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International open call for two site-specific performances

The Biennale Teatro intends to promote the call for Site-Specific Performances under 40 again in 2024, in order to give voice and visibility to those working in the theatrical scene, thus remaining faithful to its formative mission.

This is a call for an unpublished performance work outdoors, in Venetian "campi" - places of everyday life in the lagoon - that will be identified by the artistic direction.

In this need to construct a performative gesture in the social perimeters of everyday life, the theatrical fact will be placed in vital spaces, reviving the sense of collectivity that art must be able to bring to its citizens.

StreetSmARTS Mural Program Artist Pool Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

RFQ Issue Date: November 21, 2023

The San Francisco Arts Commission invites artists, artist teams, urban artists, and street writers to submit qualifications for the StreetSmARTS Mural Program Artist Pool. 

StreetSmARTS is a Public Works (PW) program, administered through the San Francisco Arts Commission. The goal of this program helps connect artists with private property owners and City Departments to create vibrant murals on their buildings, enhancing the character of their property and surrounding neighborhood, while deterring ongoing vandalism.

City Walls Thanksgiving Open Calls 2023

We have three exciting open calls dropping on Thanksgiving, with 26 awards and $121,000 up for grabs! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and make a positive impact on your community.

DCLEATED: Unleash your creativity by painting 5'8" cleat sculptures inspired by the Lions great Barry Sanders. Partner with a non-profit of your choice and see your artwork displayed in downtown Detroit for the entire month of April.

People Mover Mural Project: Transform blank walls into vibrant expressions of Detroit's spirit and resilience. Your art will inspire, inform, and connect with people, leaving a lasting mark on the city.

Artmagazineium Issue: 34 / December 2023

Artmagazineium started out as a monthly printed and digital Art & Culture Magazine, founded by Artists and Magazine founders. Artmagazineium invites readers to create a new utopia with original content and High Culture Art. Our aim is to bring innovations and successful artists in the field of Contemporary Art together with all art lovers.

Artmagazineium showcases a mix of admirable artworks from around the world, New Contemporary Art and also emerging and distinguished artists.

Artmagazineium is internationally as Print Magazine and digital magazine and is distributed worldwide. Our magazine is put up for sale in cooperation with our Website, Social Media accounts and Galleries.

Paint A Postcard

With the holiday season slowly inching closer and closer, we decided to create a new, fun, and slightly different exhibition to take us to the end of the year. It's an exhibition that gives participating artists even more benefits, will create unique gifts to buyers, promotes art collecting, connect with the local community, and help develop the Cultural Center's continuing Learning program.

For over a hundred years, postcards the world over have been the archetypal "Hello!" to friends and family – like a text message only more interesting! With "Paint A Postcard" we want you to do exactly what it says – paint, or draw, carve, sketch, photograph, weave, or even knit – a postcard.

ARTIST OPEN CALL - «COLORS» International Online Exhibition

Calling all Artists, Designers, and Color Enthusiasts,

We are delighted to announce an open call for submissions that celebrates the kaleidoscope of colors that shape our world. Whether you work in traditional mediums, digital art, photography, or any other form of visual expression, we invite you to explore and showcase the power and beauty of colors in your creative work.


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