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Echo Production Companies is hiring!

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We’re searching for highly skilled Cinematographer/DP with experience to back it up. Must have a resume and reel that shows your passionate and dedication to the art of cinematography. We want to see your unique style and personality in your work.

What You Will Do…

  • Crafting world class visuals for commercial, narrative and industrial videos.
  • Planning with previz/VFX artists, animators during pre-production to craft camera movement, distinguish shading palette and lighting for scenes.
  • Work intimately with the director to establish staging & blocking.


Ideally, you will have…

  • 7+ years working in the video production/film industry as a cinematographer.
  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Film, Production or a similar field.
  • Thorough understanding of cinematographic processes/techniques and editorial.
  • Knowledge of camera equipment and operation.
  • Passion for making films.
  • Good working knowledge of Motion Builder, Maya and Unreal Engine is a major plus.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with multiple departments to solve challenges to deliver a compelling story.
  • Ability to deliver clear and concise feedback to supporting departments within the development team and external partners.
  • A sense of timing, good eye for details, as well as cinematic flair.


Echo Production Companies is one of the fastest growing production companies in Washington, DC. Our production team works quickly, efficiently and delivers the highest production value through Award winning creatives.

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