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Within the realm of art, time ceases to exist as a linear progression. Instead, it becomes an impression, allowing artists to freeze a single moment or a thing, preserving it in all its glory.

EARTH - International Exhibition Open Call

Calling all artists! Exploring Earth - A Four Elements Series Exhibition

Join us in celebrating the grounding force of Earth in our upcoming exhibition. This open call for exhibition seeks artworks that capture the raw power, serene beauty, and profound connection to our planet. From sculptures, photographs, paintings to installations, explore the depths of Earth's mysteries and express your interpretation of its essence. Join us on a journey to celebrate the grounding force that sustains life itself. Submit your work and be part of this elemental exploration!

Benefits for Participating Artists

SPRING - International Exhibition Open Call

Embrace the season of renewal and rejuvenation with our exclusive Spring Artist Open Call. Spring is a time of renewal, growth, and creativity, and we want to celebrate the season's essence through your artwork. Whether you're inspired by the beauty of blossoming flowers, the freshness of new beginnings, or the vibrant energy of the natural world awakening from winter slumber, we invite you to share your interpretations of spring through your artistic lens.

Submit your pieces to be featured in our upcoming Spring Exhibition. All mediums and styles are welcome.

Benefits for Participating Artists

CiW 9: Epoché

International Open Call for entries addressed to visual artists for their participation in a curated  exhibition of contemporary watercolor art organized in Athens. The exhibition is part of the COLOR IN WATER (CiW) series of events to promote artists using these media of expression, and will include artists from around the world showcasing the potential of the medium today. 

The official languages ​​of the exhibition are Greek and English, and a commemorative catalog-book will be issued in digital format in both languages. The exhibition will also be available internationally online through the ARTgrID platform.

Oculi Inquisitivi: Inquiring Eyes in the Urban Shadows

Open Call for visual artists to submit their artworks for participation in an international curated exhibition to be held in Athens next June by the Luminous Eye Gallery (Acropolis area, Athens, Greece). The official languages of the exhibition are Greek and English, and a commemorative catalog – book will be published in digital format in both languages. The exhibition will also be available internationally online via the ARTgrID platform.

Call to Artists: Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna invites artists to celebrate characters of the natural world, real and imagined, living and extinct, peaceful and poisonous. Nature is mankind’s greatest muse when creating art, and there is a long and rich history of artists representing plants and animals in their artwork, often with layered and hidden meanings. Artists of all media are encouraged to submit!


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