Edition 3: The Enigma of Objects | Call for Submissions

CALL | The Enigma of Objects | Call for Submissions - Sept 2023

Edition 3 of The Enigma of Objects is accepting micro-stories about objects that emit sound and act as records of our memories. Open to artists, writers, musicians and others. All that’s needed is a photo of your object and 200 words about its relevance to the current theme :

The upcoming edition is titled RECORDS. I invite objects capable of holding music and emitting sounds. The terms “music” and “sound” are defined quite loosely for the purposes of this edition. The focus is on memories that live on in objects and nest in the sound waves they release.

Madeke Art Prize

Yorland republic is launching its call for entries for madeke art prize, giving artists worldwide the opportunity to…

  • Show their work to a prestigious panel of selectors,
  • Win prize

Artworks can be entered until 10th January 2024, 11pm. To enter, visit: 

Emotions & Colors - Self Exploration Art Exhibition

Emotions are the driving force of every individual's existence, and when we possess emotions, we exhibit vitality. When emotions no longer exist, life loses its inner vitality. From passionate crime to Dep's depression, and then to apathy of schizophrenia. We can glimpse how emotions are changing within each person's body, and many people are unaware of their emotions and ultimately go astray.

And color is a rendering of externalized emotional power. Once our emotions are given color, we can more intuitively perceive their emotions from the colors.

Call for Collab in Festival

Call for artists from the UK interested in collaborating with an art festival in Peru (2024) through virtual environmental-themed workshop? They only need to submit their CV and sign a potential collaboration agreement. The fund we're applying for is from the British Council and provides funding of up to £15,000 for the project (artists honorariums and activities expenses). Any interested parties, please provide me with your email so I can send more information. The challenge is that the deadline is today.


The Arts Exhibition and Performances organised by Bristol Art Gallery and Unconventional Computing Lab UWE Bristol.


Protocognition refers to the ability of non-living creatures and substances without a nervous system to acquaint themselves with information, recognize stimulatory spaces, accumulate knowledge, and develop wisdom. It encompasses various processes such as sensing, decision mapping, learning, reasoning, believing, and even exhibiting emotional states through chemical and physical substrates.


Diasporas Now: Global Majority Artists Working Across Performance in Northants/East Midlands areas

Call out to artists of colour working across performance art, music, movement, film and spoken word in the Northants and East Midlands area - NN Contemporary Art is commissioning an exciting new Diasporas Now showcase evening on 2nd November 2023, supported by Arts Council England.


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