dansePlatForma#23 Open Call

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dansePlatForma was born 3 years ago with the aim of establishing an artistic cooperation between east and west.

For this 2nd edition, we have decided to invite Ukrainians artists and to extend dansePlatForma to the whole of eastern Europe. We will welcome artists who border on the conflict in Ukraine, as well as Russian artists who are dissident or opposed to the war.

Keeping the dialogue with artists in Europe is now more necessary than ever. Our commitment will be continued with the new edition of dansePlatForma, both transnational and deeply European.

dansePlatForma opens a new horizon with the language of dance as a universal expression between peoples.

If you do believe that another way is possible, if you believe in peace through the way of dance as an Universal language between peoples, if you are convinced that only culture can stand up against these barriers and break down these walls.

Please apply to participate at the next program of dansePlatForma :

For Ukrainians, Polish and Romanians : https://bit.ly/3yItIkO

For Russians : https://bit.ly/3RcLV0Y

More informations : https://www.danseplatforma.com/opencall23

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Open Call deadline : September 7, 2022 dansePlatForma#23 will take place in January 2023 in Montpellier, France.
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Thursday, July 7, 2022