Collectivism Residency

Haarlem Artspace is seeking 5 individuals to join us for our Spring
project ‘Collectivism’ which involves a four-day residency and
one-day conference bringing people together for an exchange
of ideas on the themes of collectivism, resilience and
collaboration. The one-day conference Resilience through
Collectivism will be the second Derbyshire Creative Heritage
conference and is in partnership with Junction Arts.

Late Fall Writers Retreat 2019 | Literary Arts


The Late Fall Writers Retreat is a self-directed program that offers time and space for writers to retreat, reconnect, and re-energize their writing practice. In addition to a single room, which doubles as your private studio, you will be surrounded by acommunity of artistic peers. You will have the opportunity to attend inspiring talks and performances and meet with guest faculty to consult on your work.

What does the program offer?

Eyelands 9th Short Story Contest

Welcome to Eyelands 9th International Short Story Contest! We’re looking for short stories, of 2.500 words maximum in any genre on the theme of “Round Midnight”. The competition has been running for 9 consecutive years with increasing success. Every year, we are delighted to give the opportunity to writers from all over the world to see their work published in English and Greek and also to enjoy a week's holiday in a beautiful beach house on the island of Crete! The contest is run by Eyelands online literary magazine and Strange Days Publications.

The contest runs from March 20th through June 20th, 2019

Theme of the contest: “Round Midnight”

Word Limit: 2.500 words

Carrying Across - Crossing Disciplines as a Form of "Translation"

For Interim's July issue, we are seeking work that crosses disciplines in the form of "translation." The origin of the word translate means "to carry across." While translation usually occurs across languages, we are looking specifically for work that is carried across one art form to the other, or work that seeks to create new forms altogether. Perhaps you've created dance informed by the structure of a particular sonnet, or you've taken a famous dance or performance art piece you found inspiring and translated its rhythm, structure, and images into a poem. We are looking for this kind of challenging work. 

“Abstract” International Call - Art & Literature Journal - Deadline April 30, 2019

| Theme:

Abstractions are all around us. Ideas can be abstract; existing as an idea, feeling or quality but not having a tangible existence. Some conversations can be abstract, vague and theoretical and not based on particular examples or facts. And of course, there is abstract art which evokes feelings without trying to realistically represent the appearance of people or things. Abstract art, like poetry, offers a fragment of a mysteriously familiar narrative without directly revealing it in a realistic way. Reveal your most ABSTRACT thoughts.


| Eligible Submissions:

Autobiography and Fiction with Electric Literature | Literary Arts


This program is for writers working in autobiography, fiction, and auto-fiction. With the support of guest faculty, participants will explore the distinctions and intersecting themes between genres, such as when to be beholden to the truth and when to break free from it, writing fiction vs. memoir (and how to decide which is which), and teasing satisfying narrative threads from real life. 

Through these themes and questions, guest faculty will help writers develop their own unique voice and approach to writing autobiography, memoir, and fiction.

What does the program offer?


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