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OPEN CALL - GLW Competition 2021 has started!





Our GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR competition 2021 has started!

GENIUS LOCI WEIMAR is looking again for innovative ideas for the projection festival in its 10th edition in autumn 2021.


  • Annual theme: TRUE CRIME
  • 2 buildings
  • Deadline: 6th of June 2021
  • 30 sec video
  • Eur 30,000

More info here:

Prize summary: 
30.000 Euro
Prizes Details: 

15.000 Euro for the winning team of each location


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Moving Body Festival #6 Critical Moves! OPEN CALL 2021





Moving Body festival platform is dedicated to connecting artists, mediums and audiences through art that shares a strong choreographic sensibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all spheres of both our personal and professional lives, presenting the performing arts with enormous challenges and an urgent need to re-organize their activities, to rethink their role and place in society. Therefore, in 2021, through the instrument of choreography and the lens of the festival platform Moving Body, we want to find those new readings of the current environmental and socio-political challenges of our time, which will become a starting point for our discussions during the main program of the edition in November 2021.

We all seem to be striving at this moment (striving we believe is the need for communication and direction) to join a large-scale collective moving body, а material as well as an abstract one, but always a body in motion, which through our virtual screens seems pixelated, incomplete, in search of experiencing its identity – the only thing that makes it feel whole.

Questioning the existing fixed notions in our language, the possible directions for the future, and the reality where the subjective and the objective meet, moves us to take and experiment in different directions in the landscape of the collective mind, examining possibilities for our future as a species, as human beings, standing on the result of History. Every standing body develops over time a resisting mechanism against gravity, and standing itself, where the feet and the surface meet, is an act of pushing the ground.

The critical moves, which we perceive as a rich territory in which we stand and push the ground, provoke us to ask again the questions which work as a driving force for the Moving Body platform: How do we move? What moves us? In which direction are we moving? How do we move from an individual toward a collective body shaping the future history? How do we move in a time of Catastrophe?

The festival invites scholars, artists and other multidisciplinary participants to submit works of WRITING, VISUAL ART, SOUND AND NEW MEDIA… as every media is perceived as a critical body which explores new modes of coexisting between all forms of life and art. We would like to provide an orientation with which to discuss the current ecological and sociopolitical challenges of our time, through the lens of the Moving Body platform.

Prizes Details: 

Every selected project will receive a Moving Body Digital diploma and the best works from each category will be awarded the financial support of €150.

We understand this is more of a symbolic sum for your achievement, rather than a significant one, but we want to show our appreciation and support as an organisation, despite the fact that this year our funds were cut. We do not wish for this obstacle to get in the way of our passionate aim to coordinate the sixth edition of the initiative in which we believe in. In this line of thought, all participation fees will be invested in the live, digital and possibly printed realisation of Moving Body Festival 2021.

We thank you for the understanding and support from your side, and we wish you to always keep the motivated inner creative fire burning!


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Radical Empathy:'s New Open Art Call



Dear community,

We’re looking forward to our call for artists framing the topic of:


Why did we choose this topic and where does it come from?

As you may know, the KONJUNGATE project is based on my cyber novel MACHFELD, written in 1999. One of the main characters of this book is Wendy, a fascinating person, who works as an agent for Satoshi NAKAMOTO. On the one hand, she is smart and full of empathy for the cultural conflicts of different extra-galactic forms of life – which is a central part of the novel – and on the other hand, she has a secret job to do that goes against her personal convictions. In addition, she is the eponym of our network.

Like all of us, she has to make decisions on a daily basis that will change her future life forever. If you see life as a system of experiences and socialisation, our choices are closely related to it. But can we break out of this framework? And do we as a society manage to establish a sustainable, empathic approach to one another? is committed to empathic interaction. We are open to cultural and artistic exchange without restrictions and we are aware of our social responsibility by implementing an experimental new way of decentralising art funding using cryptographic technology.

Art and culture have the power to exemplify empathic togetherness. Let’s show that to people.

Wendy is empathic and so are we.

Best wishes,

Michael Mastrototaro is starting a series of art calls to engage the community with Wendy’s personality. One of her main traits is having radical empathy and we want you, the artists of, to help us define what that is and how it should impact our world today. 


We at want to encourage each other to have radical empathy. We think having radical empathy is a cure for this year’s loneliness. 


Jack Schot defines Radical Empathy as “an active striving to better understand and share the feelings of others.”


For this call, we are asking you, the artists, these questions: What do you define it as? Why does the world in 2021 need us to have radical empathy?


After a year of physical and emotional distancing we need to start working as a society to be more empathic, in a radical way. We need to build bridges between each other and slash the distance that the past year put between us. By having radical empathy, we can extend the same acceptance we’ve had for ourselves over the last year to everyone around us.


The panel of judges will be members of the


The artwork will be available on the for a length of one month.




Artists can be any age, from anywhere in the world.


Artists must be members of the and create a profile that is representative of your practice to submit and be considered (it’s always free to join the network).


Artwork can be of any medium but must be submitted in a digital format (ex: JPG, PNG, MP4, etc). Past projects and new works are both eligible. 


Artists need to submit a short artist bio (300 words max) a title, links to socials or websites and a short description of the artwork and how it answers the questions above (400 words max). Artists must fulfill all requirements to be considered.


No entry fee.


Deadline for entry is: June 1st, 2021 10am CEST.


Applicants will be notified by mid June, 2021.


Please send all material to and any files can be sent through WeTransfer.

Prize summary: 
150000 KONJ coins
Prizes Details: 

The work will be featured on the site and it’s social accounts. There will be a presentation of the selected artists and their artwork during the “Open studio”, hosted by the artist Sabine Maier at FLUSS – Society for the promotion of photo- and media art (Link) at Schloss Wolkersdorf in Austria, an accredited partner of The work will also be exhibited virtually in’s Gather.Town sphere and in a Cryptovoxel gallery (supported by Cryptowiener).

The artists will receive an artist fee of 150000 KONJ coins.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Call for entries - DANCE AND MEDIA JAPAN International Dance Film Festival 2021






International Dance Film Festival 2021

The festival would accept entries for films featuring dance.

Entry starting: 1st March 2021.
Deadline: 30th June 2021.
Online Screening: Planned in October 2021.
Screening Event
ONLINE screening in October 2021.
OFFLINE screening in theaters is under consideration depending on the situation of COVID-19 in Japan.
Entry to the festival is open for all, regardless of profession, nationality, or age.
Entry Regulations
・Films must be uploaded on VIMEO or YOUTUBE to enter.
・There is NO ENTRY-FEE required.
・There are NO PAYMENT OF ROYALTY for the screening.
・We only accept dance films or dance videos. We DO NOT accept video documentation of stage performances or promotion materials.
・All rights in the film including the visual images, music, cast and other elements must be cleared for the screening.
・International dance film Festival is not a competition.
・An individual may enter multiple dance films.
・Films selected as the "International Dance Film Festival 2021 Selection" are planned to be screened in several online and offline events in Japan throughout 2021-2022.

About Selection
・Only selected works will be screened at the festival.
・The films will be judged and selected by Naoto Iina, director and producer of Dance and Media Japan.
・Films judged and selected as part of the "International Dance Film Festival 2021 Selection" are to be screened around Japan.

About Judge
Naoto IINA
Iina is the producer and director of "International Dance Film Festival". He has founded Dance and Media Japan to create a fusion between performing arts and digital media. Iina is also the Editor-in-chief of the online Butoh program "Re-Butoooh" (published by NPO Dance Archive Network). He currently teaches at Tokyo Zokei University as Associate Professor and is also a Lecturer at Za Koenji Theatre Creation Academy.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Terre da Film Festival





The historical period in which we live is inevitably leading us to ask ourselves again who we are and where we put ourselves in the world. In addition to asking ourselves who we are today, we must also ask ourselves what our relationship is with others and how to include them in our lives.

At its first edition, Terre da Film Festival focuses on the theme of the IDENTITY.

Identity as choice.
Identity as a mirror.
Identity as a departure or a new point of arrival.
Identity of a place or a dear event.
Identity as a condition of perpetual searching.

We select short films that speak of them in a broad sense. We want to find new expressions, visual experimentation of stories that interface with the theme of the research of an identity.

Mixed techniques, use of unconventional tools (smartphone, action cam, film...) will be highly appreciated. In general, we care about developing research on the medium being used.

We select short films of maximum 30 minutes. All types of language are allowed. We decided, for this first edition of TDFF, to select shorts films for a single uncategorized competition. We want to amaze our public and ourselves.

Prize summary: 
Win up to 450 €
Prizes Details: 

The winner of the TDFF will receive 300 Euros and a gift from one of our sponsor.

The second place of the TDFF will receive 150 Euros and a gift from one of our sponsor.

The third place of the TDFF will receive a gift from one of our sponsor.

The first 8/10 films selected for the projection will be featured and presented in the program of TDFF during live screening events in the public spaces of the city. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
one film: 5 €
Contact & Links: 

Heaven on Earth




the set nyc presents:   Heaven on Earth.  an exhibition which portrays the good in life.  Located in New York City and Virtual.  Display work, connect with new people, receive an art video.   Connect with galleries, customers, buyers, making new connections.  Helping create a better world.  The mission is to help end child trafficking.  Empowering families and children.  Helping the kids, showing work, innovation , and making new connections.  New York City and online.  Have your work seen my major oulets like Christies and Sothebys.   helping the kids and families, helping the community. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 


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