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KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2020 - Open Call




KAUNAS PHOTO is the longest-running annual photographic festival in the Baltic States, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, since 2004. Maintaining its strong international character, KAUNAS PHOTO is a platform of premieres of emerging talents. “Photo World” (China) titled KAUNAS PHOTO as a festival on crossroads of European photography. The current objective is to become a friendly festival to its audience as well as to the participating artists.

In collaboration with LensCulture, KAUNAS PHOTO festival announces an Open Call for its 17th edition, inviting photographers to propose their works and offering exhibiting opportunities as well as participation at New KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award, consisting of a solo exhibition at the largest photography gallery in the Baltic States, Kaunas Photography Gallery and a 2500 EUR monetary prize. Open Call provides opportunities to be selected to the festival exhibition and projection program. All exhibiting artists, selected via KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Open Call will be offered artist fees.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival opening events will start on September 3, 2020 with KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Exhibition. Festival’s events and outdoor exhibitions will run until the end of October.

Topic of the year: Peripheral Visions.

In 2020, KAUNAS PHOTO festival was planned to celebrate the periphery, the province, the outback, l’arrière-pays, the background of metropolis in a state of uncertainty, balancing between possibilities and neglect, prospering vistas for transiting commuters and struggling agriculture, remnants of local identities and the global odor spread by passing-by intercontinental flights.

Ever since image-making became possible, photographers were those who would disclose new territories and bring back images to the „civilised world“. In the 21st century, spaces, places, areas outside the big cities, countries of power, once unknown, now become either simply forgotten or are targets for visual investigation inspired by transformations.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fight against it imposed new rules and conceptions of space for living or/and work, perceptions of spacious places we’d rather go, if we could leave the city, imposed limits and borders which were absent for decades. Unable to leave home, leave our own community limits, travel abroad, we are are internet users who are allowed to or would only agree to travel a small distance, remaining within our home country, rediscovering the niche pecularities or contemplating places that „normally“ would be unimportant, uninteresting simply because they’re just around the corner, and not in a reach of a long-haul flight.

KAUNAS PHOTO festival’s topic aims to look at what is on the margin, just across the window or the border that we can or cannot cross, to discover the spaces, places, lands, areas that usually were in the periphery of the vision. The thematic scope includes self-isolation and things it changed in our habits, attitudes, undermined topics around obvious things, trends beyond mainstream. The festival invites to rethink what in 2020 became important, what was less so, what was taken for granted or simply undermined until now. Both documentary and constructed, geography – based and idea-driven works, works produced during pandemic and in the recent years are welcome.

Let us rethink what in 2020 became important, what was less so, taken for granted or simply undermined until now.

Prize summary: 
The Winner receives a 2500 EUR monetary prize and a solo exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery. All the shortlisted Photographers/Artists will have their exhibitions at the festival in 2020.
Prizes Details: 

Open Call Opportunities

Photographers/Artists submitting works to Open Call can be enrolled in Kaunas Photo 2020 in the following ways:

  • works can be included into KAUNAS PHOTO festival program, its indoor and outdoor exhibitions, presented in squares in Kaunas;
  • Projection events;
  • KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award – Finalist’s and Winner’s exhibitions.

The July panel of decision-making curators on the Jury panel, who will review all entries and eventually are potential providers of opportunities through their platforms, institutions and networks.

The New KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award with 2500 EUR prize

The KAUNAS PHOTO STAR tradition started in 2010, awarding the best participant of portfolio reviews with a solo exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery and paying respect to a probable future star of photography. Since 2018, the KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Winner also receives a 2500 EUR prize, and a joint exhibition of Finalists is held and opened on the same day. Possible income tax obligations, eventually imposed by the country of citizenship of the Winner, will be his/her responsibility. For a Lithuanian citizen, this prize would be tax-exempt.

KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Finalists exhibitions across the venues of Kaunas old town and the Winner’s exhibition at Kaunas Photography Gallery will open on September 3, 2020.  The Winner will be disclosed at the opening of the doors of Kaunas Photography Gallery.

Every KAUNAS PHOTO STAR 2020 Finalist is entitled to:

  • participation in a joint KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Award exhibition, that will be produced by and at the expenses of KAUNAS PHOTO festival;
  • Due to COVID-19 risks, complicated travel arrangements, eventual obligations of self-isolation resulting after travel, KAUNAS PHOTO festival will not undertake travel arrangements and accommodation, but will pay every KAUNAS PHOTO STAR Finalist an Artist fee of 250 EUR against an invoice delivered by the Photographer/Artist or a contract. The Artist fees will be settled no later than until October 31, 2020.

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
25 EUR
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COLLECTMET DELIVERIES shares food with people in need. And where food is essential we believe more is needed. To comfort people affected by the global crisis and to help struggling artists in these strange times, we are launching RECUP’ART : we invite all European artists to share their work and interact with a new audience, by adding their artworks to our food aid parcels. 

Thanks to the European Cultural Foundation’s Culture of Solidarity Fund, a production budget will be provided for artists and thanks to your art, we hope to provide comfort for the people who most need it.


Interested? Want to know more about this open call? 

Prize summary: 
win up to 500 Euros
Prizes Details: 

Eligibility & Practical details:


-This call is open to all artists based in Europe

-What we are looking for: small artworks that would fit in our food aid parcel (max dimension 30x30x30cm). The artworks must be well packed to resist handling and transport by cargobike.

-Medium: all mediums welcome. Whether drawing, illustration, poetry, photography, prints, fanzine, comics, books, small objects, sculptures, multiples, etc...

-When sending your invoice please include the cost for the Transport of your artwork.

-ship artwork to: 


Cultureghem vzw

Ropsy Chaudronstraat 24/48, 1070 Brussel

T.: (0)2 556 11 79 - F.: +32 (0)2 522 42 37

-Budget available for artists:  a maximum budget of 500 Euros per artwork/project

-The artist is responsible for insuring his artwork and to secure its shipment to our premises 

-Please bear in mind that when donating your artwork it becomes the sole property of Cultureghem and our public. 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Online Exhibition Open Call: The World Is Flat



Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) presents an online exhibition open call with the theme of “The World Is Flat”.

About exhibition theme: The World Is Flat

In 2005, Thomas L. Friedman's best-selling book "The World Is Flat" made the term "globalization" a household name. The fast and convenient network of communications, air transportation, and trade exchanges that human society has today are more closely connected with people living in different countries and different regions than ever before. However, the interconnected, "flat" world has also exacerbated the challenges facing mankind, such as global climate change and environmental issues. Another example is that today, 15 years later, close human interaction has become a major factor in the rapid spread of COVID-19 worldwide. We invite artists to respond to the theme of "the world is flat", express your ideas with your works of art, and inspire more people to think.

Exhibition period (dates to be determined): August – September 2020

Application deadline: July 31, 2020

Eligible application: there is no limit on the art medium, size, year of production, artist age, or nationality, but the proposed works should respond to the exhibition theme “The World Is Flat”.

The selected artists will win:

- artworks show at an online virtual exhibition;

- Chinese-English bilingual online feature at our website;

- Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog to be published on ISSUU;

- showcase the selected works on the internationally influential art platform: ARTSY and ARTLAND;

- production of Chinese-English bilingual exhibition video and publish on multi-channels;

- Chinese-English bilingual promotion on popular Chinese social media: WeChat Public Account and Art Express App, on art platform: ARTSY, and on international social media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook;

- Email campaigns sending to our art collectors, introducing your artworks to the Chinese art market;

- Priority to our further events, including offline exhibitions in our Chongqing space, art projects, art fairs in China and internationally and other art events.

Fee: free entry for selection.

The selected artists will pay an exhibition promotional fee of 100USD.

How to apply: 

Please send the following materials in a ZIP file to, subject line “Open Call – The World Is Flat”

- 3-7 work images, JEPG, 300dpi, no larger than 5MB. Please provide the work information, including title, material, size, year of production, edition (if applicable), price.

- Artist CV, no more than 500 words;

- Artist statement, no more than 300 words, please explain how your works respond to the theme “The World Is Flat”;

About Independent & Image Art Space

Founded in 2008, Independent & Image Art Space is located in 501 Art Base, which is the most important art zone in Chongqing, next door to one of China’s top art universities — Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Independent & Image Art Space has been paying close attention to the development of Chinese and international contemporary art. With an open attitude towards the global art scene and unique artistic vision, Independent & Image Art Space endeavors to participate in the practices of Chinese contemporary art development, especially to improve a deeper understanding of contemporary art in our society.

During the years, we have held numerous solo and group exhibitions for our artists as well as international cultural exchange events, displaying the artworks of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, new media art, etc. We present during the exhibitions related thematic lectures, seminars, and workshops.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 





We are SKT, a scattered gallery all over the world with no borders.

We strongly believe that art can save the world and we want to create a movement that can survive these weird and difficult times and express itself also in our locations and galleries as soon as we will be free again. 

The virtual exhibition will focus on the art role in the society. To express ourselves and tell about the truth is what unites us, what bring us TOGETHER. Because art in every form will be always deeper and stronger than what divides us. We don’t want to limit submissions to a theme, but to celebrate art as the most successful tool to celebrate unity and togetherness. You can send us up to 3 artworks: every medium and style accepted.

  • 1 artwork + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £20.00
  • 2 artworks + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £40.00
  • 3 artworks + 1 Q&A live on our IG page and our artFixYMX radio + 1 focus on our social media for £50.00

The exhibition runs for 1 month on our homepage (at the moment, there is #ARTMUSTGON online, you can check it out!)

We will need your art pieces photos in HQ, all instructions here: 

Let us know L/W/H so we can visualize them in the gallery exactly as they are in reality! Also, we will need a short bio of you, price, date of creation and medium of the artwork submitted.


- “Together” runs from 15 July, 2020 to 15 August, 2020. Virtual opening at 6pm.

- Call ends on 8 July, 2020. Hurry up!

We are looking so much forward to hearing from you!



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
1 artwork £20.00, 2 artworks £40.00, 3 artworks £50.00
Contact & Links: 







OPEN CALL & Supplemental Online Exhibition

Curated by Amelia Biewald and Jason Clay Lewis

Submission Deadline: Friday, July 17th, 2020

Exhibition Dates: July 31, 2020 - August 30, 2020

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Prizes Details: 

Physical & Supplemental Online Exhibition


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Shatto Gallery International Photography Awards




Shatto Gallery International Photo Awards (aka SGIPA) recognizes, rewards and supports outstanding photography from all around the globe. SGIPA introduces talented photographers to the creative community in Los Angeles, United States, providing them an excellent platform to present their work to a new market. We encourage all photographers to participate in the SGIPA photo competition. Share your unique talents with the world and win awards and recognition.

Winners are selected by our respected jury of photographers and leaders in the photography world and are awarded the SGIPA trophy, cash prizes, extensive publicity showcasing their work to an audience, and much more. 



​This category should feature images where the intention is aesthetic, revealing the subjective, creative vision of the artist, photos that express an idea, a message, or an emotion through the image and the technique used to create it.

  • Abstract — non-objective, experimental, or conceptual photography depicting a visual image not immediately associated with the object world
  • Collage — any image created by combining or pasting several images or parts of images together to create a new composition or interpretation of reality
  • Landscape — photography featuring landscapes in an artistic way, often enhanced, showing scenes in nature through the creative eye and techniques of the photographer
  • Portrait — artistic images of a person or group of people, capturing the personality of the subject by use of lighting, backdrops, poses, etc.
  • Still Life — photos depicting inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects or with a single object in focus
  • Special Effects — images showing how a subject or scene can be interpreted or captured by the artist using special effects or techniques (manual or digital included)
  • Moving Images — short, cohesive fine art moving image pieces, no longer than 5 minutes. Stop-motion films, videos, slideshows, etc. are all accepted.


The photos are devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

  • Aerial — photographs taken from an aircraft, with a drone, or other flying objects, either by hand or remotely
  • Flowers — floral photography in any form
  • Landscapes — photos that capture elements of nature and the natural features of land, sky, and water. Photographs of artificial scenery, such as farm fields, orchards, and gardens, can be entered here as well
  • Panoramic — wide format images with horizontally elongated fields of view
  • Pets — photos featuring domesticated animals, including animals kept on a farm, in a zoo, or anywhere outside their natural habitat
  • Seasons — images with a focus on the natural seasons, and their effect on nature
  • Sunset — photos showing the rich colors and dramatic lighting of the sunset
  • Trees — photography of trees and forestry
  • Underwater — photographs taken while underwater, diving on the surface, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, or from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle
  • Wildlife — photos documenting animals and other wildlife in their natural habitat 


​This category is for photographs where people are the focus, whether a single person or a group, showing the human aspect of life in all its wonderful variety.

  • Children — portraits of children and youth
  • Culture — images that tell a story about people and their culture or traditions
  • Family — photographs highlighting family and what it means
  • Lifestyle — the art of ‘every day’, photos showing real-life events or milestones, people and their way of life
  • Portrait — artistic images capturing the personality of a person or group of people
  • Self-Portrait — photos representing the artist taken by the artist
Prize summary: 
Win up to $1000 cash prizes and exhibition opportunity in Los Angeles
Prizes Details: 

SGIPA PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR: $ 1,000 cash prize and SGIPA trophy

​SGIPA CATEGORY WINNER: $ 200 cash prize and SGIPA trophy

SGIPA winners will enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year in addition to the following benefits:

  • Work exhibited in Los Angeles and beyond
  • Work showcased on the main page of our website
  • Press release and newsletter announcements to SGIPA community
  • Feature winning images in the online gallery exhibition
  • Printable SGIPA certificate of achievement
  • Winner’s Logo to be used online and on printed materials

Winners will enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year in addition to the following benefits:

  • Feature winning images in the online gallery exhibition
  • Press release and newsletter announcements to SGIPA community
  • Printable SGIPA certificate of achievement


Entry Fees
10 USD/Single Entry


Entry Fees

15 USD/Single Entry




Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
10 USD early bird / 15 USD regular
Contact & Links: 


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