Artist Publication Opportunity

Genres accepted #Fashion #Beauty #Visual Art 

Decision date 14 days after submission

Publish date 7 days after accepted

Image Requirements

5-12 images

JPG format

sRGB Color profile

At least 1500 pixels on the longest side

Must be exclusive and unpublished

Copyright owner only


Please submit fashion photography editorials with 6 - 12 images for review. 


Aristocratix seeks artists, models, and performers

The evolution of Nude Art LA, Aristocratix picks up right where its predecessor left off with a new show planned for February 2024 in Downtown Los Angeles. The event will take place over several weekends, and will feature a mix of world-class fine art, live performances, interactive exhibits, and more. These shows focus on the artistic depiction of the nude human form in both fine art and live performance, and have been a huge hit with audiences since their inception.  

Feminlly Full-Time Model

Feminlly is on a mission to erase industry standards and raise the bar on the mid-size and plus size shopping experience. We provide a curated shopping destination for women sizes 10-24 who crave an experience at the vibrant and exciting intersection of fashion and community. At Feminlly, we believe a great outfit can change your mood. We believe that feeling beautiful has a halo effect. We believe the world can be brightened one word, one day and one step at a time… and we live our promise to make an impact. At Feminlly, we find beauty in the details, and grace in the small moments of each day. We pledge to always keep it real and really listen to our guest. She is the center of everything we do.

Full-Time Fit Model


Calling all sculptors, visual artists and other volume artists!
OpenBach Galerie invites you to take part in a new exhibition entitled: FORMES CONTEMPORAINES.
Between November and December 2023, some twenty artists will be able to exhibit a sculpture, with no restrictions on materials or techniques (mixed media, upcycling...). However, the work in question must stand on a base measuring no more than 22 x 22 cm, with no height restrictions.
We encourage entries from artists who experiment with surprising materials and mixed techniques, as well as those who work with more classical or traditional materials with a contemporary result. It's up to you to surprise or delight!

STAR ( Actors, Models & Performers ) invites submissions for "STAR"

This is your chance to showcase your acting, modeling, and performing to the world and potentially launch your career in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an experienced performer or just starting out, we welcome all talent to participate.

Themes : Acting, Modelling, Performing
Submissions are open to all ages, genders, and everyone worldwide.

Free to enter.

Details at



Habitat 3000 is a virtual reality exhibition of interactive ecosystems launched by Las Maleantes. 


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