Carly Hayes Mankowski | Senior Designer / Design Manager | New York | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: New York
Industry: Design
Professional Title: Senior Designer / Design Manager
Specialties: Adobe CC suite, copywriting, Packaging Design

- About -

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Tecnology in NYC with a Bachelor's degree in Brand Packaging Design and and Associate's degree in Communication design. I originally went to school for Fashion Design but discovered my passion was geared torwards branding, specifically copywriting, graphic design and conceptual development. I still have a lot of heart for fashion but found these were my stronger skills. I also developed a passion for nail art and went on to get my license as a New York State certified Nail Technician. In doing so, I have been an able to paint as the lead nail artist and work along side top nail artists in New York Fashion Week as well as being featured in Editorial and in store events. I am constantly discovering new skills and extending myself further in the world of art and creative as I look forward to more and more opportunities in the field.