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21st Century Neanderthal




21st century Neanderthal is a research into today’s online dating world seen through artists’ eyes, mixed with every day’s righteousness and immorality.

The impersonality of online dating caused us to question the behaviour of current society. We invite artists to step into this digital world where fantasy and reality blur, where the lines cross and the perfect version of the truth is never quite what it seems. Communication is contorted as the rules no longer apply.

Things are sometimes easier to understand if they are put into art form. Some rough experiences may be overcome when one takes time to transform them into art. The unsuspecting dating site users might become warned of potential dangers or distressing situations. Someone might just be sharing their hilarious story of a disasterous date that they will be telling their grandchildren.

This exhibition challenges and exposes these online experiences through art, engaging visitors to share their own.


Curated by Nina Jesih.


It is free to submit proposals, if you are selected there is a £20 admin charge per artist, per show.

Email submissions to the exhibition’s email address. Please submit up to 500 words and accompanying images. Files to be saved as a single PDF or Word doc including your name in every file title, e.g. Tina.Turner.pdf or Turner.Tina.doc.


Exhibition is a part of Fringe Arts Bath, #FaB19, 24.5.-9.6.2019, Bath, UK.

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Women Artists: Speak Out About the Issues!





Women Artists Speak Out About the Issues!


February & March 2019

Liz Long Gallery

1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at 21st   

Chicago, Illinois   60623

In addition to other subjects of interest to women, artists ARE ENCOURAGED to create and submit art that tells a story about violence against women & girls - whether in the past or current. We gather art for display that shows how violence against women & girls is happening now, and how it's use in the past, shows how women have been controlled through fear.

Rape keeps women from going outside and having a full life. Domestic violence keeps women in abusive relationships and away from their own personal power. Honor killings keep women from leading full lives & having options. These are just a few ways that women are controlled by violence.

Women need to continue to speak up and let their voices be heard. Men who support women need to get on board. Women need platforms for their opinions and their voices to be heard. This art show will allow viewers to discuss what they see, and what the status of women's & girls lives are like.

During the art show, we will offer art workshops to make art about issues women are particularly concerned about.


Right now these are the shows coming up:                   

February/March: Women Speak Up About Important Issues              

April/May: International Artists                                                  

June/July: About Animals

August/December: Represented artists (and other shows as appropriate)

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Divergent Evolution





Divergent Evolution

Tracing the factors that lead to the creation of a single work of art - or series - can be linear or oblique, requiring hindsight of a quasi- archaeological level. What was the spark, the precedent, the breakthrough, the catalyst that led to this specific piece?

Artists are invited to submit two or more works that bear evidence (if only to their creator) of the evolution of their practice. Perhaps a work made a few years ago, viewed today, unmistakably includes formal or thematic preoccupations that now dominate your most current body of work. What are the kinship systems in your studio: parent-child, sibling, cousin, orphan? Is there a hierarchy that until now, perhaps, had not been articulated? Is your work influenced by the other artists with whom you share a cultural ecosystem? Or is the environment shaping it exclusively the landscape within your brain?

Emma Wilcox is the Gallery Director at Gallery Aferro, where, with Co-Founder and Artistic Director Evonne Davis she has designed and implemented hundreds of exhibits, public programs, educational initiatives, public art projects as well as more than two dozen publications. Wilcox is a practicing artist. She studied photography at the School of Visual Arts and was part of the 2015-2017 cohort of the Prudential Foundation Nonprofit Executive Fellows Program at the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School. She lectures regularly on art and cultural engagement topics, including a  2016 TedX talk. More information about Wilcox can be found on our website or at afferro.org.


Fee Detail: 
None. Non-members may apply, but must pay the annual membership fee of $65 if accepted.
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Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Art





Soulful: A National Exhibition of African American Artists 


Description: Soulful is an exhibition that features work from African American Artists from across the country. This exhibition is open to functional, non-functional, 2D, 3D, fine art, and fine craft in all mediums. In honor of Black History Month, this exhibition is open to all African-American artists living in the United States,  and is held at the d’Art Center in Norfolk, Virginia. The d’Art Center is Norfolk’s thirty-year-old art center and includes working professional artist studios as well as a wide variety of exhibitions and programming open to the public. The d’Art Center is located in the NEON district of Norfolk.


Juror Biography: Ken Wright is a Richmond, VA. native and graduate of Norfolk State University with a BFA in graphics and fine arts. Ken is an abstract painter that uses acrylics on canvas or museum board. He is a former arts commissioner for the State of Virginia, and has served on many arts boards. He has won over 300 awards and honors for his work. Ken’s art is in many collections all over the United States and abroad. Among the collectors of his work are President George W. Bush, (hung in the White House), and most recently President Barack Obama, (hung in the White House). Other collectors are former Ambassador to Liberia, Bismark Myrick, movie actress Eartha Kitt (deceased), and actress Tatiana Ali. His work has also been exhibited in the office of U.S. Senator Mark Warner on Capital Hill, Washington, D.C.


Exhibition dates:                Thursday, February 7th 2019 - Thursday February 28th 2019

Reception:                         Thursday February 7th 2019, 5:30-7:30pm

Call Open:                         Monday, December 3rd 2018 - Sunday January 6th 2019

Notifications (by email):     By 5pm, January 18th, 2019 

Accepted works arrive by:     January 31st, 2019

Submission fee:                    $35.00 for up to 3 works  




1st Place:            $500.00

2nd Place:           $300.00

3rd Place:            $150.00    


Eligibility: This exhibition is open to African-American artists, 18 or older, residing in the United States. All work must be original and created without the aid of an instructor or kit. Work needs to have been produced within the last five years. All styles and aesthetics are considered. The d’Art Center is a public non-profit art center open to everyone; as such, the content of submissions should be appropriate for all viewers. 


Submissions: All entries and payments must be submitted via Call for Entries (Cafe). Please follow the directions on Cafe. If you have exhibition questions, please contact abradley@d-artcenter.org; questions related to submitting through the Cafe platform should be directed to Cafe. 


Limitations: Works cannot exceed a weight of 40 pounds. All 2D works must be equipped with hanging hardware for installation. All 3D works that require presentation other than standard pedestals must include those displays with the works. Works that require special installation must come with clear instructions. Any works that require complicated specialized installation must be installed by the artist. We reserve the right to reject work for the exhibition that differs significantly from the submitted images and/ or for craft issues. 


Liability: The gallery staff will take great care handling artworks for exhibition. However, the d’Art Center, its staff, and gallery are not responsible for any damage that may occur. We strongly recommend artists insure the works themselves, and purchase insurance from the shipping company used. Shipping your work means you agree to this.


Shipping: The artist is responsible for shipping costs to and from the gallery. All accepted works must arrive by January 31st, 2018 without exception. Hand delivered works are accepted through pre-arrangement; please contact abradley@d-artcenter.org. Artists must issue pre-paid return labels for their works through UPS or FedEx. We do not arrange shipping in any other manner. Works must have pre-paid return labels through FedEx or UPS to be returned. Any additional details on shipping will be included upon notification of accepted entries. Please no packing peanuts. Works should be shipped in reusable containers for return. Clearly indicate any packing directions for return of works. Works that do not include a return label, and works that are not picked up within one month of the end of the exhibition become property of the d’Art Center. 


Entry Fees and Materials: Artists may submit up to 3 artworks for consideration and the entry fee is $35.00. Commission for works is 60% (artist)/ 40% (d’Art), not including awards.



Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$35.00 for up to three works
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Peripheral ARTeries, Call for Artists, Biennial Edition 2019



Peripheral ARTeries is inviting entries for the competition to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists in various fine arts disciplines.

The contest, on its 10th edition, comes under the sign of collaborative networking and will once again explore and show current trends and tendencies in Contemporary Art.

All we aim to is to encouraging artists to innovate and create: we cultivate a spirit of openness through a unique collaborative and participatory approach. Accordingly, worldwide artists at any career-stage can submit their works. Each artist may submit a maximum of three works or projects made in any technique:

  •     Painting
  •     Video Art & Experimental Cinema
  •     Fine Art Photography
  •     Experimental Media
  •     Mixed Media
  •     Installation
  •     Public Art
  •     Performance

We are open to all proposed forms of art and media and we focus to works which causes people to reflect on the larger community and a kind of art capable of challenging the viewers’ traditional perspective on art itself. This competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists to work between the boundaries of  Contemporary Art.

Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Women Artists - Group Exhibition in NYC




Eligibility: Open to all Women Artists in all media and forms of art. 

Exhibition Dates: February 16 - March 2, 2019 

Dacia Gallery invites women artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to participate in our upcoming Group Exhibition on Women Artists for 2019. We are looking for a diverse body of artwork in all mediums and styles, this will be a mixed group show of all recent artwork created by contemporary women artists, exhibiting what they are working on today. The gallery will advertise and promote the selected artists for the exhibitions and host a formal Opening Reception for the exhibition, including an Artist Talk during the opening reception. If you are looking for gallery representation and to have a Show in New York City, submit your art that we may discover your compelling work and present it to the public, gallery directors, curators and collectors. This exhibition is dedicated to the spirit of all women in the arts.


Contact & Links: 


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