Open Call to The Mobile Library Magazine Volume 3 Issue 4: Seniority

The Mobile Library provides a multi-digital exhibiting experience for artists and writers, from around the world, to showcase their work. Each publication is unique, pairing 6 artists and 6 writers together at different stages in their career to build a collaborative experience.

This year, Volume 3 will explore the theme of memory with Issue 4 seeking work that explores memories, moments, and experiences of seniority. Themes include, but are not limited to--family, self-realization, and legacy. Works include visual and fine art and literature (poetry, short stories, journal, essays, etc.). 

Postcollapse Art: Art Since 1989

Postcollapse Art: Art Since 1989

We are pleased to invite artists, writers, and scholars to submit work for inclusion in Postcollapse Art: Art Since 1989, an anthology that seeks to explore contemporary art and visual culture since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War.

Woman Scream SP Brazil 2024

We are thrilled to invite artists from all media, poets and educators to participate in the International Festival Woman Scream Sao Paulo 2024. Woman Scream is an international arts festival that unites the voices of the world in solidarity, to pay a tribute to women and advocate against women violence.

The 2024 WSSP Festival is organized by Juliana Spínola (La Pacha Apapacha) and it will take place in a hybrid environment (more info TBD) that aims to promote the work of independent artists and raise awareness about women related themes. The inspiration is “My art is my scream”.

We only accept proposals sent by our Google Form application below.

Call For Submissions To Queer/Trans Magic Magazine

Astral Cherry Healing Arts is announcing the call for submissions for the second issue of the Queer/Trans Magic Magazine! The zine is a growing collection of creative works that explore, honor, and transform lineages of queer magic & resilience.

The theme is Luxuria (Desire/Lust/Luxury/Excess). This edition asks: how do we nourish ourselves with reckless abandon? How do we reclaim and reintegrate our desire from suppression? How do we lavish in pleasure and play? How can we uproot and transform shameful and oppressive relationships to desire, lust, luxury, and excess into something completely new?

“Emotion” International Open Call to Artists and Writers—Deadline December 31, 2023

The artist's and writer's call for the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Emotion issue is now open.  

Emotion fills, lifts, erupts, freezes, floods, and empties us. Are we emotions, or are feelings simply impulses that appear and disappear from our consciousness? Does emotion take us to a higher plane of existence or simply along a preprogrammed path? What are we without these feelings? How do we express them? What in our environment triggers them? Are they contagious? Share your interpretation of what is or inspires EMOTION.

Superpresent Winter Issue

Superpresent is looking for all forms of visual art and writing on the theme Provocations/Instigations. "Provocations" -- Provocative; provoking; actions, language, a revelation, a manipulation, a deception, a seduction. "Instigations" -- Instigators. Instigated. The cause of it all, who did indeed start the fire and how do I start one myself, guides to fire-starting, subtle uses of media, documentary stories or pictures or fantasy or instruction manuals or recipes welcome. We would love to see you in print.


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