32nd Annual Emerald Coast National Juried Art Exhibition

The Emerald Coast National (ECN) is a juried exhibition held annually at Mattie Kelly Art Center Galleries, Northwest Florida State College. What began as a regional show has evolved into far-reaching, exciting programming of a range of media styles by emerging to established artists reflecting what they are doing in the world today. ECN is a show that people travel to see and a program that locals look forward to all year! We leave the theme open and publicize the call on known artist platforms. We invite all art styles, materials, mediums, etc.—including sound art, kinetic art, sculpture, photography, video, design, craft, and even performance if you can provide documentation for the application.

The Dark Side | Second Edition | Call For Artists!

Does a latent shadow reside in the heart of artistic creation and within the souls of the artists themselves?


If any figure could parallel the introspective solitude of a monk, it is the visual artist. Though it may stir debate, let us reflect. Consider the profound solitude, the palpable stillness of the studio where silent hours merge into days, as the artist labors and broods over their craft, fervently hoping for the world to awaken to the brilliance of their ideas, to feel the pulse of their passion embedded in their work.



Nostalgia: Online Exhibition

The deadline for ‘Nostalgia’ is June 15th, 2024 and the entry fee is $6 for 3 artworks. Accepted participants will be notified two weeks after the deadline. The exhibition will go live on July 1st, 2024. Find updates on our Instagram and by subscribing to our newsletter!


Call For Art: Art and Woman Edition 1-2024

About Art and Woman

We at Arts to Hearts Project, are excited to announce an incredibly exciting opportunity for emerging women artists globally. This initiative holds special significance for us as we introduce Edition 1 of a stunning coffee table book that will showcase the biographies and creative journeys of 100 women artists from around the world. By publishing their stories, we aim to share their creativity and inspiration with a wider audience across the world.

About Art And Woman

“Art and Woman” is about sharing the untold stories of women’s lives. It’s a mix of their highs and lows, victories and struggles, dreams, and challenges that shape their creative journey.

THE EMPOWERED FEMININE Art and Luxury Engagement Series

This art experience, The Empowered Feminine, aims to empower female collectors, female investors, and creative entrepreneurs. Your work will be showcased during a multi-day experience of education seminars, VIP dinners, and a gala. Share your creative story and vision & delicious food, inspiring conversations, and connections with like-minded individuals. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of a community that champions women's success in the art and philanthropy spaces.

Paid Practice Development Series

This project aims to put you in control over building your creative future — identifying future practice goals, curatorial support and networking needs to develop a new body of work, alongside two other emerging artists. This four-month project will combine aspects of peer-learning and supported mentorship by London-based artists and curators. Through peer-led sessions, you will be invited to share aspects of your practice that you’d like to explore or develop with the collective, as well as facilitating outings to events that you hope will offer opportunities for further learning and network-building.


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