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The pandemic has changed opportunities for artists and art market professionals both digitally and in live events. Our presence has become more digital than ever before. This call is for artists and professionals looking to expand their digital footprint, shift or improve digital portfolio or website, build a digital strategy or explore new new ways of digital creative creation. We’re selecting five finalists across different professions in the art world to LIVE pitch our panel of judges for a chance to win a €2,000 prize to get your digital project or plan started.

This is part of a collaboration between TECH.MT X ARTZ ID , with the aim to help equip artists and art market with digital tools, skills and opportunities. We will be also hosting a two day digital summit, filled with workshops and round table conversations by international market professionals, check it out here. 

In partnership with : Red Organe Image consultants, Blonde and Giant and SeedConsultants

Prize summary: 
win a €2,000 prize
Prizes Details: 

The 5 finalists will benefit from a one hour one to one mentorship sessionsupported by three leading digital marketing and web development agencies, free digital copy of 'Market your Genius' book provided by Nikki Nash , an annual subscription to The Genius profit society and marketing support by ARTZ ID.

The winning pitch shall be awarded the grand prize of €2,000.
The final live pitch date will be announced in the coming days.


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'Contemplation and Engagement: two elements inherent of Care'






HAS Magazine launches an open call for contributions for its fourth issue to be published in November 2021.

The goal of HAS Magazine is to discuss pressing topics through the analysis of a wide range of themes in the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Conceived as a magazine for the broadest possible range of readers, HAS offers a space for staging the most creative, enlightening, imaginative, and socially relevant interactions of the humanities and the arts.

Our aim is not simply to report on existing ideas or to reproduce art that examines issues of importance, but to contribute to the achieving of actual progress in cultural exchange and multi-disciplinary collaboration. Information, education, creativity, communication, and thought provocation will be merged, in order to provide a platform for positive change in society—local and worldwide—with the help of the humanities and the arts. We plan to connect curious readers with enthusiastic writers and practitioners willing to work to improve upon current global challenges, through demonstrations of how the humanities and the arts can have an impact on society.

We welcome contributions from scholars, researchers, critics, practicing artists, and any interested parties who find the above aims important and would like to be part of the project. HAS is not a commercial venture, and in order to reach the broadest possible audience, it will be available online for free in English, French and Chinese. Due to the non-profit nature of the publication, contributions will be on a voluntary basis.

The published texts will include scholarly papers, experimental essays, reviews, critiques, interviews, video and photo reportage, and news. The editorial committee is constituted by members of UNESCO-MOST, the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences, and Mémoire de l’Avenir.

The theme of the fourth issue is Engagement and Contemplation: Two elements inherent of Care. We aim to investigate this topic from a multi- and cross-disciplinary perspective—including but not limited to philosophy, history, anthropology, archaeology, literature, sociology, economics, political science, and post-humanities scholarship.


Engagement is a mindful way of life, a call for action. It builds from self-awareness and the understanding of one’s capacity to judge and act. It is a commitment, an approach to life, inherited in modernity as a moral consequence from historically binding obligations. Engagement is about acting, sometimes in order to alleviate distress, to help or encourage others. It is about feeling invested of a mission. It is movement guided by a desire of transformation. Engagement leads to taking care by direct involvement and practice.

Contemplation is a mindset characterised by a heightened awareness of life. It is a mode of perception based on the observation and attention to all things living, identities, otherness, and contradictions. Contemplation builds from self-uncertainty and the understanding of one’s limitations, avoiding judgement and erroneous action. Contemplation is a pledge for precaution, guided by scepticism in the face of visions of the future. It encompasses reflection and care. 

Often perceived as opposites within philosophical and religious disputes, engagement and contemplation carry the contradictions of human agency. Engagement inspired the condemnation of, for example, slavery and of the holocaust, but it also led to the violent destruction of lives and cultural traditions in the name of certain ideals. Contemplation is the first step toward enchantment, appreciation, and creativity, but it has also led to indifference, apathy, and oblivion. 

Engagement and contemplation are elements of the asset of care. Contemplation invites engagement. Both bring one to a state of care, yet taking care of someone or something may be a positive or a negative process, depending upon what frames that process and the perspectives of those involved in it. Should we privilege one over the other? Some past societies fostered the virtue of contemplation, which often perpetuated inequalities. This has created the trend, in the last few centuries, to privilege engagement, but a large part of the current dilemmas regarding sustainability have been triggered by it. Contemplation seems to be insufficient in face of catastrophes, while engagement seems to find it difficult to distinguish between caring and patronizing.

The arts echo these debates and postures, in close relation with ethics and aesthetics. However, when assessing art history, most of us, at present, do not consider those values as being essential in distinguishing between major and minor art work. How will our actions, engagements, and contemplations be assessed in the future, if they will be assessed at all? And how can we approach care in our society, when understanding the present care in relation to transformation, which only occurs in the flow of time?

Care can be seen as central to all of the most urgent challenges that our societies face today on a global level, including climate change, ageing populations, gender equality, education, and poverty. In tackling these issues, the humanities and the arts provide crucial insights, and have important roles to play. To reach solutions, there is a need for philosophical, historical, and critical perspectives.

In the face of global warming and environmental degradation, the notion of care has also become urgent with respect to non-humans and with regard to the relation between the local and the global. Care forces us to consider our interdependence, to look inward and outward simultaneously. In philosophy, the ethics of care proposes to focus moral action on individuals and interpersonal relationships. Care puts interdependence before competition and domination.

Other questions may include: How does care find itself within an individualistic global era? Why is care a part of an organic, interdependent relationship, as between animals, persons, etc.? What does care look like today? How can it be revalued? What relationships of care exist today in our communities, our nations, our global society? How can we care for our tangible and intangible cultural heritage? How are care and care relationships gendered? How can we give value and social capital to care? How can the humanities contribute to the development of more inclusive and just perceptions of care?


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NFT Seminar





NFT Seminar

Sign Up Deadline:
Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Zoom Date & Time:
Thursday, May 13th, 2021 - 8-9PM

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Between November and December 2021, Kyber Theatre organises in Cagliari (Italy) the 8th Edition of the International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival called “The Wonders of Possible”, LMDP Festival is the first of this kind in the whole Italy. Its aim is to promote the interrelation between artistic and technological languages.
Kyber Teatro – spin off of L’ Aquilone di Viviana (theatre and new technologies company, LMDP Festival organizer), addresses to Italian and International artists, also emerging companies and/or under 35 artists, an Open Call to submit their projects about “Interaction between arts and technologies”.

Who can attend – The participation is open to:
– Artists and Companies of every nationality
– Also emerging companies and under 35 artists
– to who works individually or in a group of maximum 3 people.

Eligible projects:
• Theatre and new technologies plays
• Art and new technologies performances
• Installations that explore and realize the interaction between artwork, exhibition space and observers with the contribution of technology

The theme of LMDP Festival is the interrelation between theatre, arts and new technology.

Applying for the call, the artists must provide a short biography and an abstract of the project and they agree that the material related to the project could be published on the Festival website and/or presented to the press for promotional purposes.

Archiving process
Artists authorise Kyber Teatro – L’aquilone di Viviana to present their work, to store the material and make it accessible through the Festival’s website. All rights to the artwork and images will remain to the artist. The Organization is also entitled to document the event in all its phases through audio recordings, video or images.


Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 

Economic conditions.
The winners of the Open Call will have guaranteed the full coverage of the costs for mobility (travels to Cagliari, board and accommodation); coverage of agility costs and the “attendance fee” for the presentation of their performance for 2 evenings. If possible, we will cover also any material required for the presentation of the performance / show / installation (it will be subject to agreements with our technical director).
The winners, if interested, can present a technological artistic workshop with an entrance ticket for the audience, too.


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partecipation to the open call is free
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Conference "Another End is Possible"





As part of NEW NOW, the new festival for Digital Arts on Zollverein, we are looking for artistic and scientific contributions for our conference. Submit your ideas by April 25 and become part of #newnow21!


NEW NOW explores phenomena of our times and will take place for the first time on the Zollverein UNESCO World Heritage Site in Essen from August 27 to October 03, 2021. For five weeks, the landmark of the Ruhr area will be transformed into an open production site for Digital Arts: The festival accompanies artists in the development of their works and invites the public to actively contribute. The Digital Arts serve as a venue for speculation. Here, artists and participants alike have the freedom to imagine and test new visions for the present.

Conference 'Another End is Possible'

As a discursive part of NEW NOW, an international and interdisciplinary conference will take place on September 18-19. Entitled "Another End is Possible", the conference will look at the interplay between humans, nature and technology.

While the world is becoming increasingly complex and the advance of technology is rapid, our environment is becoming more and more imbalanced. The end of the world seems to be approaching. Or has the end - the "doomsday" - already come, as some philosophers argue? Assuming we are already standing on the ruins of our society, how can we achieve a cooperative new start? How can we rethink our coexistence so that humans, biosphere and technology can coexist in the "New Now"?

Together with artists, activists, designers, coders, philosophers and interested minds, we will explore new models of society and dare to create a future worth living.

Do you also believe "Another End Is Possible"? We are looking forward to your contributions to the conference programme!

An invitation to the conference includes an expense allowance. Any travel and accommodation costs will be covered.The conference will be hybrid (adapted to pandemic conditions) or virtual, if required.


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SHINE Emerging Artist Programme 2021




Light Up the North (LUTN) is a network of 6 light festivals across the north of England. In 2021, four of the festivals are joining together to award funding to emerging artists working with light, to produce and exhibit new commissions at  their 2021 light festivals. 

The SHINE programme aims to nurture and develop new talent, giving artists the opportunity to exhibit or perform new work at four of the LUTN festivals (Light Night Leeds, Light Up Lancaster, Lightwaves at Salford Quays and Lightpool in Blackpool). Up to two artists or collectives will be awarded substantial commissions of up to £10K to realise ambitious new artworks.  Some basics - the artwork(s) will need to:

Be suitable for outdoor winter light festivals

Be artistically challenging/interesting and of high quality

Be structurally resilient enough to withstand the winter weather at multiple festivals (October - December) and transportation across our festival network

For 2021, the successful commissions will also need to:

Focus on environmental sustainability in their design and embody best practice in their delivery

Be of mid/large scale – we are encouraging ambitious proposals

Be created for audiences to enjoy/experience even with social distancing  restrictions in operation

As well as financial support, each artist will also receive a full induction to the programme, as well as training and mentoring from across the LUTN partnership. We will work directly with commissioned artists to support their development, with guidance in areas such as marketing, finance, production, risk assessments and fundraising. This will all be delivered safely following government pandemic guidelines.

To be eligible to apply to the SHINE programme you must be a UK-based artist who is perceived as an emerging talent (regardless of age) with the ability to achieve their ideas to a high quality. Please read the full information and FAQs before submitting your application via

The deadline for submissions is 5pm Tuesday May 4 2021

Useful Information

What can you create?

We are specifically looking for artists with bold, fresh ideas that may also have the potential as light artworks to be enjoyed as a ‘roaming’ or ‘multi-site’ experience for audiences.  Proposals must be for work of a contemporary nature, possibly utilising digital technology, where the creative use of light is the basis for the idea.  The  artwork needs to be weather-proof, able to withstand strong winds, be structurally sound (if applicable) and be suitable for presenting outdoors at our locations and timescales.  We are especially interested in work which can cater for large socially distanced audiences, and activities or events which are accessible to families.

The LUTN festivals where you will be exhibiting:

Light Night Leeds (Leeds) –

Lightpool (Blackpool) -

Light Up Lancaster (Lancaster) -

Lightwaves (Quays Culture at Salford Quays) –

The festival programmes vary and their themes for 2021 are quite broad and you will not be expected to specifically address them. For example, Light Night Leeds has a wrap around theme of ‘nature and the environment’ while Light Up Lancaster’s ‘Flights of the Imagination’ simply invites artists to do just that and transport us all into a magical never-never land through light art.

NB Each festival will provide standard infrastructure support for your arriving artwork, however all artists fees and artwork production costs must be factored into your commission award.

How we assess your application

A panel of LUTN partners involved with curating SHINE 2021 will assess all applications.  We aim to ensure the selected commission(s) will be high-quality work and afford the best experience for artists, audience members and locations.  They will assess the applications based on 4 areas:

Artistic quality – the strength & quality of the idea and the artist’s previous work.

Public experience- who it is aimed at and how will the public engage with it?

Financial viability – can all elements of the activity be delivered effectively within budget?

Project management - can the piece be created within the time available?  Is the work durable enough for the festival dates? What materials are you using when considering the environmental impact and outdoor display?

When will you find out?

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday May 4 2021.  We will shortlist and arrange interviews with artists where applicable in the 2 weeks following, with a provisional interview dates during w/c Monday May 17 2021.

Things to consider when completing your application:

Be clear about your project aims and the artistic idea behind the work.  How can you demonstrate quality through examples of your previous work?

Be specific about who your work is aimed at.  Can the public engage with your work in an interesting way while social distancing? What do you want the audience to get out of your work, and what impact will it have?

Demonstrate how your project can be realised for the budget available. If you require match or additional finance for your project let us know which funding schemes or sponsorship you plan to apply for.  (Please bear in mind that the festivals are partly funded through Arts Council England and you therefore may not be eligible for additional funding through any of their schemes.)

Give a clear indication of how your project will be managed from start to finish including the type of location(s) you would like to use and how work will be delivered on the night.

Each festival is currently in planning phase for 2022 so we are always interested to hear of exciting, distinctive proposals from artists that are likely to exceed the available budget for SHINE 2021 and/or require a longer development period.


Our festival activities generally take place in the evenings, for the dates/periods listed below. You must produce an artwork that can exhibit for this period of time and tour to all 4 of the commissioning light festivals. You will also need to consider your install / de-rig schedule.

Leeds: 14 – 16 October for Light Night Leeds

Blackpool: 15 - 30 October for Lightpool

Lancaster: 5 & 6 Nov for Light Up Lancaster

Salford: 3 - 12 December for Lightwaves

Note: There is a small overlap in dates for the Leeds and Blackpool light festivals. As such, Blackpool has agreed to flexibility in dates for presenting the SHINE commission(s) there.


The SHINE commission will include all artist fees and materials. If needed, you can apply for match funding from other sources, but ensure you have planned and prepared to do this.  Funding will be given to artists based on the quality of their idea and will need to include all technical, installation, operational and material costs, although reasonable travel and transportation costs will be considered separately .  Accommodation can be provided by the host festivals if required. Other costs such as meals and general overheads must be factored into the commission.

Terms and conditions.

By applying to be a SHINE artist you agree:

Your project/activity will be ready for exhibition at all four 2021 festivals

Your work is deliverable within the timescale of the programme and will be delivered on budget.

To attend an initial induction, production meetings and site visits where reasonably required.

You must have relevant Public Liability Insurance for your activity, to a minimum £10 million cover.

To supply, in advance, copy and images for marketing purposes as and when required

To provide evaluation feedback on completion of the commissioning fund, in line with the framework provided


We can offer successful applicants:

Production advice and practical support, including technical and producing support

Training and mentoring

On-site production support including security, event staff and volunteer stewards

Profiling through festival PR and marketing campaigns

Key Project Dates:

Tuesday May 4  - Deadline for submissions

w/c Monday May 17 - Interviews for shortlisted artist(s)

w/c Monday June 21 – SHINE induction day – potentially via Zoom

July – September - Development period for commission(s)

14 – 16 October - Light Night Leeds, Leeds

15 – 30 October – Lightpool, Blackpool

5 – 6 November - Light Up Lancaster

3 – 12 December - Lightwaves, Salford Quays

Dec 2021/Jan 2022 – Evaluation

NB: SHINE commission(s) are subject to each festival receiving Arts Council England funding


Entry Fee:

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