Altered Images

We are preparing the Fifth edition of Altered Images and we are more excited than ever! 

The event is scheduled to take place on October 11Th ‘24 and we are looking for a varied range of artists and proposals:


"Rhythmic Life" Global Healing Art Contest and Exhibition

From chaos to order, the universe operates non-stop, exploring its own internal rhythms. Life is also like this, moving from chaos to order, slowly finding the inner rhythm of oneself through exploration. The healthy growth of human beings has never been constant, but has its inherent laws to follow. When everyone finds their inner rhythm, they can explore the inner rhythm of their own life, which is the natural order of their life, and truly enjoy a healthy and rich life freely.

Sumud Exhibition

“Sumud” (صمود‎‎) will be a multidisciplinary exhibition hosting upwards of ten visual artists, four performers and a few vendors. The event will be a fundraiser for a Palestinian charity, UNRWA. While we aim to host as many Palestinian artists as possible to uplift their creative voices, the exhibition will also be open to artists from the Middle East. We will be letting artists sell prints and merchandise, which then they would be able to keep all of their profits. The event will be on June 15th at Metre Squared (Regents House, 2 Muirfield Crescent,  London, E14 9SZ) 17:00- 22:00.

Blue Summer School - Workshops

The Blue Summer School is a biennial training programme for contemporary arts that takes place in the intervening years of the Blue Summer Festival.

More geared towards performance - dance, theatre and visual arts - it aims to support training in the areas mentioned, broadening references, following trends and exploring new languages, always in close relation to the past artistic legacy.

This year's programme includes four workshops led by four renowned national and international artists: Vera Mantero, Marcelo Evelin, Jonathan Saldanha and Vasco Célio. These intensive workshops aim to promote new teaching and learning methods, encouraging artistic research and experimentation by addressing contemporary transdisciplinary issues.


For our Artist in Residence Programme 2025, we are looking for artists who explore the theme of generations in their work, and who challenge and rethink social beliefs.

The Villa Sonnenberg Foundation's Open Call «InterGeneration» is addressed to professional artists of all disciplines with a project proposal that has the potential to question existing concepts about generations, to create new approaches and to appeal to people of different age groups and inspire them to participate.

Studio residencies at Villa Sonnenberg usually last three months:

Artist Open Call | Embrace a surreal adventure in the heart of Rome

Embrace a surreal adventure with Rome Art Experience’s Open Call, where reality and the surreal come together. You have until May 10th to be a part of this extraordinary journey. We will stick our augmented reality stickers in the places you prefer, any place in Rome can be picked up. Everyone can scan the QRcode and see your artwork. 

What will you get? 
You will get the pdf of the sticker with working Qr code so you can print it.


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