Contemporary | 5th Edition | Call For Artists

Have you ever wondered if your art is good enough? 


There is no secret that most of the artists have this inner dialogue where they ask questions and compare their work with those of their idols and this brings a lot of confusion and anxiety- “Is My Work Good Enough, Is It Contemporary”?


Well- any work of art in any style has the potential to become great even a simple line on a piece of paper and even the great artists that are now Legends had the same questions during their life. 


The purpose of this exhibition is to create a dialogue between artists, artworks and the audience and to demonstrate that any form of art in any style can be successful. 


26th Annual North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show

This year, we're excited to expand our show and showcase even more incredible works of art.
We're currently accepting applications from artists of all backgrounds and styles, see all the installation sites at nbossvt.com/landscape

If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at nbossvt@gmail.com.
We can't wait to see your submissions!

REAKTOR Potenziale | Call for Concepts 2023/24

The REAKTOR’s cross-disciplinary programme features works that are imbued with the spirit of the times. Indeed, what is still considered experimental today may well one day be perceived as timelessly permanent. That is particularly true of contemporary art. The REAKTOR’s call for concepts is designed to seek out that very potential in the visual arts, hence the title Potenziale. Particular emphasis is to be placed on space-defining art for the REAKTOR’s architectural core, i.e. its main hall and on concepts using sound as an important element.



SPACE Open Call

AVE22 MetaGallery would likes to invite artists to take part in the “Space” open call.



April 12, 1961 - the date when Yury Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space . To many people, many generations this flight was quite symbolic as it showed that dreams could come true. The dream to fly, fly high, higher than birds, than anything on our planet. 

We would like to invite you to share your artworks dedicated to space. Planets, stars, galaxies - real and imaginary. Starships, futuristic cities, aliens - whatever we could dream of - again, real and imaginary.



April 1, 2023



April 3, 2023



Masters of Wildlife Art 2023

Submit your best artwork of wild animals. All species of wild animals are welcome from the jungle to savanna to city. We're looking for art of the wild open sea, sky, and land. Surprise and amaze us!

This call for art is open to all international artists age 18 or over and working in any medium (except video and sound art). A wide range of genres and styles is desired. We are an artist-run virtual gallery. Our mission is to promote wildlife and animal art in both non-traditional and traditional forms. We exist to honor, promote, and uplift it.

Originality is one of the components we use to score entries.



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