Open Call to The Mobile Library Magazine Volume 3 Issue 3: Adult

The Mobile Library provides a multi-digital exhibiting experience for artists and writers, from around the world, to showcase their work. Each publication is unique, pairing 6 artists and 6 writers together at different stages in their career to build a collaborative experience.

This year, Volume 3 will explore the theme of memory with Issue 3 seeking work that explores memories, moments, and experiences of being an adult. Themes include family, friendships, and parenthood; advice you would give to your younger self; physical or emotional experiences; reflecting on generational experiences such as disco or bedazzled phone cases.   

  • Applications to The Mobile Library is free. 

Superpresent Fall Issue

Superpresent is seeking submissions on the theme Naturally.  Superpresent is an arts and literature magazine that places equal emphasis on literature and visual arts.  We are looking for all forms of visual art as well as essays, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. 

Reviving Nature: Pollution Alert Artist Residency 2024

Studio 88 is now calling for applications from artists in any discipline who address the challenge of pollution, for a residency in Chiangmai, 11 February to 10 March 2024. Apply by 20 August 2023.

We invite artists from anywhere in the world to shed light on one of the most pressing issues of our time: pollution. Through unique artistic expressions, we seek to raise awareness, provoke dialogue, and inspire meaningful change regarding the detrimental impact of pollution on our planet and its inhabitants. This open call aims to harness the creative force of artists to bring pollution to the forefront of public consciousness and mobilise action towards a sustainable future.

“Abstract” International Open Call to Artists and Writers—Deadline August 31, 2023

The artist's and writer's call for the ArtAscent Art & Literature Journal Abstract issue is now open.  

Abstractions are all around us. Ideas can be abstract, existing as an idea, feeling or quality but not having a tangible existence. Some conversations can be abstract, vague, theoretical, and not based on particular examples or facts. And, of course, there is abstract art which evokes feelings without trying to represent the appearance of people or things realistically. Abstract art, like poetry, offers a fragment of a mysteriously familiar narrative without directly revealing it in a realistic way. Reveal your most ABSTRACT thoughts.

Arboreal Literary Magazine | Issue No. 03: Illusion

We’re excited to announce the theme for Issue No. 03 is ILLUSION.

How you to interpret this theme is entirely up to you. We simply invite you to venture into the realms of imagination and unravel the illusions that shroud (or illuminate?) reality.

Some Potential Thematic Angles for Inspiration

  • Delve into the illusory nature of human desires, the masks we wear, or the narratives we construct to make sense of the world.
  • Analyze the illusions perpetuated by society, politics, culture, and economics.
  • Explore the ephemeral nature of reality, peering into the shadows where illusion and truth make strange bedfellows.

Open Call for Art Modern Renaissance Magazine

Submit your work to be featured in the Summer June issue of our magazine, Modern Renaissance, where you’ll find art and writing, editorials, articles, interviews, gallery features, event coverage, and more in THE LATEST TOPICS AND TRENDS IN GLOBAL ARTS WORLD! Be featured alongside editorials under partnerships with some of the world's leading art institutions and leading artists and writers, regardless of your skill level or age! Get your art career started with Culturally Arts Collective. With interviews and articles covering the hottest arts topics/trends and the people you’ll want to know, gain ample international exposure with 70,000+ monthly downloads! 


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