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KPC Seeking DYNAMIC Artists: NEW Company Members!


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Katharine Pettit Creative - KPC uses dance as our universal language, changing minds by opening hearts through movement and music. Our work spotlights social injustices and stigmatized issues, seeking to remove prejudice and allow human connection between audience and artist.

KPC is searching for dynamic, expressive artists who dance and act, specifically those adept at connecting emotion to choreography through narrative based movement. We need artists who are focused, determined and fired up to create change in the world by using dance as our medium to access emotion, leading to conversation and understanding: "We are more alike than we are different" as our motivating credo.

Especially seeking Artists who are LGBTQ and beyond as well as allies, All Races and Genders including Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Male identifying, Female identifying, All Body Sizes and Shapes WELCOME!!!

  • Must be excellent at picking up and retaining choreography quickly
  • Must be adept at Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre and Tap influences with an amazing internal sense of rhythm
  • Must be available for rehearsals Monday nights and Saturday Daytimes with the flexibility for additional rehearsals leading to performances
  • Searching for dancers for upcoming performances July 16th, July 29th, August 2nd and 3rd, August 5th and 6th with many more opportunities coming up!

Our current partnership with a well known Lower East Side non-profit organization hinges on our dance theatre musical, I COULD NEVER LOVE ANYONE... which spotlights addiction awareness and is a tool for recovery and healing through dance and music.

Our company needs to KNOW all repertoire inside and out so we can interchange artists for each role, rely heavily on each member to be available and come through for rehearsals and performances. We understand being working artists, needing to take those paying gigs and make ends meet. Communication is key to any successful relationship so as long as we know conflicts ahead of time and can count on you to show up mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically when you say you're committed, we are gonna get along beautifully!

*Currently non-paid. Projects and proposals in the works to allow KPC to offer stipend for performances by Fall 2019/Winter 2020*

Accepting SUBMISSIONS for AUDITIONS Saturday June 29th 1PM-4PM

Time slots open at 1PM, 2PM and 3PM: Include your preference of time along with HEAD SHOT, BIO and a little bit about yourself and why you'd want to be a part of KPC

Interested artists contact Katie:

For more information: Katharine Pettit Creative - KPC website

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Monday, July 1, 2019
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Rehearsals WEEKLY: Monday Nights Saturday Daytime Upcoming Performances: July 16th, 29th, August 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and more forthcoming into the Fall and Winter

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Katie at Katharine Pettit Creative - KPC