und eure Kunst!

Präsenzveranstaltungen und Happenings

finden am 25. & 26.09.2021 rund um zakk, AK 47 und K4 in Düsseldorf Flingern statt. Ausstellungen sowie analoge und digitale Formate zeigen wir in unserem Rahmenprogramm im Zeitraum vom 20.–30.09.2021 vor Ort oder im world wide web.



Das K*WERK vernetzt die Kunst- und Kulturszene in und um NRW. Eine Plattform für kollektives Empowerment – mit regelmäßigen Workshops & Impulsen, Netzwerktreffen & Show-offs. Wir connecten und supporten FINTA*: So formen wir nachhaltige Strukturen, um unsere Sichtbarkeit in der Branche zu stärken.

Das Festival

Ein Festival von und für Künstler*innen aus NRW.
25. & 26.09.2021 in und um Düsseldorf
Rahmenprogramm: 20.–30.09.2021

#kwerkit #showoff2021


Entry Fee:

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1000 Ripple Effects





You are personally invited to be part of the 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibition.
Your Art Will Leave A Ripple Effect Legacy.

I have put together the 1000 Ripple Effects art exhibition to support the opening and official launch of the 1000 Ripple Effects Project.  I am opening a community center – A Place To Call Home – Creating a safe space for young people aged 18 and older who have left the foster care system.  The statistics show, once a 18 year old leaves foster care there is 71% homelessness and 47% unemployment.  These kids have no one to rely upon and no one to depend on in life.  They are making their own way.  A Place To Call Home aims to reduce homelessness and unemployment for these young people.

“Success is about how many people lived a better life because you lived.” ~ Stacey Huish

Your art would be an amazing contribution to the entire project.  Your ability to capture and express messages through art will hold peoples attention and get really important messages across to members of the community.  People relate to art, people understand art. Your art speaks volumes.  You are very talented. Your art is going to be Making A Massive Difference to the lives of young people every day.

I say  it again!

You are personally invited to be part of the 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibition.
Your Art Will Leave A Ripple Effect Legacy.

Artists 18 years and older are invited to submit up to five pieces of three dimensional work in any media for an exhibit. Submissions must explore the 1000 Ripple Effects themes of:
* Foster Care
* A Mothers Love
* A Fathers Guiding Voice
* Inspired To Success
* Positive Body Image
and must align with 1000 Ripple Effects core values of beauty, sincerity, vulnerability, celebrating diversity and engagement.

What You Get:

1000 Ripple Effects Artists:

Exhibit Your Art as part of the 1000 Ripple Effects Offical Launch.

Lifetime membership to display your art at any or all future 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibitions (Conditions Apply).

Every year the 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibition will display with a different theme.

The 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibition will display in both Australia and overseas art gallaries.

The 1000 Ripple Effects Art Exhibition will display as an online art exhibition (If COVID19 restrictions are in place).

Artist Profile Page.

All of your Art will be for sale in the 1000 Ripple Effects Art Online Shop

There will be a page, people can book an Artist or workshop from.

The Exhibition will attract both Print and digital media attention.

The Exhibition will be posted about across relevant social media pages.

On the night of the 1000 Ripple Effects Official Launch, your art will be for sale.

All sales attract 20% Commission to 1000 Ripple Effects

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Life Time Membership
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Emerging Artists 2022





This is the 30th annual competition for gallery exhibition and $500 cash award.  Open to all artists working in any media. This event is devoted to the discovery, introduction and promotion of Emerging Artists. The exhibition will be held March 3 - 26, 2022, at the Limner Gallery and is open to all artists working in any media. Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2021. Entry information online at:


Prize summary: 
$500 cash prize

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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