Boomer Gallery Magazine | 4th Edition | Open Call





What is art? Where is it heading? 

Is art still in the hands of artists and art dealers or it has become a tool for the crypto speculators?


The world is changing, everything becomes more virtual including art and in the process a lot of speculators are trying to twist things in their own interest like in the case of NFT. 


The crypto speculators are trying to make this the new “COOL” but what is so cool about it? 


Art is food for our souls, If they want this to be the new truth then they should start doing everything virtually, for example start eating virtual food or maybe get drunk with virtual alcohol, if they do this then by all means we will start to believe in their vision. 


As for us- galleries, artists, collectors… should we let hundreds of years of artistic refinement in the hands of the crypto speculators that don’t even know the difference between renaissance and contemporary? 


What about the painters, photographers, print makers, sculptors, performers and all the other artists who create real work, work that we can touch, smell, feel… should we give up on them for the sake of a speculative game? 

No thanks!!! 


NFT should be embraced as a new medium/tool  like we always did along the way with a lot of other things but it shouldn’t be allowed to take over! 


If it does take over then an entire generation of artists and their works will vanish in thin air making way for the crypto speculators and their pyramid. 


Should we allow this to happen on our watch?


The aim of this publication is to promote real art made by real artists! 


On the cover of our fourth edition we will feature the legendary British painter Francis Bacon. 


This is an international open call and everyone is welcome to apply. 


Submission Guidelines- Please read carefully.


To apply simply email us the following informations at


* one image with you in your studio or with you and some of your works. 

* three images of your work, three different works (jpeg format). 

* a short bio no more than 150 words. 

* your Instagram username


For each image please include -Title, Size in cm, Medium, Price. 


Please try to submit high quality images. 


Eligible media but not limited: 


painting | sculpture | photography | digital art | Installation | video in still format | prints | textile | ceramics | illustrations | Poems | etc. 


No NFTs! 


Is free to apply but we do charge a £69 fee for each accepted submission. 


Where will be published? 


* Google books.

* Issuu.

* Yumpu.

* Our Website. 


The printed version. 


The printed version will be available for a whole year period in our gallery space from Tower Bridge London and it can also be ordered online via our website starting with 24th of October 2022. 


The gallery space is nestled between modern and classic London icons: The Shard 4 minutes away, Tower Bridge 1 minute away, London Bridge 2 minutes away. 


With constant exhibitions programme and all kind of artistic projects, we get an average of over 1000 visitors every month. 


Important dates: 


* the open call will run until 30th September 2022

* the publication on all the mentioned platforms will be made on 18th of October 2022. 

* On 19th of October all the participants will get an email with all the links where the magazine will be published. 

* the printed version will be available in our gallery and to order via our website starting with the 24th of October. 




As we run multiple open calls, please make sure you include in the email line the open call you apply for. 


Good luck to you all!


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Is free to apply but we do charge a £69 fee for each accepted submission.
Contact & Links: 

Hindsight: Untold Stories from 2020





Hindsight is a book about 2020, written by people like you.

It’s rare to look around and say, “This is going to be written about in history books.” But in 2020, that was about the only thing we could count on. It was year unlike any other, for which there was an endless stream of descriptors: “unprecedented,” “the new normal,” “dumpster fire.”

But history books don’t capture the details of what it was like to live in a year when the earth stood still. They can’t describe the way hospital units came to resemble war zones or the way a cough turned heads on the subway.

So we put out a call for stories from 2020. We received hundreds of submissions from people in more than 28 countries about their lives during that trying time. Teachers and students, fathers and mothers, nurses and lovers — everyone had a story to share.

We have done our best to compile an anthology of stories that is equal parts fascinating, diverse, and authentic to the experience of living through 2020. The end result is Hindsight, a book of true stories about 2020 written by everyday people.

We are temporarily reopening our submission window in order to fill some gaps in our editorial lineup. These gaps concern two major events in 2020 for which we have not received narratives that meet our editorial goals: the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Please see the descriptions below for more information on the stories we are seeking about these events.

Black Lives Matter — In the wake of George Floyd’s death in May 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement swelled to never-before-seen levels of support. Over the course of the summer, protests cropped up in virtually every major U.S. city as well as many suburban neighborhoods and small towns. We are looking for people whose stories capture this perspective in time. You needn’t be a leader of your local chapter to contribute (although that we would certainly like to read that story), only someone who participated in the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 and can speak to the motivation, emotion, and experience of that period.

2020 U.S. Presidential Election — The months leading up to the 2020 presidential election were some of the most dramatic, unsettling, and unprecedented in history of U.S. politics. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, President Trump and future-President Biden traded barbs in an altogether demoralizing debate, and the country held its breath for days after President Trump contracted the coronavirus. We’re looking for voices that can capture the tumultuous period in time. Whether you cast a ballot, worked the polls, or campaigned for a candidate, we want to hear your perspective on this period of political history.

Submissions close again on August 12th, so don’t delay in sending your story! 

To submit your story or learn more about our requirements, visit our website at

We look forward to hearing your stories on these subjects!


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Autumn Issue






Collect art is looking for writers and artists, working in different media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, contemporary jewelry, textile, installation, illustration, mixed media, photography, and digital art.

There is no theme for Autumn Issue.

Each selected artist will receive a 2-6 page spread in print and digital magazines including a biography, statement, interview, website, and 2-10 featured artworks. All published artists will receive a complimentary digital issue of the magazine and will be promoted on our website/social media. In addition, you will receive the link for ordering the printed magazine.

Each selected Writer will receive a 2-6 page spread in print and digital magazines including their poems/stories, biography, and interview. All published writers will receive a complimentary digital issue of the magazine and will be promoted on our website/social media. In addition, you will receive the link for ordering the printed magazine.

Requirements for the submission: 
Artists- up to 12 photos (min. 300 dpi, JPEG/TIFF format), details of the work (title, medium, size), brief biography, and artist statement (min 100 words each), website and social media links.

Writers- ​up to 12 stories/poems

Deadline: August 19th, 2022
Application Fee: No Fee
The participation fee is 20 EUR (only for selected artists) and 10 EUR For selected writers.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Application Fee: No Fee The participation fee is 20 EUR (only for selected artists) and 10 EUR For selected writers.
Contact & Links: 

Open call for Eco and social artists /Podcast Interview





Insights of an Eco Artist is a podcast with news and insights about the art world and Eco and social artists thriving in it. Season two submissions are now open for artists working within the themes of climate action and social justice.


- Artists and writers whose work is focused on eco and social issues are welcome to submit their work. All techniques are welcome.

- Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.


Podcast interview featured on every major streaming platform.

Prize Summary: 
Podcast Interview

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 




Artweblist, is dedicated to present most recent news about art, be a voice for artists, release articles and interviews about them. Making art reachable for anyone, anywhere. We are a fresh, independently-run Website and for the creative artists and who see the world around them and want to make it better and more beautiful for everyone. Artweblist hopes to offer the artists a space for their authentic perspectives to be collected and shared worldwide with contributors and readers are from all over the world.

Do you want your art to reach out to people around the world, share your work and imagination? Do you have your own paintings, sculptures, modern art pieces, creative or meaningful pictures, illustrations or essays and poems about anything arty? Now is your chance to display your artwork or get your voice heard by sharing your stuff on art websites. Apart from getting exposure, you could meet new business contacts or clients. A chance to publish your work to a wide audience interested in your art.

Whether you simply love art, or a casual art collector, or an avid art investor, you’ll enjoy educational facts about art culture and artists, insightful interviews and more in our website.

After your work is selected, you will be;

Published in Artweblist. Your showcase includes your website/social media links and your biography, interview.

Presented as one of the selected artists/writers in the Artweblist newsletter.

Showcased on the Artweblist website including your your website/social media links.

Listed by name online on the Artweblist website artist/writer listing directory.

Promoted on the Artweblist social media pages. 

We're looking for writing and artwork of any format or medium that is shaped by your imagination. We believe experience-based perspectives, reflections, observations and personal stories deserve to be heard in any shape of art!

If you want your work to be presented, we need your works before going live and presenting any of your article, statement, interview and/or artworks (5 or 6 pieces) to be sent to us between  21.6.2022 and 31.07.2022.

You are welcome to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, writing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, film (only jpg + link to video) etc. All visual art mediums are welcome.

Visual Art Guidelines :

We will accept art in JPEG, PNG or TIFF formats.

Written Guidelines :

We accept submissions in DOC, DOCX, and RTF formats.

along with your chosen name/pseudonym, your age, location and any other personal information you would like us to include (website, statement of intent for artwork, social media accounts, biography, etc.).


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Ageing from Existence





projektado collective is opening for video contributions to its latest project ‘Ageing from existence’. Open to everyone, professional or amateur, and driven by an experimental and collaborative approach to audiovisual communication, this project is an opportunity to delve into a shared and unpredictable process.

All video submissions will be used in the final piece, as long as they don’t infringe any of our platform’s guidelines* and relate to the topic explored in this open call.

‘Ageing from existence’ is not a project about death, or the idea of material transformation in time. Instead, our attention is on what is thrown away too soon; on people, practices and ideas that have been consumed by the aura of perceived obsolescence too often placed on socially significant parts of our lives. With the aim of shedding light on what, even when still living, active, meaningful, useful, is ignored from existence.

We see this in people and social activities, in the lack of intergenerational spaces and practices, in the segregation of the ageing population, in the inadequate support systems available to this demographic group that is rapidly growing but is still treated as a minority, in a longevity revolution that is happening but is not recognised.

We also experience these phenomena in the material world around us, with more and more of it falling into disuse due to external factors, rather than its intrinsic ability to last and function: technologies made ‘obsolete’ by an ever changing market obsessed with novelty and ‘innovation’; clothing, music, art, systems of communication that remain associated and relegated to socio-cultural contexts of the past; contents and media that are rapidly buried under the incessant production of more things to read, see, hear, know, experience; ideas, cultures, heritages that struggle to be heard in the chaotic and forgetful world of today.

This project aims to explore this urgent topic through storytelling. We will adopt an experimental and collaborative approach to content curation and visual communication to tell the stories of things, bodies and notions from an array of geographical and historical contexts. We are embarking on a challenge to assemble stories told through diverse perspectives and formats, and transform them into a coherent narrative.

We are asking for video submissions, of any format, length (min. 5 seconds), quality, or style. Submissions can be film, animation, phone videos, or any other media that can be displayed in video format.

Contributions should be made with the consideration of the collaborative and experimental nature of the project. To create a unique storytelling experience, an incremental curating process will be undertaken by the collective, where videos will be cut, edited and combined with each other, towards a unified whole.


*You may not submit content that: infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights; is pornographic or promotes a sexual service; promotes or supports defamation, harassment or abuse; promotes or supports hateful or discriminatory practices; exploits or endangers minors; promotes or encourages self-harm or suicide; depicts unlawful real-world acts of extreme violence and brutality, sexualized violence, including rape, torture, and humiliation, or extreme violence towards animals; promotes unlawful or dubious money-making schemes, proposes an unlawful transaction, or uses deceptive marketing practices; conveys misleading information about socially and historically significant events, or false claims about public-health.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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