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Call for 2024 ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM Visiting Artists (Education Oriented)

The open call for visiting artists in the 2024 ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM will center on international artists who work with comprehensive media materials in their art practice. With the continuous development of science and technology, the mediums and boundaries of artistic works have been constantly redefined, which has reshaped public perceptions of society, culture, and the artworks themselves. The program specifically focuses on the convergence of "Art plus Technology”, exploring innovative fusion between “Technology" and “Regional culture”, while also delving into the global perspective of contemporary art and cultural diversity.

Call for applications: Tirana Art Residency - Vila 31 x Art Explora, new residency programme in Albania

Art Explora Foundation develops its international programme of artists’ and researchers’ residencies with the launch of Tirana Art Residency – Vila 31 x Art Explora, a new programme in Albania whose first call for which the first call for applications is open until 5 June. 

Located at Vila 31, the former domicile of dictator Enver Hoxha, Tirana Art Residency – Vila 31 x Art Explora aims to extend the local dynamic of reopening and reappropriation by the public of this historical venue. The architectural project chosen to renovate Vila 31 has been entrusted to the NeM/Niney et Marca architects, who have sought to maintain a balance between the need to preserve the site and its problematic history and the need to create neutral spaces in which to rewrite new histories. 

Open Call for our inaugural exhibition, "Light"

It's our pleasure to invite you to our first 2-month long exhibition.

Our inaugural exhibition, "Light," marks the dawn of a new era in art exploration. But don't let our title mislead you; it's not just about illuminated artwork (although your work can be). Instead, "Light" symbolises the beginning of a journey, a celebration of new beginnings, and the boundless potential of artistic expression. 

We can't wait to see your work.


Palmistry (手相), a traditional Chinese form of divination that provides mystical insights into an individual's fate and personality traits, analyzes the lines on the palms and fingers, symbolizing the left and right hands as Yin (阴) and Yang (阳)—energies analogous to the lunar and solar, darkness and light. Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel 'The Left Hand of Darkness' draws from similar thoughts in Taoism, encapsulated in the doctrine: “Light is the left hand of darkness, and darkness the right hand of light.

On a Wire : Critical Review Catalogue Publication & Online Exhibit

No application, registration, or publication fees. No fees. Up to six best in show artists will have their work published with a critical review in the Artist Feature Catalogue. Artists participating in the online exhibit will have two works of art on display and links to their website and social media. Artists keep 100% sales of their work.

You can apply for online exhibits by emailing us at

How to apply:

Email your resume, 3 image samples, and artist website.

Artist Feature Catalogue articles are published on our website at and on our Substack page at


Open Call for Solo Exhibition Programme! 

Attention all talented artists! Are you ready to share your creativity with the world? We're excited to invite you to apply for our Solo Exhibition Programme, where all participating artists will have the opportunity to showcase their artwork in a dedicated online space.

Programme Highlights:


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